JeffHindla and BaRRaCCuDDa – a SMITE Story

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JeffHindla and BaRRaCCuDDa – a SMITE Story

– [Commentator] As I said,
The Smite World Championship is kicking off this weekend, and it’s for a whopping 2.5 million
dollars and climbing. – Welcome to the Cobb Energy
Center in Atlanta, Georgia, as the 2015 Smite World Championship gets underway with the
first day of competition. The teams have been in town practicing and preparing all week. But now they’re in the
building getting all warmed up for their spotlight on the main stage. – [Commentator] And now, your second team. The home-town favorites and the most tenured team in the SWC, guys give it up for COGnitive Prime! (cheering and applause) – [Commentator] COGnitive
Gaming versus COGnitive Red to decide to proceeds to the finals. And now under the tower is
Jeffindla and Barraccudda, putting the damage in,
and here comes the rub… – [Commentator] But the
phoenix is gonna fall! COGnitive Prime! – [Commentator] Wiping their brows, knowing they’ve earned it, they will go on to fight the challengers. – [Commentator] This is
gonna be first blood. – [Commentator] Oh they’re
going for the kill! Divine Ruin, destruction
going down by Judgment, first blood goes to Europe! But the fight’s not over. Dashing in, Andy is in so much trouble. – [Commentator] Even though we’ve called his name a lot this game, it’s very hard to overstate how much impact Andister has had on this. He’s been absolutely a nightmare
for Titan to deal with. (yelling) – [Commentator] Titan, down falls three! A double kill by– – [Commentator] Your World champions, COGnitive Prime, GG! (classical string music) – Can we just kill Bara? Shelf, okay. Pull him back in! Nice, good job good job good job. – When he sets his mind to
something, he doesn’t stop. With everything he does, he
gets an idea in his head, and he keeps going after it and going after it and going after it. – Jeffhindla is the best
teammate slash person slash friend in my life. He’s someone you work with everyday, he’s someone you hang out with, he’s someone you talk to on a daily basis. – [Man] He’s always just the nice guy who was there to be a big cuddly bear. – I really do think he’s the best player in the world when it comes to mindset. He has the best mindset out of everyone. When he loses he’s like,
he’s not even sad they lost, he’s angry, because he
knows he can play better. He knows that his
teammates can play better. It’s really good to have him on the team. – Jeff is very much a player,
very much a support guy, and the support guy. But he’s much more than
that, not just to me, but to a lot of other people. And I think that’s part of why
a lot people love the dude. They might not know
everything behind the scenes, but everything that you
see on the front page is on page five six seven eight
nine 10 with Jeff as well. – He’s like a guardian in real
life, if that makes sense. He’s just there to protect
you and to make you happy. – Of course when he was
younger he would play baseball because he wanted to
be on a baseball team. And did this and that, but
that wasn’t who he was. He was a gamer. (laughs) As a kid he was a gamer. – I remember playing a
lot of Crash Bandicoot, Spyro one, you know
Ocarina of Time with them. – I used to make it a
point to wake up early to play games with him
because he loved it. Right when Ocarina of Time came out, I think it was maybe a week or two after, he just would start
giving me the controller, because he couldn’t get
past certain things. And then eventually it turned into we just wouldn’t play games unless it was this one racing game that
he would always beat me at. – Every once in a while I’d
take it out and he’d be like. (sighs) He would play it because (laughing) he knew that I had to win once in a while. And he would play, and
that game disappeared. (laughs) So I have a
feeling he took that game and stuffed it away somewhere so he didn’t have to play me at it. Because if he wasn’t great
at it, he would get mad. – I always knew he was going to go somewhere very far with this game. I remember this one time I
was crashed at his house. I came downstairs and he was just like four in the morning playing Smite. And I’m like, “What are you doing?” And he’s like, “I’m just playing games.” And then on it was like he is either gonna go somewhere far with this or he’s just gonna frizz out. But he took it to a level I
didn’t think he could take it. When Smite first came out in the beta, we were trying it out, and to be ironic, Rosario decided to name
himself Jeffhindla. My name is literally Jeff Hindla. I am the inspiration
for the name Jeffhindla. – My name’s Rosario
Vilarde, AKA Jeffhindla. I’m the support player. – The moment that made it
click with me was I met FDOT. I walked over and said how’re you doing. And I said, “I’m Rosario’s father.” And he’s like, who? Like everybody else does. I said, “Oh, I’m sorry, Jeff’s father.” He’s like, “Oh my god, Jeff’s
the best support in the world, “he’s the best player.” I’m like, “Yeah, so what does that mean?” He goes, “What do you mean?” He goes, “These people can
make millions of dollars!” I’m like, “You’re crazy.” I watched that tournament. I was surprised to see
how many people showed up, and back then it wasn’t a lot. Maybe it was a few hundred. I came home and I started
