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  1. Công Devil

    first like dude

  2. Kirk


  3. Eduard Portillo


  4. The New Neighbor

    Guys do u think master yi got nerfed? Cuz he’s not strong as he was in s9

  5. Alien PAGE

    Tđn mà mới ra vid đã có sub

  6. khabzaoui oussama

    Play volobear

  7. DANRev _31

    First LUL

  8. Craig God

    hi <3

  9. Derik ZHory Blaník

    I have theese kinds of games all of the time xd

  10. Boss Meep です

    everything's according to plan

  11. leagueoftim

    If u press the little button in the right down corner right next to ur notifications u will minimized everything

  12. Blair Garcia

    epic comeback wow

  13. Boss Meep です

    6:46 i wasn't in alpha

  14. eclipse.

    Again Master Yi, wow. Please play someone else it's getting boring cuz I used to like your videos

  15. Chronosco

    "19 mins ago" :O

  16. snoop doog

    18th comment baby!!

  17. I Rybu

    Neft E yi please riot

  18. Abdusselam Zahma

    So obnoxious when enemy laners constantly roam whenever you're in the river but your laners don't even give a single shit

  19. lil_yas

    Imagining having to 1v9 every time🤤

  20. The Vinh Kim

    ai dit like cowsep z dm

  21. Powaznie Powaznie

    If he used E, he coudl take blue.. why he dont use E so many times?

  22. Tommy Skack

    Nice carry =)))

  23. Fisthy Guerrando

    fuk you cowsep!

  24. Abra Cadabra

    Imagine getting bugsplatted .

  25. Darth hulio

    That climb 😆 LOL

  26. IWant

    thats why im doing full clear + gank back boy components + pink go for the drake nobody expects it

  27. Ku Đen

    Vãi lồn

  28. Duy Phương

    Biết tiếng việt không anh

  29. Một Con Cá Mặn

    What game r u coding

  30. First Man

    Laro tayo cowsep ph Maestro060906

  31. mohamad binana

    man, you are amazing I love all your videos .you deserve this win

  32. Never Eaten

    Imagine you mid laner keeps pinging for a gank when he can solo his laner. then goes afk because you still didnt gank him #Bronze

  33. Apache Helicopter

    That GA purchase just saved the game.

  34. hannjojo

    Nice one!

  35. Phoenixus

    Cowsep is the type of guy to make his teammates quit so he can win alone

  36. BoK_

    Cowsep! Please! Make videos or LiveStream when you are coding please…So interesting! <3

  37. Bequis

    god cowsep gets me so hard

  38. ENF ArKaDaTa

    i love cow

  39. The Dragon Ruffy

    Lol had a 4vs5 right noe and won with 21/4/6. Couldnt see their reacriosn because I mute all to focus on gameplay.
    Feels great man! Always keep.mental with Yi

  40. Mạc Vũ

    0:30 this chesse make me remember ss7 . You always ivate enemy jg like that . I still remember that

  41. Deamon3217

    Fyi you can use "Win+M" to minimize everything

  42. Dương Đỗ Văn

    hiện giờ rank việt đang khắc nghiệt hơn bao giờ hết cow à nên đừng đánh rank việt 🙂🙂🙂

  43. The Dragon Ruffy

    Did they revert eyeball collection? It was 2 per kill and 1 per assist

  44. timothy baclayon

    cowsep play yi critical

  45. Ford Conelle

    How come you always playing master yi in rank?
    In pH server they always ban yi in diamond division

  46. jhairylle jhay calano

    cowsep i think the medi bug doesnt work


  47. Dương Dương

    Bớt nói khi đang chơi đi cowsep

  48. Cheese Master 64

    is there any situation you can/would/have to skip rageblade on yi?
    I would like to understand his item builds a bit better right now^^
    Like a situation where ur behind? ur enemies are a bit "anti rageblade"?

  49. Dast IRL

    12:21 chat :
    – Is this the real cowsep?

  50. YourLocalSenpai


  51. Gabriel Lima


  52. First Name Last Name

    cowsep ive been recently using the orange potion when im full build and ive found it helps u fight better and more tenacity to stay alive longer

  53. Don Macky

    damn no more daddyyy

  54. Gerald Hernandez

    correct me if im wrong but so cowsep is a programmer? i see a Microsoft studio in thr screen.

  55. Ervin Chalin

    Wtf is this photo

  56. Chanh Đỗ

    You are Coder? Right?

  57. Romeo Jamerlan

    Yes yes yessuooo

  58. Chris Lewis

    Imagine playing a late-game champion and rage quitting because you lost late game

  59. mart gutenber

    well I guess I wont be asking for Kassadin's build this time

  60. Jhohn Brave Duenas

    Nxt time cowsep pleese teach us to how to programming bonus with unity graphics.
    btw im really so bad at coding am i tilted irl?

  61. Windus Lel

    if this kass is not banned, this will be a shame for riot games

  62. John Bravo

    U god!

  63. Arhaz

    What is that code for though?

  64. nodvick

    "because youw ant to get them with the automated things" DUDE SHUT YOUR MOUTH. When you tell people about that you run the risk of them changing the system next season

  65. Thunderkill431

    Can you make a live stream on inviting some players to a custom 5v5 pls
    Also pls do it on a PH server
    And thanks for the great videos
    Keep up the good work

  66. RicksTV

    what masteries do u use?

  67. Kodiak Cross

    TRIUMPH BUG 2:11 : He killed Liss and his Triumph counted up before healing him. Then he died, also before the healing.

  68. ugur

    Why is ur ping so highh

  69. Yasuo

    Cowsep make Master Yi guide for season 10!

  70. Dew Fox

    W 캔슬버그 할때 꼭 캔슬을 해야하나요 아니면 타이밍에 맞춰 w쓰기만 하면 되나요

  71. utoy lobos


  72. Finlay Player

    4:30 how does Alpha reset so quickly?

  73. Sebastián Pájaro

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Pornstars: 6:16

  74. Sans

    3:30 One thing he does which really tilts me is that he uses e to hit once then alpha, so he misses like 1-2 hits with e. Why not just hit then alpha without e? Then use e after alpha. A lot more dps and clear speed.

  75. Prnstar Jillian Two

    Imagine playing a late game champ without good mental and easily ragequitting if things dont go well

  76. Cậu Ngố

    Hôm qua đội t afk mất 2 người.1 afk từ đầu 1 afk từ lv7.vậy mà 3 cân 5 vẫn win

  77. 투보 랄부

    형…한국은 버린거야..? 크흑.. ㅠㅠ

  78. Santiago Santisantiago

    Report Yi troll 6:05

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