Know Your Nick Jr. w/ PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig & Bubble Guppies!  Ep. 1

Welcome to Know Your Nick Jr. Where we ask your favorite
Nick Jr. friends trivia questions. Today’s contestants are… – Marshall.
– Hi. – Peppa.
– Hello! – And Nonny!
– Hello. Let’s jump right in. Marshall, looks like you’re first. I’m fired up! Question one: who is Dora
The Explorer’s beat friend? Is it Nazboo, Boots or Bubble Puppy? It’s Boots! That’s right.
Great job, Marshall! Here’s the next question. What color is Gil’s hair? Hm, I think it’s purple? It’s not purple, but you’re close. Oh, is it blue? You got it!
Gil’s hair is blue. Now for the final question. Which of Blaze’s friends
uses a lasso? Is it Starla or Stripes? It’s Starla! That’s right, Marshall.
You know your Nick Jr. Who’s ready to play next? Looks like it’s Peppa! Now it’s my turn. Here’s your first question. Who is the Bubble Guppies teacher? Is it Mr. Grouper or Ms. Marmalady? I know. Yes, it’s Mr. Grouper! Next question: what type of animal
is Blaze’s friend Zeg? Is he a tiger, a rabbit
or a dinosaur? A dinosaur. That’s correct!
Zeg is in fact a dinosaur. OK, here’s your last question. Which PAW Patrol pup
likes to say this? Let’s take to the sky! Is it Rubble, Everest or Skye? Skye! Great job, Peppa, it’s Skye. You know your Nick Jr. Looks like we have just
one contestant left. – Are you ready, Nonny?
– Yes. Question one: where is
Butterbean’s Cafe located? Is it Adventure Bay or Puddlebrook? Puddlebrook. That’s right! Butterbean’s Cafe is in Puddlebrook. Next question. Which kind of vehicle is Ricky Zoom? A scooter, a dirt bike or a motorcycle? He’s a motorcycle. You’re good. Now this last one is
a real brain teaser. What does Josh use to draw
Blue’s Clues in? A notebook. Congratulations, Nonny! You know your Nick Jr. Congratulations to our contestants. You all know your Nick Jr. Get ready to giggle,
it’s time for Nick Jr. jokes. What’s a cow’s favorite drink? The answer is a smoooothie. [laughing] Hey Bozzly, why did
the peepers go to bed? I don’t know, Abby, why? ‘Cause the bed wouldn’t
come to them! Yeah! [laughing] What kind of fish chases mice? A catfish. [laughing] – Knock, knock.
– Who’s there? – Cock-a-doodle.
– Cock-a-doodle who? What? I can’t hear you. Cock-a-doodle who? Could you say it a little louder? Cock-a-doodle who! Uh-oh… [screaming] Oh, that’s a good one. What do you call a sleepy dinosaur? A dino-snore. [laughing] What happens when you tell a duck a joke? [quacking] He quacks up. [quacking] Why did the cookie go to the doctor? Because it was [laughing] I get it! Let’s rock and roller! Hair joke, roller? [laughing] How did Zuma make the octopus laugh? Ten tickles. It’s tickle time! [laughing] What was the jellyfish’s best friend? The peanut butter fish. [laughing] I got a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich. What did you get, Nonny? I got peanut butter
and smelly sandwich? [laughing] Peanut butter and smelly!
That’s silly. How did Marshall turn off the music? He hit the pawse button. [laughing] [yelling] I guess I should make
a joke about being clumsy. You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day. And find more of your favorite
shows on TV, on Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr. channel.

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