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  1. Ashish Ali

    Y’all should do a 10 essentials episode with Luka Doncic

  2. J 1

    Why does that nutrition dude sound like TJ miller

  3. Constant Mayhem

    The real question is, What does James eat himself?

  4. Web User

    Who is he talking about?
    “Most champions in the UFC are 36,37”
    That dude just saying stuff

  5. Anthony Otadoy

    I didnt know Steve-O was a nutritionist

  6. Ryan John

    I’m not fuckin with George Lockhart, good video tho

  7. Naveed Khan

    "when they grinding" huh?? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Fiji Oc

    Is George Lockhart the dude who kept interrupting on Joe Rogan?

  9. donnie X

    Dope video james seems like a chill guy 👍

  10. Ulfric Stormcloak

    Badou is one of the nicest guys in boxing

  11. Obitrice For life

    Badou Jack the guy who always gets the wrong end of a decision.

  12. Mathius S

    You don't need to live with a guy to be his personal chef, just a nice way of not having to pay rent 😂

  13. Papie

    Learned so much!

  14. Tha Reaper

    Most UFC champions are about 36 or 37-years-old


  15. Justin Tran

    This chef just want a free place to stay

  16. Tommy Nguyen

    This dude must be Andre filis father

  17. Thomas Jay Julian

    awesome! definitely impressed. I enjoy seeing this type of treatment towards fighters.

  18. Cali G

    Please help cam newton ASAP lol

  19. Vince

    2-3 liters of blood x for doubt lmao

  20. Dark Star King

    Petition to get Kelvin Gastellum set up with these guys.

  21. 4IM ScorpionKing

    I Would love to be my own nutritionist but dont have the time nor the knowledge.
    Give me a James in my everyday life. Thank u lord 😆

  22. Chrisna 1311

    The top nutritionist is Chris Algieri

  23. Physique Fuel

    These dudes are amazing

  24. Aladeen Xavi

    Steve-O food guy

  25. NO Toms 0

    Badou warrior for REAL!!!

  26. Hamza J

    Lol, most of the guys is on hgh, they recover much faster than the average, and cut fat faster also.

  27. Pull up Papi

    He makes you rlly feel like you need his service

  28. Brandon Espinosa

    This is awesome

  29. Ha080

    How much does the chef and this program cost him ??

  30. Gerry Ilu

    "like Connor, I can just literally load him up on carbs" That's the Irish heritage right there, they've evolved over hundreds of years to live off of potatoes and beer.

  31. El Pacino

    Beans on toast does me just fine…

  32. Dave Robert

    It’s amazing how much sports nutrition has come on over the past few years. These are very clever and skilled and just really good at what they do. Be good if they brought out a book on their principals of how to set up and design plans for specific needs of athletes with recipes included.

  33. Nileza Nile

    This guy makes me clear my throat.

  34. purple dank

    Lockhart is the best

  35. Thomas Britton

    Some of y'all really judging the dude cus hes good at his job

  36. TY

    They dont have a 160lb division in the ufc

  37. john Dunleavy

    Badou is FINISHED

  38. Fabio119

    Another person who knows nothing about nutrition. That "superfood" smoothie offers him nothing but inflammation. Nothing about those foods are anti-inflammatory. Seondly, avocado on toast? Why must all of you idiots do this? Avocado at best provides trace minerals but with the inclusion of the toast, which is inflammatory due to the cooked crust, comes with anti-nutrients that bind to the only nutrition in that "meal". What this dude needs is blood, give him buckets of it, he'll rip any boxers' head off

  39. Alexander Coman

    Having him stay with the athlete is probably so expensive.

  40. Irvin

    The broscience is strong with this one

  41. Eric Hillsman

    This is the life

  42. Dangerys

    Chris Strokes cookin now?

  43. Paul gagnon


  44. Manny D

    And he had a great 12 rounds.