doing some research, and went, wow, people really can make a
living and do well at this. – It was more about proving that I’m the best in the world than the money. Like my parents are,
you need to make money, you need to survive. And for me it was just,
I wanna be the best! Like regardless of how much money it is. There’s nothing like winning worlds. – Immediately after worlds for me, I went home and I played ranked, and I remember just playing
like super over aggressive and just dying on cooldown
because I was just so convinced that I was
like the best player. I’m pretty sure that
whole idea was kind of like within the whole team
where we’re just like, wow, we’re so good. And yeah that lasted for quite a while. – There wasn’t that unbelievable desire to win like there was before. – What do you guys have for 2015? I mean it’s the start of the year, right? You’re already a champion. How do you continue to be a champion? – Oh this is on? Um, I have no idea. We’re just gonna stay a team,
we’re gonna keep practicing. We’re gonna love on each other, and we’re just gonna give it our all. I have no idea, I have no idea. – So the first set that we’ve got going on today guys is
Cloud9 G2A versus Paradigm. It’s gonna be a really exciting match, but I guess something that
we should start off with is it’s not gonna be Cloud9’s full roster. – It’s a big turn. Barraccudda unfortunately is
very sick, he can’t make it. It’s not a thing where it’s
like, I don’t want to play. Barraccudda is actually very
sick and cannot come here. – So Barra got sick and
and Ma-ki stepped in, and everything was terrible. – Cloud9 drops the second game. I would high-five for EU, but– – I had muscle spasms the whole time. In bed I was just, my body was literally just freaking out. – You look at the body language of them and they’re just slumping. There’s just something
obviously in the air. – Yes. Barra’s our team leader. Without him there’s no team. – We hear over the headset,
wait, a car just pulled up. We think it’s Barraccudda. Hold the game, stop the game. – He was watching us play
without him and he’s like, no way. I don’t care how sick I
am, I’m comin’ on to play. – This is one of the few times that we’ve ever held the game. Barra shows up, jumps out of the car. Well, slumps out of the car and
find his way into the arena. And like I said he
didn’t even come in yet, but you felt somethin’. – I don’t know if you
noticed, I’m pretty excited. Barraccudda is actually gonna
be playing in this match. – Barraccudda is in the building? You can’t make this stuff up. Barraccudda is back in the
building and ready to play! – I had so much adrenaline in
me, I didn’t feel bad at all. – [Commentator] Cloud9 takes
one as soon as they needed it. – [Barraccudda] So we won that game, that first game I came back. – And then there was a pretty big delay in between the next game after that, and all the adrenaline
that he had just wore off, and he felt the sickness again. And he was like, “Guys, we’re
gonna lose the next game.” I was like, that’s fine. Thanks for trying your hardest. – I’m not saying I wouldn’t have done it. But yeah, no, like a normal person
probably shouldn’t do that, you know what I mean? Like if he didn’t do
that I wouldn’t be like, how dare you? Like oh, that’s a good
reason to not, I get that. – I mean, I don’t know, it was cool. We still lost. – [Commentator] Paradigm takes
down the world champions! GG! – Everything kind of fell apart. – [Commentator] No matter
what you think about Omega, one thing I do know is
that he plays to win. And he’s not gonna jump ship to either unless he believes this
roster can get to worlds. – We just, we didn’t know what to do. We were like, I don’t know, taken aback. It came out of nowhere. – I honestly didn’t think
we could win worlds again. – At that point I’m pretty sure him and Andi were clashing a lot. – [Andinster] I did not think
Omega made a smart decision. And that’s just because I
still believed in the team. – We didn’t think there was anyone else that we could get immediately that would fill the shoes that Omega had. – [Andinster] He was
giving up the opportunity to be on still what I
believed the best team. – We did something very big
and very monumental together. If you had different plans in the future, cool, thank you. We did it, like, good luck. That’s how I viewed it. – Finding Baskin was just, it’s the luckiest thing that could’ve ever happened to us when we were on C9. – [Commentator] Omega left to
join Eager in the solo lane. They had to find a replacement. Baskin steps in, and what a
performance he’s had so far. – Right when Baskin joined,
everything just clicked. – Baskin’s just, he’s a lunatic man. He’s so good at Smite. – [Commentator] Right
after the rat comes out he’s gonna bees it away and walk right in, its a huge initiation for Cloud9! (unintelligible yelling) A lot of the damage off
the board for Cognitive, Cloud9 surging forward,
that’s three members down and one more to fall meerkat! Very low and down he will go, indeed. Pern gonna do what he can,
faster with the triple. – I guess it was always like
the undertone from Baskin, where it just, “I’m here to kill everyone,
but at the end of day, “I’m just, I wanna have fun.” It was really easy to work with Baskin. – Yeah my phone’s gonna die in the middle of this, by the way. – I think you’re already
