Metal Detector Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

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Metal Detector Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

Just like the first
video, each dude will travel to their own
location and metal detect for treasure. May the best find win. Today is Metal Detector 2. Woo. It’s time to detect. We’re at the lake
going island hopping, and we’re finding treasures. The adventure starts now. You’ll see where we’re
going when we get there. Eli, take us airborne. Welcome to my backyard. I’m in the great state of
Colorado because I’m going big. Ladies and gentlemen,
I’m going for gold. Chad, get over here. Sometimes the best finds,
you don’t even have to bury. Just have to find it. There’s no rulebook
for Metal Detector 2, so I am going to find
a family heirloom. More specifically, my
wife’s wedding ring. We’re here at a world
renowned water sports complex where thousands and thousands
and thousands of people come every summer. I’m going to go ahead and
call this a guaranteed win. So I decided to take the Sea
Doo out to a deserted island. There is no thrill
than when you are metal detecting in
an uncharted area and you hear that first beep. OK. A great start. Have a personalized
grill top propane tank. First island, first find. Kept looking for beeps, and
we got a lot of bottle caps. Bottle cap. Bottle cap number two, baby. Bottle cap. All right. Here’s the ring. Shouldn’t take me too long. Let’s metal detect. When I’m looking for gold, I
want to learn from the best. That’s why I brought in Jerry. He is a contract miner. He’s going to be giving
us a little tour. If this was the first
metal detector battle, I mean, I get it. But this is a sequel. This is a second one. I decided to go big. [ROCK FALLS] What just happened? I don’t know. I literally think
a rock just fell. Day started good. Decided to come
down into the mine. This is a first, and I like it. Cory, I heard, is
going to a gold mine. The lazy river is the gold mine. First find of the day lighter,
busted headphone cord. Not amazing, obviously,
but every time you can add an item to your
final list, that’s treasure. Chad. Oh, look over– oh my
gosh, we just found a well. My heart is pounding
out of my chest. Oh. I have an idea. Let me see if I have
a rope in the back. I don’t know what
we’re going to do if we hear a beep down there. Check this out. [BEEP] We got something, baby. We’ve got a metal strap. $2, $3 at a local
hardware store. I think something that, if
I’m being completely honest with you guys, scared me a
little bit were all the signs. Couple of days ago,
there was a big cave in so this whole
area here was covered with two great big rocks. Here’s the thing,
guys, treasure hunters have to know when to
pass and when to go. A lot of spiders,
probably a lot of snakes, and potentially The Ring girl. So we’re going to move on. We just had a
storm come through. I think it’s actually
headed west towards Ty. That’s coming right for us. And that falls under the
heavy and extreme category. What a beautiful day. We’re headed to
island number two. Checked out the mine, got
this pretty sweet rock. We’re going to go up top, hit
the stream, use our detector, and pan for gold. Started detecting, had really
good energy at that point. But reality set in. I’m finding cans, that
little screw thing, rebar, a curved piece of metal. Fail after fail after fail. It’s a phone. I love this place. Let’s head to the creek bottom. Woah, that’s cold. We’re just finding trash,
garbage, cleaning up after humanity in this creek. At the bottom– I say bottom
physically, emotionally. We were at the bottom. This has just turned into a no
good, very bad treasure hunt. Jerry, tell me if I’m wrong. Nope, it’s a piece of mica. No. No, Jerry. Just flaking apart. Gold won’t do that. Cut the camera. [BEEP] [THUNDER CRASHES] OK. Time to go. Have we lost our minds? This is no longer
about treasure hunting. This is about survival. Near-death experiences
bring people together, and that’s why Chad and I will
have a forever brother bond. [HANDS CLAP] That’s going to be a powerful
moment on camera right there. This was so dumb. [SCREAMING] [BIRDS CHIRPING] Not bad. Hold on. This is it. [SCREAMING] Honestly, not a bad necklace. I don’t know what it
is, but I found it. I am the king of
the metal detector. All right. It’s time to find a ring. That’s weird. I thought it would
