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  1. Yusra fatima


  2. Ayden is a wannabe good animator And stuff

    2 views posted 37 seconds ago

  3. Fernanda Canché

    I love you Jimmy! Thanks for you excelent job!??

  4. Geovanni Williams

    Third Mofos

  5. Rabia Anjum


  6. JamieB 05


  7. Shashank M Suresh

    "In order for it to end, it must fucking begin!" – Jimmy Fallon 2019

  8. Swagster 21

    4th* comment

  9. Amiru Gamage

    here before 100 k views

    love your show Jimmy ?❤

  10. Prabhnaman Singh

    Hit like if u Love GOT and jimmy ?

  11. Rumer Z

    I love these series that they are doing its so informative.

  12. thomp

    Today’s fact: Dinosaurs have a smaller chance of getting a well paid job since they’re extinct.

  13. NicKeLas

    Ok, I now feel kinda bad for criticizing the bit for being lame, not funny, and Sean Bean being its best part (this one's obvious, but I still think they should have worked more on the script). But, well, this happens constantly with full feature films, they have big budgets, great sets, costumes, visuals, but fail to impress with the story and dialogue.
    Honestly, though, I'm really surprised with how much effort went into creating that room, I thought they just found an existing set like that.

  14. catheb

    Awesome job!! ?????? i love to see how was all created ????

  15. Petra J.

    Thank you again for these behind-the-scenes clips, we love them!

  16. Miguel Santana


  17. E M

    "hey i know everybody is watching GoT and i have nothing to do with it and i wish if they hire me as tea boy so you can notice me, i am famous but still i seek attention desperately…here is some useless behind scene clip"

  18. Vocally Gifted

    ✌?? hilarious!!

  19. Tas

    Seeing jimmy with a Beard always confuses me.

  20. sk8rdad

    Higgins as Lord Varys is brilliant!

  21. jerry

    this look just like fake GOT BTS HAHAHAHA

  22. Wanda Ch

    Could someone please tell me what´s the name of the song at the end of this video?

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