messing it up because you already started the video vertically, and then turning it horizontally
doesn’t make it horizontal. – It doesn’t? – It doesn’t really bother me. – The big strong man who just
won another LAN event, Baskin? – Easy. – Easy? That’s ri– well, you played really well. – Like always. – Like always, oh they’re poor people. We won, I’m happy, yay. – But this is just a first
step, before we let you go, worlds, what are the
plans between now and then and how are you gonna take it home? – We’re just gonna try our hardest, we’re all just going in really confident, we’re going in really
excited, happy, no team’s ever gone back to back
worlds and we’re hoping to just be able to do that
with our happiness and hope. – Thank you for watching
our super regionals and we’ll see you in January. – [Commentator] Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to
the Smite world championship! – Us, 100%. – You could just hear once
Cloud9 came on, just the roar of the crowd, everyone knows
Cloud9, they’re the favorites right now. – Defending champs. – [Man] You must’ve woken up
this morning and said kind of Goody Gumdrops, this sounds
like a fantastic day. – [Commentator] Alright
here we go, first match of the day, Cloud9 and QG Reapers. – [Commentator] And Stealth
picks up first blood for Cloud9 NA on the board. – Cloud9 looking very strong. – Ladies and gentlemen,
Cloud9 will be moving on to the semi-final. – They look like a freight
train, I don’t know how you stop this team. – [Commentator] It’s our
last matchup of the day folks, Epsilon E Sports
versus Fnatic, two fantastic five star teams. – But you can’t stop the horse,
and here will come Chiron, yeah he scored the DSI for his squad. – And there it is, the titan
folds, and indeed Epsilon eliminates Fanatic and moves on. – Epsilon looked like a
championship caliber team that is ready to face
off against the defending champions tomorrow. – I can’t predict that match. – Epsilon was a pretty big
juggernaut going into worlds. – You know Epsilon E sports,
they started in the spring split and it was really
captained and pioneered by Iraffer, this guy took
some of the most mechanically skilled players in Smite,
they weren’t really successful on their
own but he brought them together and made them a top team. – Superman and Batman are
doing something so I gotta find Carpetguy, he finds
four dudes that he’s just confident in their abilities
but he’s more confident in their ability to
just play the damn game. He doesn’t really care
about the outside line, just do you, listen to what
I say, and we’ll win. – They were undefeated in the split before and we’ve never faced them online and we knew that they were
going to be a big powerhouse. – Watching them play you
could tell they didn’t really have any weaknesses. – Going into season two
worlds, I had this feeling like wow, we might not
be the best team here, this is scary for me, I
don’t know how I’m going to react and I think that really threw me off my game. – I don’t think the team
really knew what it was like to not be number one. – Specifically Adapting,
I thought maybe he was a better player than me. – Adapting’s mechanical
skill was through the roof and he was just bar none
the best juggler in Europe. – I’m not sure if it
affected the rest of my team but I know for me, it
definitely affected my play. – Andy was like, the one
that I always thought was my rival, he was the
main juggler that I learned from, cause he wouldn’t stream a lot, but whenever he’d stream I’d tune in, and I’d listen to how he
talked about the game, but he was my main motivation
’cause all I wanted to do was get better than him and
if I did that then I was happy cause then I felt like I’d be the best. – I think you would have to
be insane to not be nervous to play against those guys. – We hadn’t seen two teams
that good play against each other until that
point, and everybody just, the whole time, could not look away. – This is it, it is time,
the unstoppable force versus the immovable object,
Cloud9 versus Epsilon. – Game one started really
bad for us, we just got really far behind. – [Commentator] Now comes Thor, he’s in trouble now as
he’s blocking him with a three man freeze and a
two man glacial strike from Iraffer, this is
gonna be your first block but they’re not going to stand, (inaudible yelling) It’s a quad! – As soon as I was dead, I
was like oh no, this game isn’t good. – [Commentator] He’s gonna
be falling here for sure, but it’s gonna be picked up by Adapting, Adapting barely gnna
make it outta this one, he’s gonna prime but
not gonna get far enough cause Jeffindla is goin’ in for the kill, he’s forcing Ol to walk
out, but it’s seven to two, in four and a half minutes. – You just don’t come
back against Adapting, he gets a lead and doesn’t lose it. – [Commentator] Oh
Adapting with a side step. – We got like a really
good lead with pressure, we got a call at the start
but we had to go through as well, they weren’t falling behind. – [Commentator] He is out. (yelling) That’s a kill. – And then we took a bad
fight, I think I lost us the game. – I remember the four
v five fight exactly. – Every player is gonna be
like, okay let’s give them fire giant, let’s defend
towers, let’s not look for opportunities because
