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Clap, good morning! Here is a totally lousy game, which is named in English “The Wold’s easiest game”, which is, in my view, as its name doesn’t indicate a very hard game. Voila! Therefore, it can be very fun, and I thought that we could play it Let’s go, let’s play the world’s easiest game, gaming is back! Explosion, explosion, explosion Boobs, boobs, boobs! Be careful, “all of the following questions will be easy. I mean really easy” “Don’t make them difficult or you will fail”. Okay. So, it means that we have to be in a kind of psychological mental state, and tell us “We shouldn’t make life more difficult” If you make life more difficult, you’ll loose. So, we will not make our life more difficult and we will keep it simple and easy, and stuff. Okay, let’s go. “What’s more powerful than God, the Devil, evil itself? Rich people fear having it, but poor people could be described as”… [sputters] they have it. Power. Hum no, rich people don’t fear having power. Money. They don’t fear having rich [mistake] Nothing. Health! A disease… Shit, I dunno… I make life more difficult, right from the first question, it sucks, shit! None of these questions could match, I dunno… Nothing? YES! YES! What it that? What is … It’s Alaska. This is a tilted Alaska. Look. Look!. It’s tilted Alaska! Excellent! I f*cked you! “Name a body part that is spelled the same forwards and backwards.” “Kayak” for example. Although “kayak” is not a body part. I think it’s what it means. Aaaaaaah…. Eye? BOOM! “What color is a round rubber red ball?” It is… red? [giggle] “Which is heavier …” a “pound”, so let’s say a kilogram, a kilogram of “goose feathers” , because I don’t know what it means… Anyway it’s the same. I don’t know what it is, but it’s the same a kilogram is still a kilogram. Go f*ck yourself! Your mom! “What’s 2+2+7-7?” It’s … 4. I think, I did some mathematical studies, at one time if my life! “How many sides does a square…” Hum … 4 We shouldn’t make it complicated, they said, we shouldn’t make it complicated. We shouldn’t… Then, I was … well, never mind! A rectangle… 4. A rectangle has 4 too. Hey, one shouldn’t start like that game with me! “How many legs does this dog have?” 4. Okay, it’s a troll, he expects me to answer “4” a lot of times, and then there will be a shitty question, for sure! “If you take half a spider’s legs off…” [giggles] “How many legs does the spider have left?” There are 4 left. “How many seasons of the year are there?” 4. Motherf*cker. There are 4… How many fingers are on a human hand?” I’m not sure … 5, er? Voila. It was the troll question. It was lousy. I don’t even have … Okay, a little bit… “How many question”… Oh no, how many questions have you answered so far? It’s written across the top, right? It’s 15! Ah, it’s the 15th question, therefore I’ve answered 14 BOOM! [frat with mouth] Oh no… You have 5 candies in a bowl, and you take out 3 how many do you have? I actually still have 5. Because there are 2 in the bowl, 3 on the side, but they are still mine. So it’s 5. F*ck your mummy! Swim to safe yourself. This question really pissed us off! It was lousy, not even funny! Amixem: What is…
Boy: yellow and who waits? Steve Carell: NO GOD!! “What do you put in a toaster?” Boy: Jonathan!” Steve Carell: NOOOOOO! Some bread. Actually, I think that the trick is that it expects me to answer “toasts” You don’t put toasts, you put bread. The toaster creates toast, right? There are many schools of thoughts, in the area of toasting. Some people put bread and the toaster transforms it into roasted bread. And you have, in USA, the toaster, which transforms bread or the brioche, into “toast” But as long as the toast wasn’t passed through the toaster it’s not a toast, it’s some bread. So what do you put in a toaster? You don’t put some toasts. You get some toasts, but, in reality, at the beginning, it’s some bread, not a toast! And that is, it’s now, the little psychology the little nuance in this question, which we have avoided. It was really incredible and way too long ! Let’s go! “Is a square the only shape with 4 sides?” No, there is the rectangle, the diamond… yes, sir … I’m a little bit afraid of clicking, at each time. “What is my name?” Jean-Pierre… Aaaah! Well, no! No! Ahah! Which planet is the furthest? Jupiter, Mars, Pluto or the Moon? The Moon isn’t a planet, and Pluto isn’t a planet, except for Americans. Since it’s an American game, I think they said “Pluto”, right? So, it’s because… Do you know why ? Do you know …? Wait, I’ll tell you an incredible thing! Pluto was actually qualified as not being a planet any more, it’s scientifically proved, it’s the way it works, it’s not a planet any more. But, the only planet which was discovered by an American was Pluto! Amixem: AH!
Denis Brogniart: AH! Therefore, Americans say “No, it’s still a planet!” Hence, there is an American who has discovered a planet! But it’s not a planet, but since it’s a American game, we should say that it’s a planet. So it’s Pluto. So f*ck your mom. “You walk into a restaurant. In the room there 10 people who are 21 years old, 3 people who are 26 years old, 7 people who are 29 years old, and 9 people who are 31 years old. 17 are men. How many people are in the restaurant? There are 10 people who 21 years old, 3 people who are 26 years old, it’s 13. 7 people who are 29 years old, it’s 20. 9 people who are 31 years old, it’s … 29? And me. AND ME! You… You … You thought that I would forget myself, right?! Bastard! 30, bim! The word “oeil”, so “eye” in English, is the same forwards, backwards, and upside down. You can write it both directions, it’s right. But if you flip it, the Y … It doesn’t work! It’s false. YES! This little Mexican to celebrate victory, I don’t understand. “What state is this?” Iran. No it’s not Iran. Please, the geography of US, er … Ontario? Oooh, f*ck your mom… “You can tune a guitar, but you can’t…” It’s a fucking word play. Well, I’m pretty good at word plays in French, but men… “You can tune a guitar, but you can’t…” It’s a word play with “tune” “You can’t tuna” “Tuna” means “thon”. “But you can’t tuna fish” Voila. You can tune a guitar, but you can’t “tuna fish” “Tuna”, “thon”… The tuning of a fish, which is impossible… It’s a good joke, it’s a … “Watch the scene, you’ll see it only once. Be extremely observant” Okay, we shouldn’t look at cats, for sure. Cats try to disturb you. Be careful, cards on the table, the table… the lamp… “What color was the clock?” Er… brown or orange. Orange. Orange. Shit! “what color was the sofa?” Er… purple Wasn’t it orange?!
