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  1. Sam Chilton

    Well, that was unusual..

  2. Rosa Guardiola

    why doesn’t josh, the man who actually crossfit’s, explain the olympic lifting and accessory movements

  3. TheFlyingMage

    Speaking of deadlifting… I can't remember last time I saw Jen. Where is she?

  4. Brett

    Alfonso will always be one of my favorite faces to see on screen. He just seems like such a nice guy.

  5. GuiltyMalice

    Alfonso you’re awesome man.

  6. Pamela Morris

    I want Link's vest! 😀

  7. Accursed Eli

    Is that carlton

  8. Ean Elmer

    Wow. Rhett looks like he’s at a truck stop and Link looks like a tourist that just came from a desert 🌵 state. Alfonso is just having an intervention. Save these guys! 😝 Great episode!

  9. Nico Palermo

    That’s a overhead squat

  10. TheR3aper5

    How was the last picture not Alfonso dancing on the Fresh Prince!? You guys missed a perfect opportunity!

  11. Yoj Nyletak

    Hashtag Three men that don’t know lifting terms

  12. Elizabeth Taft

    Listening to them not knowing what a snatch vs clean vs deadlift is is making me very angry lol

  13. Julie Martin

    That one dancer looks like Adam Driver

  14. Always Random

    No sorry it’s all fake call me a hater but these vids are not real sorry to break it to you

  15. King of Wands XCIII

    Alfonso reminds me so much of Uncle Phil 😭.. That laugh is so wholesome ❤️

  16. Gydeme

    Thar wasn't even a deadlift picture it was a hang clean

  17. c0pyimitati0n

    7:24 is that Adam Driver ???

  18. Rebekah Miller

    Alfonso and David Hill are very much alike in television personality. This was one of the best GMM's and GMMores! Loved it. 😊

  19. James Boley

    Alfonso needs to be a regular!

  20. cat berhow

    alfonso should come back every week

  21. Joseph Henderson

    How cool would it be if Alfonso taught Rhett & Link his signature dance from “Fresh Prince”

  22. Jessie

    These guys are fun together! Id watch a lot more of them! Make it happen mythical crew!

  23. Danasiah Nay


  24. Megs n Bacon

    So nobody from GMM knows what deadlifting actually is lol

  25. Iain Ronald

    Can we get another episode of this where Josh and Jen are consulting on it so that when they say deadlifting they’re actually deadlifting. Not, doing kettlebell raises, not doing a snatch, and not dancing with a 5lb dumbbell in their hands?

  26. Advaita Manikkath Ambat

    He was exhausting to watch

  27. Jonathan Morillos

    Please do, "Are they in Austin?"

  28. Chris Pursell

    That’s a snatch

  29. Abhijnaan Muppana

    Alphonso is one of most fun guests on the show in quite a while tho

  30. WhitDog WhatsUp

    I knew a Tom Jones fan would commit to a MORE! haha. So glad he did! Have a Mythical weekend Everybody! Much Love Beasts 😉✌💚

  31. Chloe Gold

    That first one is not a deadlift.

  32. David O'Reilly

    7:42 Well played my good man, well played 😂 and very true

  33. Vrede Human

    That dude with the glasses dancin. Is it just me or Nicholas Cage


    I'm only surprised that there weren't more 'jazzercise' pics.

  35. Jade Mills


  36. WhitDog WhatsUp

    WAIT …. Now the exclusive stuff, isn't exclusive anymore😒🤔. Society Stand Up! Haha.

  37. Woesty420

    These guys don't know what a Sumo Deadlift is.

  38. Sierra Stewart

    If you play “are they from Austin ?” Then you also need to play “ are they transplants from California?” 😒😂

  39. Amanda Earle

    Game should have been called is this deadlifting? And all would be none.

  40. ArmoredCricket

    One of the pictures should have been of paul bearers.

  41. wmburke81

    One of my top three favorite hosts

  42. Grizz Stouffer

    LOVED Alfonso today!! Please have him back for more games! He fits in perfectly at gmm. 🥰🥰🥰

  43. Roni

    Title should be "Is this person LIFTING or dancing?"

  44. Mollie Jensen

    So precious… first one is a snatch

  45. Amber Diane

    That one specific tooth thing omg I was dying 😂

  46. ZeidGho

    Doesn't matter even if he becomes a president, he'll always be Carlton Banks

  47. Sally Otley

    Have Alfonso on the show again he was super hilarious.