they’re this far ahead, especially against a
team like Epsilon where they just don’t make mistakes. And Andy was like, you know
what, you do make mistakes. – We were on fire, and I
started to bait them in, then I got knocked out by fire. Yamen stood on two lava pools. – They called a target,
I knew about that target. – It was really low, and
then Baskin just killed him, and Baskin was playing
Osiris and we just couldn’t kill him, I think that’s
when we started losing. – I remember winning the
four v five and I just, that’s how you (bleep) team
fight, baby, and I honestly at that moment I thought
we were just so much better than them, to come back and
beat them in a four v five fight the confidence you get, the
whole team got was just, this should just be a
joke from here on out. – [Commentator] This is what
makes a world class team, they say in traditional sports
with defense championship blah blah blah right,
and playing from behind is that same kind of
idea, if you have a team that can play from behind,
you can be the ones that find, Denny is getting exploded
on the map, and Cloud9 is right back into this
one ladies and gentlemen, raise your Hindles, Cloud9
will take a tier one and tier two on the left side. – And now he’s in trouble (yelling) and the ultimate will rip
through him and he’ll get another kill and propel
his team to another victory in game one over Epsilon. – Cloud9 with a huge
comeback, they gotta feel good about that one, the first
game in the best of five. – I just got up super fast, I
launched my chair backwards, pretty much I just won worlds. – [Commentator] It’s
time for game number two of Cloud9 versus Epsilon,
this is a best of five competition. – I think in the next game
we still felt really good though because we just
destroyed them in another game, so just gotta do that again. – [Commentator] Baskin’s
gonna notice that rising dawn, he’s gonna see him, he
could probably jump in just a few seconds. – [Commentator] It’s up,
it’s up, it’s up, it’s up. – [Commentator] Bait, and… – Commentator] Yeah Raffa’s
waiting to, Baskin’s gonna force the ultimate,
he’s gonna full commit, here, oh my god Epsilon, baited
and outplayed, Baskin gets taken down by the combination
of Yamin and Iraffer. – [Commentator] We just saw
the flaming spear go off, they’re gonna go all in
here, Emily but the blade tearing through, Emily don’t
get a double kill there, Andy gets turned down as well, ESI. – [Commentator] Indeed
Epsilon will draw even at one game apiece. – Oh no these guys are actually good they just made a mistake. That’s twice they’ve beaten us at the game, okay they’re good. – [Commentator] He’s just so strong, an amazing (yelling) that could be enough to win the game, Andy not going to go down, (yelling) that’s a triple for Barracudda,
ladies and gentlemen, Cloud9 will move on to final point, two to one over Epsilon, E sports. – [Commentator] A little bit of trouble in the beginning but North
America pulls it out, the crowd erupts, as the blue and white take game three. – One more game and we’re done, and then we can finally beat Adapting, we can beat the player that
was talked up so highly before this LAN, and
we’ve already taken two, all we need is one more,
and we can close out this set. – [Commentator] As they
decide their second pick and the Fenrir, hello. And it gets locked in. – You could watch a player play a god, and you can be like wow they’re
really good at that god, but when you play against
someone as good as Adapting, playing one of his best
gods and he literally kills your entire team… – [Commentator] And the
brutalize is going to be enough to clean him up, the
Adina expansion as well, first blood to the side of Epsilon, he’s gonna have a decent
angle here, as well, brutalize gonna come out,
no, he will go for it as hard bomb does land. – Adapting, he beat me down so bad. – [Commentator] He just goes
ring around the rosie here, he’s back yet again and
he’ll go to Andister, hard bombs there, brutalize as
well, this is gonna be a kill on Andister, as the hard
bomb pops, Adapting should be able to walk this one down. – [Commentator] Adapting’s
gonna get another kill. – I played Neath against
his Fenrir and Fenrir just destroys. – [Commentator] Stealth
is in some trouble, he’s gonna take a bunch of damage here, and he just went back too
early and Denny did all the damage that racked up
after the flock from Denny, and it’s gonna be now,
Jeffhindla who can’t get a word in edgewise. – [Commentator] We’re
still going, it’s just CC after CC, it looks like a constant combo, it’s a dance that they’ve managed to do, Epsilon continues to pressure, there’s no way for Barracudda
to stop this unless he kills them, oh my god. – [Commentator] Epsilon
putting on an absolute clinic, of mechanics here, going to
round five, twenty one to four, in thirty minutes, Epsilon defeats Cloud9. – Can we pull out this
pocket pick, does this work, why isn’t this working,
was the pocket pick bad, can we run it again, will it work again? – You don’t know if it’s
that god, you don’t know if your team mates had a
bad draft or you don’t know if your team overall played
bad, so going into round five after round four was just… – Just like a big oh,
and mess, and then you’re exhausted on top of it. – We just couldn’t figure anything out. – It was just panic. – And then we get into game
