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OK, it’s my first time
starting one of these. Is this thing in focus?
There we go. Lincoln Loud here and welcome to
a very special vlog episode. Let’s call Ronnie Anne and get started. Lincoln, the alley cats
got into my apartment again. Call you right back. Oh, OK. [ringing] Hey, everything OK? Yeah, sorry about that. Carl was walking Lalo,
but left the door open. The cats got inside
and it was utter mayhem. Anyway, let’s start the vlog. Yes, I’m very excited
about today’s episode because it’s all about video games! It’s time for the moment
we’ve all been waiting for. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne’s
Next Level Boss Battle Power Up Video Game Review. Game on! We’re going to review all
of our favorite video games. I’ll start, the first game
I want to review is Break Dance Zombie Slayer
Undead Bugaloo 2. This game is pretty cool. It’s for the game glasses
virtual reality system, and it’s a lot of fun. The object of the game
is to dance and destroy as many zombies as possible. The controls are really unique,
and you actually work up a sweat. The graphics could use some work though. And you need to be careful when
you’re playing virtual reality games, because you could end up
in the wrong room. Lincoln! [screaming] There’s only one rule in this house. Stay out of my bedroom. I’m giving this game
2 out of 5 Ace Savvy’s. That’s how I score my games. [laughing] This is so fun! OK, my turn. Speaking of dance-related games, the next game we’re going
to review is Dance Battle. You and I are well versed in this game. Dance Battle, start! – Oh, watch this.
– Yeah! This game is also a good workout,
and I love the soundtrack. Clyde and I love that game. ♪ And the beat goes on and on ♪ ♪ Even if we get it wrong ♪ ♪ ‘Cause friends don’t think
They’re just in sync ♪ ♪ Best buds, amigos, the list goes on ♪ I really wish they would
make a home version, but this is a great game to play
with a friend at the arcade. And I also heard they might be adding
Twelve Is Midnight songs! Sid and I are so excited. I’m giving this game
3.5 out of 5 Yoon Kwans. That’s how I score my games.
OK Lincoln, what do you got next? Alright, the next game I’m reviewing
is Total Turbo XXII. This game has a really cool
control system because the controller is actually
a steering wheel. Wow, it’s just like a real
spinney thingy. That’s so cool! How have I never played this before? Yeah, the graphics are pretty great, and it actually helped Leni
learn how to drive. She struggled with
the game a bit at first. Leni, you have to stay on the road. But with a little coaching,
she was a pro in no time. What’s the point? We’re not going anywhere fun/ Sure we are.
We’re going to… the mall. Why didn’t you say so? Wow, go Leni! I’m giving this game
4.5 out of 5 Ace Savvy’s. I bet you Carl would like that game, but it would have to be
about driving trains. Chu-chu! Chuga-chuga-chuga! OK, next game: Muscle Fish Fighter. This game is one of my all-time faves. The graphics are awesome,
the characters are so cool, and I just so happen
to be very good at it. Yeah, don’t remind me. I will beat you one day. You’ve been steamed! Whatever you say, Link. So, I heard there’s gonna be
some DLC coming out soon. They’re going to release
Salmon Slasher as a playable character. What? That’s so cool! I hope they bring back
Monsieur Shrimp and The Swashbuckler. CJ would love The Swashbuckler. One of my faves is Scuba Squid. I’m giving Muscle Fish Fighter
5 out of 5 Yoon Kwans. An expert score,
and speaking of muscle fish, his original game for
the Gamebud is amazing too. You have to escape the kitchen
and dodge knives and stovetops. I played so much, my Mom made me stop
and play sports with my sisters. Lincoln, why don’t you go outside? It’s not healthy sitting around
playing video games all day. But between the classic nature of the game
and the fact that it’s portable, I give this game 3 out of 5 Ace Savvy’s. OK Lincoln, time for the final review.
What do you got? For the final review, we have
my brand new game Total Trash Takedown. This game is trash-tastic.
I’ve been playing non-stop. The object of the game is to defeat
each level, collecting rotten apples. After you beat all the levels, you make your way to the Trash Castle
to defeat the Trash King. They’ve got some nice 16-bit graphics, and the gameplay is fun and fast-paced. All my sisters actually play too. They’ve got obsessed with it. Watch out for that compost beast! Nice hustle, Lans. Don’t go in that dumpster!
Look for the recycling bin shortcut. That’s the ticket. Yeah! Level four, here we come. Woo! Team Loud for the win! Lana was even having
dreams about the game. Don’t you wanna play? Yes, more than anything. So between the graphics, the gameplay and the fact that
the whole family can join in on the fun, I’m giving this game
5 out of 5 Ace Savvy’s. But before we go, I’ve got to give some honorable mention
to some mobile games, like Raging Rivers and Jolly Hollow. My dad loved that game. Step aside, Lincoln. We have
a game Daddy will actually like. Presenting Jolly Hollow. You build a pretty, pretty house
and show it off to all of your friends. Ooh, I think I’ll build one that
has more than one bathroom. You know, Lincoln, reviewing
video games has got me thinking. What if we made our own video games? That’s such a cool idea.
What would yours be? I think mine would have
to be a skateboard game, maybe a mobile game or an app. Something like an infinite runner,
where you have to skate through the city dodging obstacles. I would play that, you would
have to be the main character though. [laughing] Definitely, and maybe
every once in a while, a hoard of alley cats comes after you, and you have to dodge
the obstacles before they hit you. I wonder where you came up with that idea. What would it be called? Something simple like City Skate
or Skateboard Bonanza. What about you, Link?
What kind of game would you create? Mine would be an Ace Savvy and
One-Eyed Jack crime detective game, where you have to solve puzzles
to crack cases. I could have guess it would
have been about Ace Savvy. And after each investigation, you have to fight a boss battle
with one of the villains like the Card Shark or the Card Countess,
or Snake Eyes! Oh man, I’m getting so excited
just thinking about it! Yeah, come to think of it,
all this talk about video games really makes me wanna
play Muscle Fish Fighter. I’m gonna go download Salmon Slasher
and practice with him. Yeah, I actually just
uncovered a secret level in Total Trash Takedown, and Lana
and I are gonna try and beat it today. Well, I guess that’s it for this episode. Bye, everyone!
Happy gaming! Game over. See ya!

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