  48. Amber Diane

    Link is so good in this episode 😊

  49. gjaddajg

    How can you play this game and not have a picture of Eddie Hall, blood running down his face, deadlifting half a ton as the first human being in all of history.

  50. abbigail llanas

    I like how the wheel is like okay I am done here⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️

  51. David Judkins

    Deadline… Then shows a snatch as first pic.

  52. Thorsten Tonkes

    04:20 minutes in and I haven't seen a deadlift yet…

  53. B0SS FIGHT

    Is the dancing paddle really Joseph Joestar?

  54. Sammy W

    I loved Alfonso on the show!

  55. 000 000

    You could have just Googled deadlifting. Absurd amount of photos of actual deadlifting.

  56. Nick R

    Sumo deadlifting on the paddle – doesn't count!

  57. GrandmaLoves2Scuba

    No dance for the Mythical Beasts? Alfonso breaks my heart…

  58. Dankapotamus918

    Sumo deadlift fellas

  59. Mor3Th4nJust4verage

    this gmm left me baffled more than anything

  60. Kyle Jensen

    … it's called a snatch. Amateurs 😂

  61. Rebecca Levy


  62. Tato08gamers Ags

    I feel like Link is genuinely offended by the comment from Rhett at 10:04

  63. Jose Pablo Fernandez

    The first is a Squat Snatch

  64. Julie Matthews

    Love to see Alfonso back

  65. NoC41

    The last one I swear to god I was like “oh that’s aheago”

  66. Petros

    what a fun episode. this guy was one of the best guests on the show

  67. Benjamin Matsuo

    Do y’all ever play ping pong or do you just have way too many ping pong paddles

  68. Yo Boi Skinny P

    …. first picture.. not even a deadlift… FAIL

  69. Miguel Espinoza

    Last one was just dancing with weights

  70. Munjee Syed

    Alfonso is explaining link's strategy to link for once

  71. Klara Stern

    Rhett and Link look like weird hicks next to Alfonso :,D

  72. Joharassit

    Man i wanted Alfonso to do the Carlton dance so bad lol.

  73. cipriano ivashkov

    Definitely one of the best guests!

  74. MaryBear

    "its a queen sweep" I love that they kept Link's fail alive lol

  75. poweronia

    Deadlifting = exercising at GMM

  76. Tyler Reathford

    Called a sumo deadlift guys

  77. Cathelina Salas

    lol that is a crossfit lift call a snatch.

  78. Joshua Sutherland

    Little do they know the silhouette deadlifter is doing sumo stance

  79. Woah Man

    The man at 8:11 reminded me of dr phill

  80. JustDancinThruLife

    Alfonso just makes me smile. Not even just from nostalgia, he's just an infectiously positive person.

  81. Allyssa Moore/Fresse

    Yall he's got the personality of my tìo

  82. Alec

    Wow! This Alfonso guy is funny! He should be a comedian on a tv show!

  83. magicoA

    That's a snatch,that's not a deadlift.

  84. Tyrandus

    Most of these aren't deadlifts, lol.

  85. Aethryx

    It's not unusual to be on GMM

  86. BritishColombian

    Genuine thoughts: Rhett should fade the cheeks and tie up the beard. Could look sharp.

  87. Trenton Farris

    That’s called a sumo deadlift boys, come on 🙄

  88. Little_Lion_Heart

    I want them to all be friends! They seem like they are having so much fun together

  89. Cing Caden

    Not bad form just called sumo deadlift

  90. pikanoob

    first lady is doing a snatch

  91. Cory Kingbreaker

    Oh hey its Carlton

  92. CraftyChica

    This was hilarious. I was wrong every time like Alfonso was. 😂

  93. Lina Sketch

    I love how Link reacted the same way I did at 9:51 with that "He's really doin THE DANCE!" face

  94. soccerchamp0511

    Alfonso is so jolly! He would make a great Santa Clause XD

  95. ruben d

    Loser lames

  96. scorpleeon

    That’s a snatch guys def not a deadlift

  97. Justin Harrison

    I need Alfonso to be on every episode now. These two episodes were just so great.

  98. Midnight Fella

    That’s sumo he said it looks like bad form it’s sumo deadlift.

  99. Dona Lyn

    Rhett got big brain 🤣👊

  100. Shawna Basallo

    I love the fact that Alfonso vibed with link so much

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