five, and we got killed, and I’m like alright I guess we lose. – [Commentator] There’s
gonna be a fight over on the right side for these midcamps, brutalize is out stealth, moving forward, going to Epsilon, but
a return kill for Andy, (yelling) and it’s a double for the hunter. – America’s sweetheart team starts to lose and they kept losing. – I wasn’t happy to make the crowd sad, I wasn’t like, well kind of, like a bit, you’re not going to cheer
for us, then you know. – It was less a loss
of excitement and more a gaining of realization,
Cloud9 wasn’t gonna do it, you weren’t used to that. – [Commentator] Baskin gonna
die in a tier one tower here, but here come the rest of
the team, Raff reports in, (yelling) and that’s so ultimate
doing tons of damage, Baskin gonna try and disrupt the back line but it’s adapting, no one
is checking the back line, he’s gonna kill everybody,
Barracudda’s going to go down, Baskin’s gonna get picked up. – [Commentator] Somebody stop him. – [Commentator] Just two members left, although it’s the Andister, (yelling) – [Commentator] They’re
throwing it in, it’s over son, Cloud9… – Losing it’s like,
ah, we weren’t able to, and the fans they’re all
cheering and clapping and it’s not for you,
and you just sit there and you pack up your
gear and it’s really sad. – I don’t think you ever
really get over losing worlds. – I’m pretty sure that
was one of my worst sets, and just really had this
feeling like Lannister is true, I really did just play
terribly, and at the same time I thought my teammates,
when I watch it back now, my team mates played so well. – Just the big ouchie feeling
probably set my stomach for probably only a few
minutes, I tried to shake it off ’cause I knew that we
would have another chance, I knew that everything was
gonna be okay in the end. There’s definitely a feeling towards them that I don’t have with other
real life friends I’ve met or other online players
I’ve met, there’s definitely a bond there that’s
greater than friendship. Maybe love, not love as in
I love my family, a step below that for sure. – After we got back from worlds,
the core part of our team completely fell apart. – When you’re in the car
and you see the accident happening but you’re not
actually gonna hit ’em, right, doesn’t actually happen. – All those little problems
that start to arise between season one and
season two, they were kind of brought into the limelight. – Barracudda, it was Jeff it
was Andy, that was the squad, it was the ’90’s Yankees, the
’96 Bulls, the ’01 Lakers, that was the team, they don’t
break up, they just don’t. And then they did. – That Monday I got back from
worlds, I got a phone call from Andy telling me what
wanted to do with the team. – Andy wanted a new environment. – I am no longer on Cloud9. – I genuinely thought at
the time that Boosh would be a better fit with me, it’s
like you sort of want to have this balance where you don’t
want to hurt anybody’s feelings but you also want to do
what’s best for yourself. – Andy was kinda the one
that ultimately chose this, he wanted to play with his friends. – I think using the I want
to play with a friend line was probably stupid. – It sucks, it sucks
being in a position where nobody wants you and
there’s nothing I could do about it at the time. – After all the team
changes, Stealth wasn’t with us anymore, Andy wasn’t
with us anymore, it was just me and Jeff. – It’s definitely always
hard to play with someone else after you’ve been
playing with them for so long. – I found Mask and Mask
is kind of the same style player as Andy, teaming
with Mask and Xeno, they wanted to win more than anything. – Yeah it was great,
there was a lot of drive and it was very impressive to see. – I don’t think I’ll ever
have a season as stressful as season three. – Did Barry talk about this? – In March my brother passed away, and I, there is no pain
like losing a loved one. My brother was the reason
I am who I am today. I think I wanted to kind
of go into pro gaming because when you grow up
with siblings, you want to be better than them
at everything and I had a great relationship with him. – You do your best to help
but ultimately it’s going to be a hard thing, it’s
supposed to be a hard thing and it was a hard thing. – It took everything
that I had to go back. – You lose a brother right,
that’s supposed to be really hard and it was really hard. – And there were days
that I would literally open up Smite and close it
again and go lay on the couch for 16 hours because I just
couldn’t do it that day. – I definitely think playing
and caring about the game and wanting to improve helped him with it ’cause when you are so
hyperfocused to what you’re doing it’s easy to forget about other things. – Everything came tumbling
down later ’cause I wasn’t allowed to face my emotions
at first ’cause I had a job I had to do. – [Commentator] He wanted
to play with friends, but in doing so, what else did he do? Andister especially will
make world championships for the third year in a row. – We lost to Soar, three one. – A lot of people haven’t
been to LANS before, it’s nerve wracking, it’s a
very different environment ’cause you’re not in your
room, you’re not chillin’ in your boxers, you’re
not hanging out, your mouse isn’t exactly where
