How to do Crows Feet, Step by Step, with string

I’m going to teach you how to make Crow’s Feet string figure it looks like this It’s not too difficult so here we go you start off with it in the normal position
over both of your palms pick it up with your pointer on each hand you’re gonna turn your palms face you and the very front string, you’re gonna
slip over the back of your hands including your thumbs just like this palms facing each other again should look like this now I’m gonna transfer the strings that are around my pointer
onto my thumb just like this next i’m going to take the string that’s on the back of my hand and transfer it around my middle finger You’ll have to pick it up for this. You just have to be careful not to lose any of your other strings. Just lift that one string and put it over my middle finger do this for this the other hand as well don’t lose your other strings now your pinky is gonna come over this string right here it’s gonna pick up that’s the very first
one at that cross like that now we’re going to take the string
that’s on the very back behind your pinkys and lift it up
over your pinky just that one almost there Now the last thing to do is just drop the
thumbs and you have the crows feet!

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  1. earthbiscuit64

    Fun! My daughter and I love this!

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    Great! I used to do this when I was little.

  3. Kathy Hall

    love it, been trying to remember how to do this to show my daughter. thanks

  4. heatherberry med cat

    great for my daughter!

  5. vestito di spine

    Trooooooppoooooo bello,non ho capito subito,ma dopo si,e pensare che mia nonna mi aveva appena chiesto se lo sapevo fare (qui da noi sono chiamate zampe di gallina) e l'ho trovato per caso!!!

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    Soooooo easy

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    Slow down yr doin it to fast

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    Very good

  21. DaBeastDude12345

    I can do a different type of crows legs!

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    your awesome I like the tricks

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    i did this before its easy

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    sorry speank espanish and not english:
    love is , is very good!! love is is very good!! have 10 years old and mey I very good I alrady konow 8 figures!!! have class the english that's I have to write more or les the english:
    traduccion: disculpen por los errores es q hablo español y no ingles:
    amo esto , esta muy bueno!!
    amo esto , esta muy bueno!! tengo 10 años y puedo hacer eso y ya me se 8 figuras , tengo clases de ingles por eso es q puedo escribir masomenos ingles.

  26. Mac Basnight

    Great to see your video. I learned to do this about 60 years ago from my Grandmother or Father in Columbia NC. I made one last night from this old memory. Amazed at what our brains store.

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