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  1. Mas Dito

    I love GTA SA's Infernus and Banshee.

  2. ツOvTa


  3. Samain Ilham Ahmed

    Oceanic is the fastest car in VC

  4. Rascal 1

    The Furore GT is most likely based on a Ford GT (or it's the Ford GT). Like if I'm correct.

  5. john lloyd

    Hey can u do the evolution of parkour in gta

  6. Nash channel PH

    How did you get the airport in gta liberty city stories? Its mod or not

  7. Rascal 1

    So the F1 from GTA Advance is basically an F1 car!? LOL!

  8. IDaraen J

    Que no era el Imponte el mas rapido de Gta 4? El que al final ter Regala Florian (B)?

  9. a little cat ,

    Why there are comments in Spanish?

  10. Yin Li

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories FASTEST CAR IS Cheetah

  11. GAMES TV

    I remember watching you on 56k and now you have 556k time flies very fast uh

  12. CAII of DUTY

    How do you make such cool videos👍🏻

  13. Cube Grass

    Love Your Videos They're Awsome By The Way Are You Spanish Or English I Just Want To Know…

  14. I

    That should have been the pariah

  15. Pablo Manuel Madalangoitia Meza

    EJrM FILMS muestra todas las armas de L.A. Noire

  16. Челябинец RG

    GTA 6?

  17. TCD Gaming

    Good Video Dude !!!

  18. Flame 101

    The fastest car in GTA Online is 811
    Not R88

  19. fred akml

    Evolution of main city

  20. FABBRØ SnAkE

    Haz un como ha cambiado la misión mas dificil

  21. Julio José

    Ahora como ha cambiado el vehículo más lento

  22. HerobrineZoro say I hate myself

    Infernus is always the legend of high speed sport

  23. Felix Arsene

    Nice and very detailed of every gta
    Most youtuber doesn't include GTA LCS and GTA VCS

  24. A Chair

    Oppresor mk2: Not if i have to say something about it and i do im going to fire a missile

  25. Carlos Rotzank

    The Infernus was not The fastest in GTA SA

  26. Las sombras 811

    4:31 donde está el zentorno

  27. Christopher Tait

    In GTA5 isn’t the T20 the fastest

  28. Назар Лемберг

    In GTA 3 Banshee more faster

  29. Cheat Codes

    GTA 3 fast car : chetah
    GTA vc : chetah
    GTA sa : turismo

  30. Mercenes s

    Gta 5 Formula has only best accelration, fastest is deveste eight i think

  31. owen wilson

    GTA sa the faster car is cheetah

  32. Bean the Duck gamer 2nd


  33. Sebastian Carmienke

    Mega cool Video, with Many different Racing Cars in "Gta" Games from "Gta 1"-"Gta On"👍 the coolest thing I find is the End of "Gta On" with the Formula 1 Racing Car. think that's Best👍👍👍 I have to say, Just made Mega mega cool👍 You can't complain😊


    La mayoría de autos rápidos son infernus ☝️👍

  35. gta kevin silva

    EVOLUCIÓN bate🏏👍

  36. gta kevin silva

    Si te gusta los autos de carreras dale like 👍👍👍

  37. Rohit 007

    01:05 who remembers getthereamazinglyfast?😂😂

  38. Eneysis

    in the gta online fastest car is OCELOT PARIAH (max speed of the game) and in the gta 5 storyline is t20 progen

  39. Gamer64 89

    Porque gta avance no tine una resmaterizacion no me gusta es difícil de jugarlo en un emulador

  40. Prestøn Bøurgeøis

    I thought the fastest car in GTA4 was the Infernus. It even shows it in the stats in online races that it’s faster than the Comet. And in TBoGT, the fastest car was the Police Stinger.

    And how in the world was the Tampa the fastest car in TLAD? The Infernus was in that game too

  41. Big Mama

    Adder it isnt the faster car ib gta 5
    Its 811

  42. Gaston ferreira

    por que te cambiaste al ingles

  43. Hola Ke hace

    Como a cambiado el trailer

  44. Baromir19

    Я з України

  45. S.M. G.H.V

    Juajuas en GTA vc se puso el truco de dinero xd

  46. さぁさぁ


  47. AvoidThatVoid

    what is this r88 in gta online?

