“I lost $256,000 in a day” EPISODE 2 | Jonas Gjelstad – Professional Sports Bettor

So, starting the year 2016, I’ve now
made a million dollars betting on sports in the Asian markets I’ve had like the best
month in October I topped it in November I topped it in December and I felt like well you know there’s nothing
that can knock me down this, I know I’ve solved
this now, everything is great the amount of bets I’m having like over 3,000 bets a month and
everything is just like amazing I turned 10k into a bit over a million dollars My name is Jonas Gjestad and I’m a
sports bettor, previous poker player basically trying to figure out what I
want in life So, in January I bet for 4.4 million
dollars and I made 357 K dollars but I want to show you something that
happened on the last day of January that’s sort of like set me a bit back This is my month, like just
the full month of January So, bet for 4.5 million dollars profited 326,000 with 7.75 percent which I’m really happy about But the night before the last day I was up 581,000 dollars and I
almost run a 16 percent ROI and then, the last day I lose two 256,000 dollars
in one day so coming off that
last day of January I started February,
which is also a pretty big month I bet for over 4 million dollars
and I lose 347,000 dollars which is almost 10
percent on average per bet but as you can see also
the numbers of bet I had in it’s only 1,200 compared
to all the months where I’ve been rolling
at like 3.5 K over 2k, 2.5 K so again, it’s going to be
higher variance and higher bets this is something where
I think I did a mistake I think I should have maybe
being a bit more cautious and you can see that the next month I decided like, well you know what, like I
actually need to step down so I realized that next month so I placed 776 bets and
I bet 1.5 million dollars and I had another loosing month I lost 110k which is
almost 8% per bet obviously during this period I know like I was
extremely unfortunate but at the same time, also you
see like I’ve showed you earlier I had months where I was
running above about like 10% and it’s sort of it evens
out in the long run which is the most important
thing to think about and this is what separates
like the good from the bad people everyone is good and everyone is happy and everyone thinks they’re flawless
when things are going good but when you go bad, that’s when you can
actually learn from your mistakes and that’s when you
need to put in the hard work going on from there,
you can see I lost 110K then I started off April winning some
and I upped my bets from 1.5 million to 3.3 million and I made over
2k bets and I made 90 K with like a 3% ROI which again then it’s like sort
of feeling like now I’m back at it this is good, and then in May,
last games of the season betting four million making 327 K with
almost 99% felt just great going into the summer like that and then euros were going to start
and I was feeling good about it because I can’t just sit there
and think like oh I lost 256,000 dollars in a day, what if
that’s going to continue happening? because I know like you can go
the other way around so obviously made me
a bit more aware that I need to think about the amount
I’m betting per game and if I want to
have these swings because now I’m starting
to get to a point where I’m quite comfortable
with my living and you know it’s much more
important to have 1 million than to have 1.5 million or 500 K so you rather want to lower the
swings and have like let’s say 75 percent chance of
reaching 1.250 million dollars and a 25% chance of going down to
$50,000 because it’s actually significant
money but you can invest and sort of get a long-term
passive income on and if you invest in real estate or you
know like they’re safer investment than sports betting Sports betting I think is
by far my highest return of investment and I can flip my money over so many
times and still have like over 3 percent return on my money for every
90-minute investment which is like beyond crazy like
when I tell it to people that are involved in other
type of like let’s say stocks or anything like
that they don’t believe it it’s like it’s too good to be true but it’s all about them
being on the right side and knowing what you’re doing
cause if you don’t then you’re losing

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    Hi jonas thats very inspirational but at the moment ive had a losing 2 weeks and this is why i ask you about variance first 2 weeks in september i was coming in at 10% bets for example £20 roi = 220. In 1 hour and that was every day at 2 weeks solid sometimes 500+£ a day so i woukd like to break down variance in lamens terms and you seem to know what your doing


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