LGR – The Sims 3 Quick Review – Top 5 Reasons To Buy

[popping sounds] The Sim 3 is out today and
I’ve been playing it non-stop, but I am a self-proclaimed Maxis fanatic. So what about the rest of you who may or may not be into
these games like The Sims Or maybe you’ve played earlier Sims games and think, ah, this is just more of the same. So rather than do a full review,
I figured I’d keep it quick since you probably have a
short attention span anyways. Here are five reasons to go out and buy The Sims 3. Number 1: No micromanaging. I have heard that The Sims
is pretty much nothing more than managing all the little aspects of the Sim’s life, like when you eat, sleep, take a dump. Yeah, sure, that’s true,
but not as much in The Sims 3. You still have those things to take care of, but your Sims will do those
pretty much when they need to. And even better, there are two
fewer things to take care of than in previous Sims games, and those that are left are easier to manage. Like you eat a piece of cake or a piece of pizza and your Sim is full. Giving another Sim a hug or chatting for a
minute will take care of their social needs. There’s none of that spending hours
filling these things up anymore. Which leaves you free to focus on the
more interesting things in life. Number 2: RPG Elements. Now, in a way, The Sims has always been a breed of role-playing, but now it’s… pretty close, actually, to just role-playing. Your Sims now have Moodlets for doing things, like being happy after a first kiss or feeling lucky on certain days. These are actually a lot like buffs, and affect everything you do and that happens, from job performance to chances
of catching a huge fish in the ocean. You can also pick traits like neurotic, genius, computer whiz, kleptomaniac, you know… and so many more. These affect the Moodlets your Sim may have and as well as how easy it is to learn skills and be promoted at work. It ends up being like selecting
a class in a role-playing game. Number 3: Careers and Opportunities. Sure, the Sims have always had their jobs, but never before have they been truly interactive Used to, you would just go to a job
and they would disappear for a while. Well now, when your Sim as at work or school, you are still playing the game with your Sim. Choosing what they do,
such as slacking off at work or hiding from the boss or sucking up to management and working harder. There are also opportunities that will arise that, if you complete them successfully,
will help your Sim in some way. Uh, like help them with their job or
help them develop a certain skill. It makes the experience much more like a game and, uh, makes things a bit more frantic, too, as the action pretty much never stops,
if you can call it “action.” There’s always tons of things to do, even when your Sims are at work or school. And there’s plenty of ways to build
skills and get a promotion now, too. You’re not just building skills of like having,
you know, a certain number of friends and playing chess all day long. If you impress your boss, you get promoted. Number 4: Customization and building stuff. The architectural aspect of the game has always been one of my favorite
things about the Sims games before. But now it’s just… extreme. I mean, now you have pretty much complete
control over colors and materials used in the game. Almost everything, in clothes and carpet, cars, You want a pink, zebra-print sports car to go with your pink, zebra-print socks? I don’t know why, but you can go for it. Building is also so much better, it’s insane. For one, you can just drag a wall to expand its room instead of having to rebuild the whole thing. Which is so simple but so sweet. And finally, you can rotate items freely and place them anywhere at all
without a grid holding you down. Number 5: The Open World and Aging. One crappy aspect of the earlier games is the fact that your Sims got old and died before you got a maxed out career. Or you had kissed every Sim in the town,
or whatever your goal was. That, and you were essentially
a prisoner of your own home, not being to really walk any further than the road, and you couldn’t visit town without
waiting for the loading screen to finish. Now your Sims have complete freedom to walk or jog or take a car or bike anywhere. And you can even follow your Sims to work, the theater, the grocery store, whatever. Interact with all sorts of things all over town. There’s also the collector aspect of the game, which I haven’t gotten too much into yet, where you seek out items to
collect and even sell if you want, like rare rocks and insects and fish and seeds. You can also go into other Sims’ houses, either legally or illegally, depending on what kind of Sim you are. And that opens up opportunities
for plenty of different shenanigans. Also, everyone in the town ages along with you, if you want. You can turn off aging completely, or choose how long they live, up to like 960 Sim days, which is ridiculous. If you have more than one person
playing the game on your computer, you can set up different neighborhoods
for other people to play the game. That way, they don’t interfere with the
ages of your Sim and your neighbors. And, Number 6: It’s just addicting. I know this is an extra one,
but I have to mention it. You will more than likely get sucked into the game and lose all track of time. At least for a few days at a time, and really that’s what I like about the game so much, is because it makes me forget about how stupid life is. And instead, I can get sucked
into how stupid a Sim’s life is. It really makes me feel better. And I really never stick at it for
much longer than a week at a time. I’ll leave it for about a month, you know,
play something else that’s even better and then I’ll come back to it. And just waste some time. It’s good for that. And… you know, that’s kinda what games are for, I think. So… if you feel like wasting some time, uh, but in an enjoyable way, why not get The Sims 3? Even if you tried some of the other
ones before and weren’t impressed, I think you might be with this one,
at least with some of these aspects. There’s gotta be something you
can find that you would like, so… Go out and pick it up. Have fun.

