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ID@Xbox Game Pass – 3.26.19

[XBOX SOUND] [[email protected] Game Pass intro music] [music] [Hey I’m Chris Charla from [email protected]] [and I’m Sarah Conde also
with the [email protected] Team] [and what you just saw
was Killer Queen Black] [an intense action strategy platformer] [So I’ve played a ton of this
game in arcades in Seattle] [So I’ve got to assume it’s got
8 player multi-player on Xbox?] [that’s correct] [and we’re thrilled to announce that
not only is it coming to Xbox] [But that it will be a Day One
Launch into Xbox GamePass] [Awe that’s awesome] [and it makes it the perfect game to
launch on our new show [email protected] Pass] [It’s just turned out to be a great way for players
to find new and really interesting games] [An also it’s been an incredible vehicle for
independent developers to reach new audiences] [Well with that shall we jump
into our next announcement?] [Let’s Go!] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Outerwilds from Mobius and
Annapurna Interactive] [It’s an exploration game about curiousity, roasting
marshmallows and unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos] [It’s coming in 2019 and we are thrilled to announce
that it will be a GamePass Day One Launch] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [music] [Outerwilds, we often call it an Openworld Mystery.
It’s very much an adventure game, there’s no crafting] [Because you die every 22 minutes and go back in time 20 so the only thing you take with
you from loop to loop is your knowledge of what you’ve found and what you’ve discovered] [It’s very much a game of Space Archaeology and putting together clues about
what’s going on in this world, what’s happening in the story together] [Kind of for yourself as you explore. We tried very hard to make players curious
and then give them the tools to explore and save their own curiousity] [Mobius Digital was started
5 years ago by Masi Oka] [We wanted to create an independent game studio that
would do innovative games that anybody could play] [We started with a few mobile games on iOS and Android and then when
Outer Wilds won the grand prize at IGF we started developing that] [Have you ever been camping outside at night looking
at the stars, sittin’ around a campfire, maybe] [And were like “wow I really wish I could go hop into my ship I have parked
over in the trees” and blast off and go explore what I see up in the sky] [That’s sort of the feeling that we
wanted to capture with this game] [Wesley Martin – Art
Director on Outer Wilds] [The look of Outer Wilds was inspired by several things. One
of the main things was National Park ads from the 60’s] [We pulled a lot from NASA from that period as well. So using the National Park posters with
their graphic shapes and simple colors fit really well with the level design of the game] [The coolest part about the game visually is that
the planets in the game are physically simulated] [So, as your flying around the solar system you just naturally get things
like eclipses and planets coming into view and a comet flying by] [And it creates these really cinematic moments that
just sort of happen due to the systems in the game] [One of the things we wanted to do with the game is create a
world that feels like it’s changing even when your not there] [Sort of the… Nature doesn’t care! Right? It’s all these systems happening: Tornado’s
Giant’s Deep, Brutal Hollow physically imploding on itself and falling into a Black Hole] [Those things will happen no matter where
your exploring in the Solar System] [and that was very important to give that sense that you don’t have an effect on anything in this
world. You’re exploring it, but really you have to bend to it’s whims, not the other way around] [We tried really hard to make sure
the art supports the game designs] [And so that it makes it easier
to find points of interest] [So, it’s always great to hear when players sort of immerse themselves
in the world and find all the cool things that we’ve hidden] What we have here is the Signal Scope, one of the
many tools you get to use when playing Outer Wilds] [The Signal Scope is a telescope, I can’t use it because I
only have 2 eyes and it was designed for a 4 Eyes Species] [And it also has the ability to pick
up distant sounds from Outer Space] [[email protected] Game Pass music] [Mobius is very excited for everyone to finally
realize what a strange game we’ve made] [We haven’t show a lot of the weird stuff in trailers,
intentially. We’re trying not to give too much away] [But uh, wow there’s a lot of bonkers
stuff in the solar system of Outer Wilds] [[email protected] Game Pass music] [Thanks for watching, we hope you check out Outer
Wilds, available on Xbox One and Game Pass] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Hi, I’m Nick Zuclich. A content
planner on the [email protected] Team] [Basically that means I’m on a constant quest
for great developers to bring to Xbox] [I’m super excited to talk about
what we’re doing at PAX East] [But before that, let’s look at some
awesome games coming to Game Pass] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [music] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Drinking the Devil under the table, goats screaming in shopping
carts, cats, photography, dungeon crawling. What a time to be alive] [And guess how many of these games
will be playable at PAX East?] [All of them] [They will all be Game Pass Day One
launchs and all playable at PAX East] [Make sure to come to the Xbox
Booth and check them out] [You can enter to win one of 4 custom designed consoles we made for these
great games. Be sure to retweet to Xbox Game Pass sweepstakes post] [Lastly, we will be giving out custom pins for
all the games we will be showing at PAX East] [And yes, they are hard enamel
for all you pin enthusiasts] [Oh, and speaking of Afterparty… We were able to sit
down with Night School Studios to chat about the game] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [music] [In Afterparty you play as 2 characters, Milo and Lola.
