hi everyone gameplay bits 24/7 here
welcome back to my merge plane gameplay walkthrough series for the PC
ladies and gentlemen we are back your merch plane to do hope that you’re all
having a wonderful day out there thank you very much for tuning in to today’s
episode so merge plane guys we have and 220 million is it dog I’m pretty
sure it’s million I could be roaming over either way we have a lot of money
right now so I’m sure we’re gonna be able to waste it very quickly though
knowing our life so just get ready we’ll see what we can do here either way I’m
gonna merge these places together quickly we do have a lot of fives on the
field right now which is good it’s gonna merge them all together got another six
they’re gonna merge the sevens together beautiful if you guys haven’t tried
merge playing yet I suggest you do it’s not a a pay-to-play game it’s free so
you can’t really go wrong with a free game guys when it comes down to it it
looks like I have another 8 here as well so we’ll merge new eights now we do have
a 9 so we have a 13 a nine and a seven on the map we do have the four there as
well looks like we’re getting three fours all the time so let’s quickly
claim the free money twenty thousand confirm there are twenty thousand gold
coins which doesn’t really matter at all for you know has really not too much
right now to us anyway we’re gonna go through the plains that I
can buy straight out right now and it looks like the Wildcat is I’m gonna let
the play that I can purchase the most right now so we’ll just do that straight
away just trying to lock these planes alright
that’s done I just love it up to level 12 get 2.6 million I really do hope
that’s a million because if it’s not I’m gonna be embarrassed they do not care
about the giant box I don’t like how they block up you’re just slot so it
forces you to watch an ad it’s a bit frustrating you ought to use your rubies
obviously or diamonds whatever the hell it is very weird how makes you do that I
was going to spend the majority of my veins on the build while I’m merging
them all together okay so there we go we’re just trying to earn as much money
as we can here shop I can’t purchase another Wildcat buy one
– I think the Wildcat is gonna be the main plane that I’m gonna be able to
purchase right now I do have a lot of money so that’s okay as you can see here
we are merging as many Wildcats as we can together so I’ve got a 10 now
excellent I don’t know 9 throwing together with the 1011 we have an 11 as
well here ladies and gentlemen cool it’s throw these all out on the field get a
measure to pause together to make the 5 awesome stuff now someone asked me what
happens when you click on the UFO this is all that happens you get a golden box
I’m pretty sure you get like planes out of it but and I want to watch an ad
right now I don’t like what you add so I’m trying to record and I claim the two
diamonds here confirm with that one so you know I think I was – diamonds wasn’t
it just said as a reward I do not have another 4 on the field right now though
that’s a bit of a problem once you emerge the other here the fives
or not I guess I can convert my money into more badges do we need more badges
ladies and gentlemen we could use some more badges like guess if it comes down
to over 15,000 sure we use 15,000 there no worries whatsoever emergencies two
together six seven eight wonderful so 29,029 point five thousand
badges there and I can’t purchase anything really right now the next
upgrade I can get is one hundred and ten thousand airline at earnings increased
by 40 percent that could be quite good maybe I should
work towards that guys forty percent increase to all income there that’d be
very good for us cuz right now we’re pretty much out of money already today
is a bit of a problem running out of cash should emerge Elevens together here
nice it’s got a 12 now awesome so check the eight on the field
I can’t merge anything else right now anything official that’s all I can
really merge together the Pirates the parts of the number nine the right to is
level ten dolphins level 11 thunders over twelve
bat wings their team five and five for these two together I do have a four here
I didn’t realize I still had a four on the field I definitely gotta merge them
together here get away for the next four – coming guys I’m gonna merge it make a
five we’re gonna five there at least then we’ll wait for another two fours
then we’ll merge them two together we’re getting around 61 the hours and the
dollars right now per second which is not that bad actually quite good I guess
I can buy one for awhile for quickly just save some time there we go there’s
the other four pairs of timing merged merge to make a seven done sixty one
point two thousand per second line now guys my rank in the world is ten
thousand apparently we have someone that’s on 543
there’s no AAA sorry 543 AAA that is a high score dude there’s a very high
score Wow somehow I have a five here I don’t
know how to set a five yeah five digits appear you know not put that five on the
map of suffering interesting they’re pretty much God really nothing
else I can do here and do it speed times to use the diamonds there I want 30 at
the moment by the way yeah guess all I could do really now just keep merging
the planes together and then that’s all we can do somebody comes down to it
we’re kind of screwed here I spin the wheel
five diamonds I spit it now can I give me something good
Queens points times 5x times 5 right now okay that’s awesome better match these
together quickly for the six the 300 is 7,000 per second right now and under the
coins times five lasts for sure it’s not forever that’s a damn sure I’ll get
another Wildcat out of it another eight emerge the eight bags of nines go to 10
type the 10 out in the field straightaway awesome now we get you some
money gonna fly down the field I’m gonna buy
that logcat Donny put the log kind of get ready 318,000 now guys one hi great
bike Craver watch the ad alright no worries I can’t spin the wheel again
I’ll get a speed increased speed times two I don’t know the last 150 seconds no
worries I will look either way I’m gonna wrap it up here ladies and gentlemen
thank you all so much for watching I really hope that you all enjoy please
remember to hit that like and subscribe button if you did I will catch all the
next episode of course in the next couple of days it’s a fun game enjoying
it but yeah I’m trying to get as many planes as I possibly can just difficult
though isn’t it it’s a game kind of limits your bit especially we like to
like your money and stuff it’s a bit of a pain but there’s not much you can
really do I guess when it comes down to it ultimately another five on the field
no worries purchase anything else just a little pause make another 5 make it six
there we go alright good stuff we have pretty much out of cash now house that’s
it alright like Javad thank y’all so much for watching I’ll catch up in the
next couple days see you around

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