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so what’s up guys over here and welcome
back to a brand new video on the channell and now in today’s video I’m going to be
showing you guys it how to get the Steam games for totally free through a website called crohasit so first step I wanted to do is go to the website called crohasit this website is
probably a bunch of the games and find most of the game for which you have to
pay for them on the Steam or on the other platform so you can get these
steam games absolutely free they’re also bunch of the categories if you want the open open world game FPS game the horror game or
the racing so if you want the racing so just click on the racing on the menu and after when you click on in here you can get the games like right 3 f12 2018 and
Need for Speed payback so if you want to download this so after
that if if I want to downlaod the game called sweat you just search it okay
then after that you just click on that game look at my net speed it’s sucking
okay I have to recharge okay now have to here you can see that okay so again you can see that there are so much thing that overview how to install and
sweat for free here it gives you the system requirements and screenshot comment and here are two options for downloading once your direct download and
the second one is torrent download so I just do click on direct download
now so here you can see just open and I also mix so download option it just takes time to
initializing actually the I’m using my mobile hotspot that is that’s why I have
a slow net speed because of my wifi plan is just over
so we just stopped it and if you like this video so please if you like this
video so please don’t forget to be give a big thumbs up and as always my name is faith and always thanks for watching and I’m signing out

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