  48. Kassko

    Evolucion of protagonist véhicle

  49. Javier Solis rodriguez

    Buen video 12 1 2020 10.18am domingo 🇲🇽

  50. Tony23113


  51. Pedro games br rj

    nome da música minuto 5.56

  52. Diversion Plural

    Cuales vehículos más rápidos? Son los más normales por dios clickbait horrible

  53. Buca41

    EJrM el vehículo más rápido en gta online, no es ese, lleva siendo el pariah desde hace bastante tiempo.


    Like papu :v

  55. Nehal gaming

    Good video Bro

  56. Александр Питомцев


  57. Alberto Menendez Pernia

    but in gta 4 is sultan rs :v

  58. Juan Felipe

    Como se consigue el police stinger en gta 4 tbogt en modo solitario?

  59. Kauyumari

    En el gta v modo historia no es el adder, es el T20

  60. Piotr Burka

    how to get this car in gta 5?

  61. Crash TMF-G

    En GTA SA el auto más rápido era el cheetah

  62. kevin gamer ramos

    Yo he jugado GTA 4 y si se nota ke es rapido

  63. Just a Guy

    I'm pretty sure the fastest car in VCS is the Cheetah

  64. Patrick Warriors 2

    Banshee is the fastest car in LBS

  65. mccrackenphillip

    So that's the F1 car i saw it on the app


    Can you please do evolution of stock cars in gta

  67. Kacper z Polski

    Fastes boat

  68. Alan Esteban Albarrán Ospino

    En gta 4 falto el infernus

  69. Hypergon -

    Fastest car in gta v was z type
    And pariah in online

  70. MX Boy

    Pon tu canal en español de nuevo por favor

  71. Isaac Kinsey

    Do the evolution of gta plane crashes.

  72. vicentino fabrizio

    En el GTA IV el más rápido es el Infernus , no el Comet

  73. *Linkzy Zeus*

    What’s the fastest car in GTA VI?

  74. Luis Figueroa

    Por qué si el titulo del video y el canal están en español, el texto dentro del mismo está en inglés?

  75. Farhana Munmun

    evoulation of father

  76. JunioRCL

    I keep insisting: car paiting/customization evolution

  77. Cody Wood

    Is the comet faster then the sultan rs in gta 4? I always thought the rs was the fastest, also the open wheel cars will not be the fastest cars in online they will be the fastest acceleration but not top speed

  78. Brian Cabrera

    Llegué más rápido que los autos de GTA

    PD: en realidad llegué un día tarde pero lo pongo por humor

  79. shukrie Hoxha

    Why dont you use the official music, i know that you got the music from squid Physics

  80. xiaomi socialmedia

    Infernus is a lamborghini not honda nsx how wrong is that

  81. Ayan The SPARKINADE

    Lol the Adder looks like a buggati!

  82. Leonis Sejdiu

    4:07 That's a police Buffalo

  83. Adrián Tinoko

    Se ve más chido el infernus de gta lcs que el de gta 3 ……

  84. Mikkel Andreasen

    uhmmm the f1 is a mod!

  85. Mr Richman Cash

    GTA 1: Counthash
    London: Ferocious 312
    GTA 3: Infernus
    VC: Hotring Racer
    SA: Infernus
    ADV: F1
    LCS: Infernus
    VCS: Infernus
    GTA IV: Comet
    TLAD: Tampa
    CTW: Formula R
    TBOGT: Police Stinger
    GTA V: (Truffade) Adder
    Online: R88

  86. The Playstation Gamer

    Isn't Banshee the fastest in gta 3

  87. Sergio Martinez

    En vice city stories te has equivocado el coche más rápido es el cheeta

  88. Luzmir Arquiadez

    Cómo a cambiado el lugar de inicio GTA

  89. Steven Rodriguez


  90. Gamer

    In GTA 2 the Scientist Gangs car is the fastest.

  91. Mehdi Mr le gamer

    Evolution of muscle cars plz

  92. Jesus returns very soon!

    for San Andreas its not the Turismo ? i'm amazed

  93. Victor Vance 8423

    En realidad el auto más rápido del gta vice city stories es el comet

  94. Fortune 43

    How the drifter cars?


    gta 4 is comet

    Me:what about infernus

  96. TKnHappyNess

    The Tampa's not driveable in Lost and Damned, and the F1 car hasn't come out yet in Online

  97. Charles Jade

    Its always been infernus on 3d

  98. Juan Viera

    El auto mas rapido de san andreas es el turismo

  99. juanda gameplays y mas

    sabias que el carro mas rapido de gta san adreas es el turismo, y no el infernus

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