you want, your keyboard’s not right here, it’s a
lot to change and I think we struggled in that department a lot. – Losing to Soar was
completely devastating for me. I felt like we would still
make it but the journey was so much harder ’cause we
had to go through the gauntlet. – [Commentator] It’s time for
these six teams to figure out which two of them will make it to worlds. – In my mind I was thinking I
have to make worlds this year. We beat all the European
teams in the Gauntlet, Allegiance already had their secured spot, so we went into it thinking
they’re going to treat it like a scrim. – [Commentator] DSI titans
fold Allegiance, five oh. LG is not in as clean of
a position as you think. – Well we’ve got Flash points
versus Luminosity coming up. – [Commentator] Then
let’s go into this game then ’cause it’s do or
die time for both of them, LG do not wanna have to
leave fate into other people’s hands ’cause
Flashpoint looked good. – Going into that game,
there was an insane amount of pressure, on me as well as my team. – [Commentator] And now it’s
Garrety coming back as well, Jeff will fall down, buy
a little bit of time, going in for the kill he’s on a position, three in a row and Massive is down too. – Everything just wasn’t going our way. – Flash point piling
in onto the Titan now. – [Commentator] The Titan
is going to fall down here they’re to try to save
it as best as they can, body block Luminosity
if they want to stay in. – [Commentator] 500, 0, and
Flash point beat Luminosity. – Going to worlds wasn’t
in our hands anymore. – Luminosity, they have to
sit and watch the final game of Flash point versus
Orbit, and hope Orbit beat Flash point. – So if Orbit beat Flash
point, we went to the worlds. If Orbit lost to Flash point, we didn’t. – I did not think they
were going to make it. – They were telling us they were going to win the game for us. – I remember passing
them and they were all, like, we’re gonna do this
for you, don’t worry, I took a shot before going up here, my friend Molly was like
I’m about to pop off, and I was like, well
that’s good for you man, but in my mind it was already decided. – I talked to Barry right
before that like hey I’m going to watch
these games you want to, and he’s like no I think
I’m gonna chill in my car for a bit, I’m like
alright I’m gonna find out what’s happening right now. – I know Barry said he had
to go to his car and take it all in. – Once we lost I felt
like I let everyone down, I felt like all that
was on me, and someone, I can’t remember who
it was but someone told us to watch the game
and we turned it on, and so we were outside in the car, Orbit was just manhandling them. – [Commentator] So low right
now, where the hell was this Orbit earlier in the tournament? – [Commentator] The bodies
were here but the minds hadn’t arrived yet from Europe,
that’s what I’m discovering. – Not just did but go full troll, just wanted to give a
good show, do our best and in our heart we wanted to give it all. – Papalab will not be
going to the championships this year as a player,
but what he could be doing right now is sending
Barracudda, Jeffhindla, Scary D, Xenotronix
and Mask there instead. – Like, this is actually gonna happen? – [Commentator] Fire minions
raining in, and it’s Veddy, he did the most damage
for the team, rolling in aggressively, he’s gonna get picked up, and it’s gonna be Luminosity
heading to the Smite World Championships. – Right when they won it,
I’ve never been happier in my entire life, that
game didn’t even matter for Orbit. They weren’t playing for the world spot. Because there was no way
they could make it to worlds. I don’t think I ever really
told them how much that meant to me. – I didn’t feel that we didn’t
deserve to be at worlds, or that we got through
that way, it normally feels a lot better. – I felt like a complete
underdog, I felt like pretty much every other team there was better. – Our expectations for that
worlds were not particularly high. – Making worlds was
everything for me and I was just thinking I’m gonna play my very best and whatever happens, happens. – Congratulations man, see you in January. – Welcome to the Smite
world championship, 2017, it is a pleasure to be here. – We ended up facing Soar who
had just stomped us in the previous LAN and he was
just hard focusing Xeno, and I was able to play
around that because I was actually really really happy
with how I played that set. – [Commentator] Two man,
oh my where goodbye Snoopy, goodbye Andy we salute
you, goodbye Baskin, we knew you well, three
members of Soar are dead, and now it’s Luminosity once again. – It was so amazing to
beat Andy at worlds. Being able to beat them
at worlds was the biggest reconfirmation for myself
and my own abilities. When you have team mates
that leave, you always get hit, you always feel
like you’re not good enough anymore. – Yeah. One way to look at it. – [Commentator] Allegiance
put up a great fight in game two, just not quite
enough to stop the onslaught. – [Commentator] Luminosity
is going to day three, folks, and they’re going to face
off against the European powerhouse NRG. – We played NRG again in the semis. – This is our second semi
final matchup, it doesn’t get any better than this, NRG from Europe, LG from North America. – This is the truest underdog
