Kalani Sitake Post Game Interview vs Liberty

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Kalani Sitake Post Game Interview vs Liberty

>>We’ll hear from Kalani stake.>>Congratulations, three wins in a row, now five to go. You’ve got one more to get bowl eligible. Let’s start tonight some thoughts.>>I thought guys played hard. We defensively playing against a great team that scored a lot of points and I think we try to bait them into running the ball a little bit they fought a little bit earlier but I think they put us in the bad position was the turnovers and we didn’t create any on defense. So looking forward to try to create more big plays and for what I saw from our guys I’m glad they pulled it off in the end and played hard. Winning’s hard and you can never take it for granted for our guys we didn’t play at our best but it’s great to get a win when you didn’t play your best but looking forward to learn from this and get the sixth win having our last game at home against Idaho state for our seniors.>>It’s nice to have learnings in the wind and you always like to take a step forward. Where did this team take a step forward tonight that you could see.>>We made plays. We find a wind, when the momentum swung the other way guys were able to put their foot down play tough defense on defense and offensively we were close to getting the getting the game basically ended trying to get the, at the end trying to drive get the first down, and I like the fake field goal. I thought we had it. It’s kind of a long field goal for us to make but I thought watching film and everything we thought it was there and credit to what we saw from liberty, they made a stop on it. And we knew it was going to be a risk but we practiced it over and over again and we thought it was there they made an adjustment. So here we are. We have to play the last drive and I’m glad our guys were able to get it done.>>Liberty comes in 6-3 with a lot of momentum very good quarterback very good nfl-type receiver best team on paper you’ll see until San Diego state. Was it important to get this test right to the wire tonight?>>Yeah. I mean, I don’t know if it was important for that I’m glad our guys reacted the right way. I would have loved to have win with a better margin. And but a lot of it goes into that. I thought have to credit liberty. They made plays, they were able to take care of the football and they won the turnover margin, and so we were kind of in a bad spot because they won the turnover margin. I thought offensively we were making plays with them the turnovers were costly, they slowed the game down a little bit limited our opportunities to get plays on offense and they slowed it down a little bit and so we knew that this was going to be tight towards the end. I thought we had a chance to end it when we should have and that’s what we’ll work on trying to find ways to end things.>>Let’s go back three, four weeks ago, I guess there was a bye in there, BYU fan base doesn’t even know who Baylor Romney is and now he’s a winner at quarterback, what can you say about Baylor Romney and his contributions the last three games.>>The preparation from the whole team and Baylor individual and seeing him work with the whole group that whole group has been really strong and tight we feel comfortable with our guys being out there making plays. Baylor he wasn’t perfect but he made some big-time plays and his composure and the poise that he was able to exemplify for our team was awesome to watch and that’s never wavered. He’s always been that guy. I think when you have a lot of preparation, you work hard in getting yourself ready, he should be confident knowing that you can take the field have success against anyone that you can play against.>>Let’s finish on this one. Next Saturday is your final home game of the regular season. A win will clinch you a date Christmas eve in the Hawaii bowl one of the top goals coming into this season. A big opportunity for your seniors to play one last time here. Some of those seniors have been here a long, long imtoo.>>That’s the key do it for the seniors. I remember my last game on the field it was the first game it was named the elder stadium, focusing on our seniors and doing it for them. I think we have to approach the game and still we respect all our opponents. But there were things we didn’t do well enough. That’s my job as a coach I’ve got to get them ready and I’m glad we were able to pull out the win because the guys worked hard and played hard and we took some risks. I think the field goal maybe Jake could have kicked it made it there’s a lot of things I’m evaluating on what I could have done differently as a head coach and I’m going to make sure we do what we can as a coaching staff to get these guys ready to

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