[Yes] Yes! “Whose house is it?” It was Clint’s house. It was written on the board, on the left “Which are better, cats or dogs?” I prefer dogs, but I’m sure that with this big f*cking cat… Look at him, look at him, look a him, look at him, look a him! Voila! “Alice is 14. On her birthday she gets in a car and heads towards her friend Samantha’s house. At the same time her friend Emily starts cycling at speed of 10 mPh towards Samantha’s house as well. How old is Alice?” I don’t understand. I want to write she’s 14, but obviously, there is a trick. She is 14. This girl is 14. And on her birthday… Ah… How old WAS Alice? It’s the past. Then, she was 13. It was before going to her birthday, right? Thank you God, for this supreme help, for making me doubt about this question, because I should have answered 14 if I hadn’t thought. My dog is blue, what color is my dog? Your dog is f*cking green. You’re a f*cking color-blind. Ah, it’s the dog’s first name! I’m dumb! It’s the dog’s first name, he is named Blue. But he’s green. Okay. OKAY! “How many rabbits?” 2 Oh no… [giggles] 6… oh shit! [counts] 13… Oh nooo… no… I don’t want to count … 21, 22, 23. Yes! “Click the red button” This question is good, because the brain can bug if it’s in French but in English, it doesn’t work as well. The red button it’s the button with “purple” Voila. It’s a victory. “There are 8 miles of woods by your house. How far can you walk into the woods?” I can walk in the woods as far as I want. It’s a generalist question, they give us a context, but the context doesn’t really create some interferences with this sentence, no constraints… We can walk as far as we want. It’s wrong. Well. GOOD BYE! “How many days in July?” THE technique! January, February, March, April, May, June, July… 31. “How many days are in September?” Er… 30. In January… 31. In May… January, February, March, April, May… 31. Oooooh… January, February, March, April… 30. There will be a troll now! “August” 31. Fortunately, I always have my hands otherwise l shall be really annoyed. “How many months have 31 days?” Er… January:1, 2… Wait! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 7? I didn’t know. I just discovered this statistic. “How many months have 28 days?” 0… It’s once every 4 years… 0.25? Maybe, because it’s once every 4 years. A quarter, maybe? How many months have 28 … contain 28 days? I am doing the right thing by translating with “contain” Because I would do a big mistake. There are f*cking 12, man. Yes, go f*ck yourself! THIS IS THE POWER OF MY INTELLIGENCE! Amixem: Ah!
Denis Brogniart: AH! “You must think you’re pretty smart?” We’ll remain humble, we’ll remain humble… [giggles] “Guess how many questions there are in this quiz.” It’s the 72nd. 73rd? Higher. Ah okay it’s “The Price is Right” “25650?”
“Less” There are 200. Ah shit. 90? F*ck! 110? F*ck! There are more than 110! This video won’t soon be ended! 120? Shit. 115? 113? 111? YES! TV Show: To enlarge your future house, a veranda, 9m2 with 2 openable sashes and a double door” I love “The Price is Right”. It’s clearly my favorite game! So, what happens now is that we know that there are 111 questions, it’s the 75th, and I’ve only 3 lives, okay? It seems to be quite impossible, but doesn’t matter! “At some point, in years 1900 and 1999, there was a point that could be read the same whether read right side up, or upside down.” So, in any case, it means that they consider that the number one can be read right side up or upside down. Okay, So I’ve to find a date between 1900 and 1999 which can be flipped and gives the same date. It’s not possible, since… Oh I know, I know, wait! 1900… 60… and one… 1961. 1961, upside down, it gives 1961 I think. Yes! It works! BOOM! “How many questions are left?” Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no No, I don’t like that! It’s dumb but I don’t like it. It’s the 76th, so the next one is… I’m really afraid of doing a mistake of 1. It sucks. 41 minus… minus 6, it would remain 35. 35, it remains 35 86, 96, 106, 6, 106, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 It remains 35. Does it remain 35? Yes, it remains 35! TV Show: A veranda… I have 27 flowers, sadly, all but 14 died. How many are left? [replaces “had” by “have”] So, 27 are left, but 14 of them are dead. Go f*ck yourself. WHY? They are dead, but you still have it, no? So, no… It remains 13, I think it remains 13… Okay. My brain is smarter than yours, I guess. “The word SWIMS is the same forwards, backwards and upside down” No, it’s false. Upside down, it’s true, but not forwards and backwards. F*ck. It remains only 1 life… “What is a round red rubber ball made of?” Rubber? [giggles] Yes! I’ve only one life. “Is this the world’s easiest game?” Absolutely not. Whaaaat? What? What? What does loosing on this shitty question means? F*ck! Well, it’s not so bad, it was the … I don’t remember how many … question. Once you have watched this video, you can try, it’ll be easier Try to reach the 111st question, and tell me in the comments your high score. Anyway, it was a pretty nice game, funny which hurts your brain, but I hope you enjoyed. If you like this kind of games, totally lousy, totally simple, but quite complicated and funny don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments, to put a blue thumb. Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for watching until the end, it was Amixem, over!

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