These are 2 best friends who just graduated college] [Through a very unfortunate accident
they find themselves in Hell, dead] [Trapped for what they think is an eternity and it turns out though that
fairly early in the evening they find out that there is a loop-hole] [That if you can outdrink Satan,
which nobody’s ever done before] [You’re allowed re-entry to Earth. One of the first people I pitched
it to after Adam and I really felt good about it was Janina Gavankar] [And Janina, as I was talking to her “maybe you’ll want to do a bit part in the game or something
sort of on the side” And she’s like “I need to play Lola, you’ve gotta give me Lola.”] [As soon as she read just a little bit more of how dry and
what a s♪♪t talker Lola was. Janina jumped all over it] [Milo is played by a hilarious actor named Khoi Dao, who we also know through
the studio. He is another USC alumni like about half of our studio] [The chemistry between Khoi and Janina has been great because
they are both quite similar to the characters they play] [At Night School, it’s always important for us when we are starting a game. To try and take
something narratively that is relatable for players and then tweaking that as much as possible] [The big theme of the game is “what is
a friend and what is a friend to you”] [Is it someone who is always going to agree with you? Is it someone who is
going to be there for you? Is it someone who is going to challenge you?] [And kind of where you get your friends and
how you keep em and what friends drift away] [And the game kind of.. as it evolved
became kind of an exploration of…] [Both how to be a good friend
and how to define that] [Also, what friendship really
means to the human soul] [In our game, the drinking is really about roleplaying and
allowing you to tailor your dialogue choices based on the moment] So, if you want to be flirty as you enter a certain bar? Go get that flirty drink, if you want to be more aggressive, do that.
If you want to get more specific and speak with a Pirate accent and only actually talk like a Pirate, go ahead and do that] [So every bar in Afterparty is really set up in a way to give the player
all of these tools and each bar has different drinks inside of it to] [So ideally, not only are you thinking about what I want to say and
how I interact appropriately inside of each of these scenarios] [But also, how do I want to behave and how do I
want to be perceived by these other characters?] [So drinking was probably the biggest design
push that we made into the dialogue system] [On top of that though, Afterparty has a variety of
activities that co-exist with the dialogue system] [The whole team at Night School has been heads down
working on Afterparty for a little over 2 years now] [It’s just exciting to finally
get the game in people’s hands] [I think the thing that is probably going to surprise people the most is that there is a ton of
heart in the game and there’s actually quite a bit of exploration of the challenges of friendship] [By the end of the game we really do challenge all
of these friendships and factions down in Hell] [There’s quite a bit more depth to the
game then people might be expecting] [I’m just saying, you should pace yourself] [Thanks for watching, Afterparty
comes out later this year] [Lola, can you get alcohol
poisoning in Hell?] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Such a good game. Everyone
should definitely check it out] [But that means we’re done right…
That’s it?] [Uhh… not quite] [Ahh… ok. So that means there’s
one more left, Blazing Chrome] [Sweet] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [From JoyMasher and The Arcade Crew, Blazing Chrome
throws you into some serious metal madness] [The world is dominated by machines, that threaten
the few humans remaining with total extermination] [You get to kick some metal butts and free humankind in this
classic run’n’gun, made by and for fans of serious arcade action] [[email protected] Game Pass music] [And with that we just want to thank you all for joining us
for our first round at [email protected] Pass. Have fun out there] [Thanks Everybody.. See ya…] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Xbox Sound]

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