be right there. You know, it’s at this point
that a lot of treasure hunters would probably call it quits. Not this treasure hunter
and his partner, Chad. We got out there and we
found the best treasure of the entire day. Maybe the entire video. Pretty big hole to find a nail. Piece of wire. [BEEP] Probably another nail. And Chad nailed it. I say that not knowing what the
other guys have found, yeah. It’s got to be top five, though. 100% top five. For the sake of the video,
I hope the other guys are finding some treasure. After panning for I don’t know
how long, I found something. Let it do all the
medium to hard work, then we come down here and– oh my god. This is gold. Where? Point it out. Oh, oh. Oh my god. Jerry, get over here. Oh my god. Jerry. Did I just find gold? Oh, yeah. Yeah. That’s a little– they
call that a picker. Yes, I found a picker. Why? Because I can pick it out? You can pick it
up with your hand. Because I can pick it up. Woo. We found gold. Just sharing a peanut
butter cracker like friends. Just get here quick, man. Sun’s going down. Minute that beep
went off, my heart knew that that was something
big and worth something. Oh, my. VHF marine transmitter. Kind of a weird hobby, but,
hey, it pays off some times. Yee-haw. My second big find of the day. I’m not going to freak out again
this time, but that’s gold. And I’m thinking what
we do is we add it to my collection right here. This is not detectable
by a metal detector, but the judge, hopefully,
will respect it. Looks like a decoration,
like a pendant or a badge. An old grandfather clock piece. Metal shark tooth. Never thought I’d find
something like that. Search this part of the yard. You’re looking for
a wedding ring. It’s, I don’t know. A small missile? Could be worth millions. I’m starting to feel like
Metal Detector Battle 2 is in the bag. I just found a bullet. Do you think that’s
what that is? The stories that that
bullet could tell. We’re bringing back some
darn good treasures, and I’m pretty proud of them. My wife’s going to kill me. After searching, each Dude
returns home for judging. Gentlemen, welcome home. Hope you enjoyed your
detecting as much as I did. Just like last time, we have
brought in a PMD, Professional Metal Detector. Wow. Ladies and gentlemen, let me
introduce you to Mr. Milliger. Mr. Milliger, thank
you for joining us. How long have you been a PMD? It was a calling
since I was born. Anyways. I say we take our seats
and let the judging begin. Starting with one,
there was a lot of effort put into
this right here. Quantity is not always better. I mean, it could be a huge shark
tooth, a heavy shark tooth. Not sure. Two, not doing so great. I’m not a geologist, so have
no idea what rock this is. And this group can’t
be used, either. And it might be gold. Like I said, I’m
not a geologist. Four has an old
iPhone, cross necklace. That’s definitely going
to go up on my list. Walkie-talkie, propane. Whoever brought this in not
capped, that’s a fire hazard. After my professional
assessment, number two, I think you’re disqualified. [CLAPPING] When you guys are done, I need
y’all to head to my house. I’ve got to find my
wife’s wedding ring. Oh my god. [LAUGHTER] No. Hey, you dirty scoundrel. Wrap this up quick. For fourth place, I’m
going with number four. [CLAPPING] See yourself out of
the treasure room. What if it’s a real
diamond earring? It’s not. It’s definitely not. See yourself out of
the treasure room. I see the effort,
but number one’s a because there’s no value. No value. I’m sorry. You forget about
the leaf pendant. You didn’t even pick this up. It looks like a
metal shark tooth. It does. That’s what I said. [LAUGHTER] OK. So as much as I hope and
wish that this is gold– I am just not sure– and
I love working stuff, the winner of Metal
Detecting 2 is number five. Boom. Are you kidding me? That’s gold. That’s real solid gold. I flew to Colorado. This works great. Add some batteries. Yeah, absolutely. Party favor. It’s not my honor, or
privilege, enjoyment, whatever. Here you go. Metal Detector 2. One clap. That’s all it gets. By the way, PMD, Mr. Milliger,
is blown away by the fact that Cory actually found gold. Too late to change it. Thanks for watching. If you’re not
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last video, click right here. Signing off for now. Pound it. Noggin. See ya.

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