story you could probably get in Smite at the world championships, I mean Luminosity should
not have even made it here, they only won two games I
believe in their wild card and it was Yepe here, mister
Tricks Tank and his Orbit boys that were actually
able to win the final game against Flash Point and
allow LG to make it here. – Everyone was hyping up
NRG, they said we have no chance of winning, at all,
even our fans were like I really want them to
win but I don’t think so. – We definitely were not
expecting, realistically no, we weren’t expecting to beat NRG. – But I was excited,
obviously ’cause I was like, I get to play against, I
get to see if I can put up a good fight with them. – It was like two heavy weight
boxers punching each other in the face as hard as they
can, seeing who goes down first. – [Commentator] Well double
invade coming up from both teams, Xenotronix and
Barracudda gonna be pushed up the left hand side, trouble for Xeno, he’s actually getting body
blocked from Iraffer, one hit, first blood for NRG. – It’s hard to watch people
die before the game starts, Yamin just had the nuts
reader and he got it, that’s hard to figure out. – [Commentator] Mass
charging is all here going straight for the back lines. – [Commentator] Mistake
there from Luminosity. – Me and Emilito were
just fighting, every wave I was dashing on him. – [Commentator] Barracudda
there going on one to one, forcing out Emilito
there, a little bit torn at the tower now. – [Commentator] Emilito
man, welcome back to world, Barra’s here to play
against you and Barracudda’s been the cornerstone of
LG’s roster all season. – Barra’s just, as I said
he’s really really good. – I think that’s the most
fun I ever had in a set. – [Commentator] He should be
okay in this, ah Jeffhindla, knocked up and pull through. – [Commentator] Jeff in a
lot of trouble between Raffa and Adapting, not gonna be
able to save Jeffhindla, yes it is Scary D coming through, special delivery from Mark, special delivery and getting
Scary D with a double! – [Commentator] Mark
was way before perfect, he got the double
ultimate, saved Jeffhindla, goodbye Barracudda. I’m not sure what’s happening
right now, Luminosity gets all the jungle. – So Mass played lights
out, I just remember him getting out and I’m like,
feels good, glad you’re Mark. – LG coming to this as the
fourth seat in North America, they required another team
to get them to the Smite World championship and in
the semi finals against the reigning world champions,
Barracudda, Jeff Hindla, Mass, Xeno, Scary D take game one. – What the hell did we just see? – We just saw Luminosity
manhandle NRG Esports. – They played so incredibly
well and NRG actually had a bit of a lead at the
start, when’s the last time we say NRG throw the tiniest of leads? – [Commentator] Game two
underway, get all excited in the crowd, it’s electric! – When they got FG in game
two, I thought are we actually gonna lose, this is not looking good. – [Commentator] Jeffhindla
has more damage at Adapting at 27 minutes into the game. – They went to gold, we just
called we need to all in them now, if we don’t
get them now, we’re gonna lose this game. – This game though, it’s
definitely not over for NRG, they’ve been doing a
great job of honestly, they’ve been even most
of the time, Raffa though trying to stop this gold. – [Commentator] Jimmy gets the kill, Emmolito picks up the kill on Xeno, Jeffhindla nowhere to
run, stun down Yamin, picks up now a good
couple of returns for NRG. – [Jeff] That was us
trying to sneak something and them punishing us for it. – I just knew we were going
to win the game after that. – [Commentator] Such a good game from NRG, the pace from about the
midpoint of the game was dictated by Luminosity
but NRG, all it needed was one fight at that gold
period to turn it around. – Every game in that set
except for game three was a blood bath. – [Commentator] Only Xeno
left alive and NRG’s gonna go up two to one. – [Commentator] And finally
we see the Adapting we wanted to see, the big carry. – Adapting just beat me down with Fenrir again and I’m like, the same god again, I’m gonna have to deal
with this at some point. – [Commentator] Barracuda
has been so critical for not only Luminosity
this tournament but Luminosity this season,
the team has really developed to play around
him, I mean when he was back on Cloud9 last year,
Barracudda was just a piece of the puzzle, now he’s the
center piece of this team and if he’s dealt with and
no one else can go off, LG just collapsed. – [Commentator] Currently NRG
up two to one, one game away. – We knew exactly what went
wrong game three right, it’s not like oh no how did
we, like that was the issue, fix this issue right now. [Commentator] And I’m so
excited we get to see this again, yes, the mercury,
how much of an impact this has, this was huge
for them in game one. – [Commentator] Key to
their success in game one actually, Mass was just
on fire with this Mercury. – Mercury was our ticket
in that set, similar to how if you don’t play
against Fen for a long time and you misstep
against him, you lose, very similar to Mercury. – [Commentator] Jeffhindla spotted out, sonic boom Mass fires three, (yelling) Barracudda cleans him up. – Hearing the crowd step
by step every time you get a kill, every time you get a gold, something goes right, anything goes right, it’s such a good feeling. – [Commentator] Oh my
