Minecraft – How To Make a Nine Men’s Morris Board Game – Custom Maps

How to make a Nine Men’s Morris
Board Game You will need: Step 1: The board The board will be seven blocks squared. Please make sure to use half slabs.
You can use any type of slab you want. Now, place an item frame on every block. I used https://mc-map.djfun.de/ to make custom maps! You’ll find the link to the maps I used in the description! Step 2: Let’s play! Each player gets nine colored
pieces, a button… … and one of each command block! All commands are in the description! How it works: The board consists of seven rows. Each command block corresponds to one row. By using the command block “Line 1”, you’ll place your piece in the first row. You basically summon an armor stand inside the board. Equip the armor stand with your piece! Congratulations! You made your first move! Player 2 now chooses his column… … and his row by placing the corresponding command block! By using the command block “Line 2”, player 1 places his piece, or “man”, on the second line! The goal is to have 3 men in one row, either vertically or horizontally. By doing so, you create a mill and therefore may remove one of your opponent’s man. A player wins by reducing his opponent’s men to 2. Alternatively, if one player is unable to move his men, he also loses. Player 1 just created a mill! therefore he removes one piece from player 2. After all 18 men are placed, Players continue to alternate moves. In this phase, a piece may not “jump” another piece When a player is reduced to three pieces, the player’s men may “Fly” from any point to any vacant point. Have fun playing! Success! Thank you for watching!
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