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  1. thesimsloverish

    This is my favorite game of all time and my computer is way to old to run it smoothly WHY AM I TORTURING MYSELF

  2. keg10609

    I reinstalled it last night i was up till 3 am playing the base game…only the base game.. the sims 4 doesn't compare.

  3. Panda somebody

    I thought this was after Sims 4 was released

  4. Spaarcine

    Just recently I remembered I had the sims 3 installed and I had some expansions that I never used, and once I got that game going I realized that sims 4 is shit compared to sims 3.
    Hell the graphics may be better in the sims 4 and there is more creativity in CAS but no matter what, it will never compare to sims 3 or the earlier versions no matter how hard it tries.

  5. Grand Moff Tarkin

    I really hope The Sims 5 merge the open world neighbourhoods from The Sims 3 with the gameplay mechanics from The Sims 4.

  6. kennys Boat

    what is that background music LGR? its trash!

  7. Saint4Life boi


  8. Pie Pierrot

    I must confess, I was one of those who played Sims 1 (for a short while, it was even outdated by the time I discovered it) and Sims 2. I had nearly all the Sims 2 expansions and so when Sims 3 came out I was excited but also pissed off and disappointed because it meant having to buy pay for all the damn expansions again. All the things I'd become accustomed to in the Sims 2, that I could no longer see myself enjoying the game without, gone. I did try Sims 3 but I quickly grew bored and frustrated because of the lack of content, going from a near fully expanded Sims 2 to a basic no expansion Sims 3. And before anybody says "just go out and get the expansion packs for Sims 3, durr hurr" I'm not made of money. It took me a fairly long time just to get all those expansions I had for Sims 2, especially considering I was a broke pre-teen/teenager and now I'm a broke college student.

    ANYWAY, all this is to say, your video intrigues me and has helped me to see some of the reasons why I should play Sims 3 and get its expansions (especially now that the Sims 4 has been out for awhile and you can get Sims 3 expansions for fairly cheap). So… thanks man.

  9. amanda hawthorne

    The sims 4 is actually just sad

  10. GeneralBlacc

    Love back ground music LGR

  11. OutFreak28

    I remember I was really REALLY excited for The Sims 4, at that time I used to play TS3 a LOT, a freaking LOT, and my crush (crush at that time) used to love it too, so we were really excited for the next big game. What a mess, sims 4 sucks.

  12. depressed cockroach

    i love sims 3 sm

  13. CF 3300

    It still feels like just yesterday it came out.

  14. CF 3300

    I always used to make mailboxes shiny black.

  15. CF 3300

    When I was 7 I wanted sims 3 so badly.

  16. RedWolf

    The best one. By far.

  17. Kora Marie

    Idk about yall but i like the sims 3 and 4 …but mostly sims 4

  18. Puppies and Kittens

    My mom got me the Sims 4 PS4 for Christmas. I would play it for hours and hours, but then I just got bored. I want to get the Sims 3 and I feel bad because she spent her money on the game that I'm just really sick of. We don't have any good computers, only my dad's super old and crappy Mac. We also have a PS4 and an Xbox one.
    – A distressed ten year old

  19. Lidewij Helle

    Just finished watching your Sims 4 reviews, now I'm going to watch all the Sims 3 reviews. It's been 9 years since this game released, and I still play it and love it so much

  20. Fusion Developer

    It's on sale right now on Steam for $2.99 USD (basically $3). This seems to be the only review video for it.

  21. MrCcragg27

    sims 3 is a train wreck from sims 2 game. my sims 3 sims constantly vomit. have googled the problem. theres nothing that can be done to fix it. they just keep vomiting. how to change there names to MR. VOMIT. MRS VOMIT? building lots is ridiculously complicated, the hell with that. it would also seem that the game is built by christians, as the game is very christian strict. sex is a downgrade. is just a absolutely horrible game. would appear that sims 4 is a downgrade on sims 3. what a screw up. online games are destroying the gaming industry. sims 2 is the only good sims game!!! by far. open for business.

  22. Blu Granny

    Holy jesus this is old

  23. Lauren Anderson

    I miss the open world from Sims 3, but Sims 4 does run better and the content is slowly catching up to the Sims 3.

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    Is this game review for the ps3?

  26. Zipzeolocke

    come to think of it LGR never did a full review of the sims 3

  27. Muhammad Khairul Ahsan

    2018 ?

  28. LunarTheFoxx

    People really think the Sims 4 sucks? The Sims 4 was supposed to be a game to introduce people into the franchise.