goodness, Jeff gets the kill. – [Commentator] And Mass on this mercury, he’s phenomenal, he’s so
good, getting that free run basically won him
the five, he did so much damage with it and set
everything up on his team. – [Commentator] Adapting’s
gonna find Zero, Adapting’s looking for
Scary as well surrounded by Ford. – [Commentator] Scary D has
no way to get around him, here comes Raffa blinking through, can he get away? – [Commentator] No he’s got
the MS, oh dashing away, he’s got Jeff chasing
him, Adapting as well, gonna close the gap there, just trying to run away, has to turn around still, so much movement, the
ultimate coming out two hits, no way, he’s gonna turn, gonna help keep Adapting alive, oh there’s the hammer,
and he does find the pull. – [Commentator] Luminosity
they get the fire giant, the second one on the left,
they’re gonna catch him out, he’s not gonna heal in time, Scary D. – [Commentator] Oh a
little bit low, Adapting, Scary D does commit to
the phoenix but he might get caught out, great wall
for Adapting but it does leave a small sliver
for Scary D to get out, Raffer overcommits. (yelling) There’s nothing NRG’s gonna
be able to do to stop this, Adapting and Emilito
are the last ones alive, Luminosity pushed forward
and pushed a game five against the defending world champs. – I, it’s gonna sound
weird but I wasn’t even thinking about winning against them. – [Commentator] The
Tsunami pick coming out for Xenotronix, this is a
risky pick for all the… – I know everyone blames the Tsunami pick, the Tsunami was terrible,
blah blah blah this and that, it wasn’t great, that was a
problem but I’m pretty positive that whole game goes
different if Demi doesn’t get a triple phoenix on us in the beginning. – [Commentator] This is
gonna be a coin flip, and there it is, and it’s
gonna be a two man fearless, and the turnaround right now… – If we stagger or if
we play that different or he just doesn’t get
that, then I think we won the game on the spot, or one
pick that didn’t do super great but wouldn’t have
mattered what that was, had that gone as planned. – [Commentator] Emmolito
gets the kill, rewinding now, get the ultimate use there. – [Commentator] NRG still trying to fight, Emmolito kills it, double
kill coming out for him. – There was just this
overwhelming sense of calmness, I would say in myself I
wasn’t upset at my team mates, I wasn’t upset at myself,
I wasn’t upset at anyone, it wasn’t like season two
where I felt like things could’ve gone differently,
I felt like we played to the best of our abilities that day. Emmolito came over after they won and said you destroyed me, and
right when he said that, that was all I needed. It was just that I gave it my all. And I felt like in that
moment I was happy. – I still really like Barr, Jeff and Andy, I feel comfortable around
them, I feel like I can eat food and talk about nothing, we have a lot of memories,
they’re still great guys, I definitely like them a whole lot still. Every decision I make
has to be thought out very carefully because I’m
not only making the decision for myself but also for my
wife and for my daughter. Especially just my daughter,
I want to try to have a life where I’m not
worried about supporting her and I don’t want her to be
worried about supporting her either, she doesn’t
need to be a five year old person worrying about
oh I need to eat food, it’s a burden that I need to
do the right thing so I can support this person and
so she can grow into a full size person and
we can be best friends. My family’s gonna be with
me every step of the way, no matter what I do, and no matter what happens in my future, as long as they’re with me I’m
confident that everything’s gonna be okay. – The friends I have I’ve
been friends with since seventh, eighth grade,
they’re the people I want to know forever, I get
to live off of doing something that I love,
playing against other people and be like, this is the best I’ve got, what’s the best you’ve got. Yeah so I mean we’re
definitely expecting well going into season four,
but yeah I’m excited for it man, can’t wait to play. – I don’t feel like I
would ever let myself get to that point where
I treat Smite as a job. I feel like I’ll never
get tired of it because it’s just who I am. There’s just something about being able to be happy again, before
it was like nice to make people happy, now I feel
like that is pretty much my everything in life, is
to just make other people happy and ’cause I know
what it’s like to have your happiness taken away, so I feel like, if I can make someone
else happy then that’s all that matters. – [Commentator] We all
just still show up, turn up and expect Smite to be
here until season 27, and Jeff and Barr will
still be playing then, they’re a pillar of Smite Esports. – That’s it, it’s gonna
be Luminosity, advancing to HRX, Barracudda and
co, congratulations. – Space station gaming,
their HRX dreams coming to a close, they are done with
playing Smite this season. – I’m Stealth, and welcome
to the PC patch overview for 420, tides of China. – NRG go undefeated at
group play, and push their tickets at HRX. – We could easily be seeing
matchup like LG going up against NRG in the quarter finals.

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