    It also focused more on the actual Sims and lots. They didn’t have enough technology to make a world like Sims 3.

    The Sims 4 was my first Sims game. I know i’m not a hardcore fan, but the game wasn’t made for people who have been here since the Sims 1. It was made for people new to the franchise.

  29. Hooman 56789

    I loved this game it was ssssssooooo good

  30. Josb Howl

    Who's still playing this amazing game?

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    I started playing the sims 3 again , and I’m never going back to the sims 4

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    Will you do a complete Sims 2 and Sims 3 review soon, like you did with Sims 1?

  35. This Is My Name

    The Sims 3 is so good that even the shitty console port is a lot of fun. I sunk endless hours into that godforsaken game. Now I'm getting a gaming PC, though, and one of my first games will be The Sims 3. So hyped.

  36. Dani

    I always end up coming back to TS3. I try to get into my TS4 games, and I have a blast in CAS and building the houses (though the lack of customization just kills me)… but then as soon as I start playing the actual game I lose interest so fast its ridiculous. It just seems so… lackluster compared to TS3.

    If they ever combined the Sims 3 with the Sims 4 graphics and CAS/building… that would be a perfect game.

  37. Biiz

    this is giving me major nostalgia lmaooo

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    you sound hella young here

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  40. Red

    Oh man, me and my siblings would fight over who could play this. Writing timelines and all of that jazz

  41. Gustav Gurke

    I played The Sims 3 for hundreds of hours (I'm not kidding) before I bought my first eypansions. I wasn't bored of the base game but I wanted those new gameplay elements anyways. I played The Sims 4 for 70 hours, got bored of it, bought Get to Work and soon realized that these TS4 expansions don't add that much. I still played it for like 70 more hours over the years but I didn't have nearly as much fun as with the Sims 3.

  42. Alvast Play

    I remember I played TS3 more than eight generations. I made my sims live in an open lot space, make it outdoor themed. Got everything colored pattern from couches to beds to even cars. And because it was open lot, I collected the graveyards of their ancestors. That was when I even only had the base game without any expansions. So much to do even with base only.

  43. Jake the Dog

    480p Quality

  44. garcemac

    Even during the 2018 Winter Sale, there is still $99 worth of DLC – which is listed as being 75% off. Not even Warner Bros. tries to pull this crap.

  45. Beast Boy

    wow this game looks cool

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  47. I Love Guinea Pigs101

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    When your mum’s like: dont get addicted to gaming! But life is crap so you are more than willing to spend all of it playing a life simulator that makes life less crap.

  51. Kevin F.

    Jason Ocampo is that you?

  52. Eric Radcliff

    I have all the Sims 3 expansion packs and let me just say IT'S SO FREAKING ADDICTING!!!! There's so much to do! I was playing with the Alto family and I discovered that Sims can go on FIELD TRIPS!!! The mother and father won a free two day vacation and the teenager was by herself (except the butler). She got to throw a teenage party! When Leisure Day came, I threw a pool party! That dad was grilling hot dogs, the guests were swimming! When it was night, my Sims started dancing to the Island Life radio station and some of the teenage Sims that were guests started doing their homework at the party! 😂 It was the most fun I've had playing a Sims game!

  53. Cathy Tj

    I came here coz im bored with the sims 4 and i miss sims 1 2 and 3 so much the music gameplay burgler and more

  54. 알라나Sheon

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  55. Jiveturkey

    That annoying music in the background is very distracting.

  56. GrellAtTheDisco


  57. GrellAtTheDisco

    I actually only got sims 3 last Christmas (2017) my first sims game was I believe sims 1 in like 2012 when I was 6 I then got some spin off RPG sims ds games but my first proper addiction to sims started in 2014 where on Christmas I got sims 4 and until seeing sims three I thought it was the best game ever lol 😂

  58. Lil tat

    March 2019 anyone?

  59. Marekita

    Almost 10 years ago holy crap

  60. Sebastian Deutschl

    its 10 years…. if i could have imagined what would happen since then i would no have belived it

  61. Dee Ca.

    LGR was so innocent here.By the end of TS3 lifespan he was already hating everything.
    Has he ever specified his favorite Sims game? I would assume it would be 1 or 2 because we know 4 ain't it,

  62. Myra Elvira

    Wow, 10 years.

  63. Pudding Pepzi

    bro this video is older than my brother

  64. SeaOfTides

    Folk watching that vid today would think Sims 3's gonna be Sims 4's sequel!

  65. Icee2222

    Looking back from 2019, you sound wildly diffirent. I mean it's been a long time, no duh, things change. Just amazing seeing the change.

  66. Rogelio Vela "Roger"

    Hoping Sims 5 will have Sims 3 feature. No loading screen on every house or a small section. Everything loaded. Let''s see what the future holds……

  67. *chuckles* I'm in Danger Days ecks dee

    Sims 4 is actually pretty good, but the gameplay is dull

  68. Scottish Mapper

    Anyone come here because of the 10 year anniversary soon?

  69. Vivienne Ashrain

    Basically everything mentioned here was snatched away and disappeared… Sims 4 makes me real sad, man.

  70. LittleVidds

    Sims 3 will still be my favorite game out of the whole franchise. It's just so immersive.

  71. Andrei Savan

    What in the actual hell… Played 400+ hours of Sims 3 and didn't know you can turn the grid off when placing objects :)))))

  72. Thorben Maerz

    I cant believe that this game is 10 years old.. 2019 anyone?

    If in 2029… how's life?

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    This came out 10 years ago, HAPPY BIRTHDAY THE SIMS 3!!!!

  78. JoRdAn WaDe

    10 year old, seems like yesterday

  79. Petr Novák

    Watching this after ten years and I have to say I still love this game. The open world was great, the create a style feature was awesome, the RPG elements in this game were good addition.
    Compare this with Sims 4, which not only removed the open world and create a style, but also upped the RPG elements to a quests-of-a-sort especially on things like dates, or parties or the Seasons EP holidays, where you are clearly told what you have to do to be successful and the game doesn't even feel like a sandbox strategy simulation of life anymore.
    They also added for a silliness in Sims 4. Don't get me wrong, The Sims games always had their share of silliness and most of the time, I liked that. But in Sims 4, they overdid it and the game is way too silly for my liking.
    And don't get me start with toddlers that aren't even toddlers anymore.
    Overall, Sims 3 was and still is the best of The Sims series in my opinion. Sims 2 had its good features too, some of which I miss to these days (like the most realistic toddlers, or the penguins in Seasons EP) and I still like to play it from time to time. Sims 1 was first and as such, there's a nostalgic feeling to it and nothing before to compete with. It surely set the path for next generations and we always should be tankful for that. However, The Sims 4 was the first big disappointment to the series for me to the point where I decided not to support it anymore and that's sad for me a devoted Sims player since 2000.

  80. Joshcrossing

    Wow his voice sounds so different than the newer videos

  81. Sham Kan

    i miss the open world from sims 3

  82. Nena Grawey

    Happy ten years!

  83. KaninBullen YT

    I feel like there is something Im missing here. Why do people like the sims 3 more then the sims 4?
    Im probobly just stupid but I dont get it.

  84. aescadoe

    2019 anyone? 10 years…

  85. Drago Playz

    Man this has been my childhood, I played everday and this brings me far back

  86. BulletsFTW

    I like sims 2 more, its more advanced than sims 1 but not as complicated as the later sims. Plus the sims in Sims 3 look horrible in my opinion and sims 4 just look to cartoony for my taste

  87. Angela Luna

    I’m here in 2019 after removing sims four from my PC (AFTER HAVING PURCHASED THE COMPLETE COLLECTION) because it’s so freaking boring and I need added space on my device for downloading sims three.

  88. Oddivia

    I miss these features so much.

  89. Stuart Sims

    Good job, ten-years-ago-LGR.

  90. Mikhail Merkulov

    Reasons to buy The Sims 4:
    1. To change sim's facial features/body just drag them with a mouse!
    2. You can move rooms around
    3. Ummm..
    4. Err…
    5. ????

  91. shellbell1896

    I’m reinstalling my game and old packs, I’m quite tired of the sims 4. This game came out the year I started high school, and I stopped playing at 18 when the sims 4 came out. It’s been years, and the nostalgia is reallllll!!!

  92. Snake Halvain

    Sims 3: we have everything you could possibly want to do with your sim!(more-or-less)
    Sims 4:(on release) What are pools?

  93. Neytiri

    Man why couldn’t sims 4 just be sims 3 with the new cas, build mode and graphics.. sims 4 just sucks, I feel no emotions at all to my sims 4 families at all. Sims 3 was so much more enjoyable, I could play that for an entire day into the night time. Sims 4 is an hour at a push

  94. M L

    10 years has passed, and TS3 still hasn’t been surpassed.

  95. Rasheda Akhter

    The sims 4 + all DLC < The sims 3 base game

  96. Potato Birb

    While this is fun and with open world and texture customization, it's actually a downgrade compared to sims 2 gameplay wise.
    Way too many overpriced expansion packs and premium contents and still with less contents than sims 2's.

  97. angua65

    …and then, 10 years after it's still fun! (and better than Sims 4)

  98. Sims 4 Gamer

    Im going back to Sims 3 the Sims 4 game is stripped down and don't look as good as the Sims 4

  99. Sad Honey

    Sims 4: has to pay 40 dollars for a beach
    Sims 3: here you go, for free. knock yourselves out

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