  45. IamELJohnson

    This was a great insightful vid…

  46. PainandMotivation

    Do not forget the steroids that so many of these fighters use.

  47. Chris Boone

    Jus imagine HOW FREAKIN EXPENSIVE it is to have a personal nutritionist for 8 weeks omg😩

  48. Faze Storm Richman

    UFC champs are a lot younger than 36-37. That’s actually beneficial – imagine perfecting a fighter in their prime and extending that prime through nutrition.

  49. Wes Stan

    All the fruit with no protein cool

  50. VIN

    Beatle juice

  51. craggo

    Only one UFC champion is 37. The rest are 32 or younger. 🤷‍♂️

  52. MB

    Interesting thought, fighters of old did not have any particular diet regimen none the less they fought more frequently against tougher oppositions for longer rounds (15). My questions is, was this just a coincidence, a fluke, was there something did they did differently?

  53. David Connor

    George is smart, as the UFC has started offering nutrition services at the PI, I’m sure fewer MMA fighters feel like they need his help. Branching out to boxing is a clutch move.

  54. Danel Abreu

    The chef knows his stuff

  55. Gabriel garcia

    I wonder how he takes his coffee before his morning run.

  56. Rizwan Hameed

    marshallah everything halal

  57. Philip Liken

    Just eat steak, no carbs.

  58. Talumpalumpa _

    We love u BADOU

  59. Zakariia

    Imagine someone like Sugar Ray Robinson today with access to this type of nutrition

  60. The Cool Guy

    Andy Ruiz needs these guys

  61. Malamute

    Badou has not won a fight in years. Now I know why lol

  62. princerudynasim

    I seen the Kirkland products on the table. Holla

  63. Josiah Adams


    Soo… we're going with Taco Bell?

  64. Sokol Shala

    Broscience and gimicks lol

  65. J M

    "I even asked his nursery teacher how many times he had to go to the toilet on average per day"

  66. Mano Papalex

    and then he gets knocked out in the first round

  67. Topz Rahman

    I dont wanna know what a mediocre losing fighter eats..

  68. okallup

    I just watched a 13 minute commercial, this guys price is probably expensive af.

  69. MarcusAurelius

    The sheer amount of overthinking involved in these diets is off the charts.

  70. whosthatguy9


  71. Rocky323hp

    Andy Ruiz needs these guys ASAP lol

  72. Luka xXlunch pail guyXx Doncic

    he needs the JRE seal of approval, til' then I'm not really buying into it.

  73. George Thompson

    How many times is he going to name drop Conor McGregor? Really interesting video though….

  74. Houston Guy

    This guy is a joke Google his name fighters miss fights and go to hospital

  75. Josh Mcgrath

    If steak could talk..

  76. Max Montair

    hardest sport. Badou is in good hands

  77. MrJamesdryable

    "3% Dehydration Equates Up To 30% Decrease In Performance" That is crucial information.

  78. matt Friedman

    where is the protein?

  79. k ch

    so what shoud i eat? lol

  80. Jean Claude

    Great video

  81. Ezekiel Tapia

    UFC is not actually a sports it's referred to as MMA idiost, UFC is crap compared to boxing just look at the wage differences Canelo makes 30 million a fight at 29, while conor makes 3 million a fight and is 32

  82. Sahil Ahmad

    Wish you guys went more detail on the food but great video

  83. Aesthetic Horton

    What if your keto/no carbs and your lifting, then are you burning fat still or muscle?

  84. Tearyatobitz

    Someone get this guy to Andy Ruiz

  85. Jules Brenninkmeijer

    Most UFC champions aren’t 36 or 37 years old

  86. Joe R.

    I think we all wanna know, How much$$$

  87. Ipso Facto

    Good stuff

  88. Eddie Villegas

    I'm Sold!! Wish i could hire that guy!!

  89. Hasan Jusufovic

    Just incorporate beets into you’re athletic diet a couple times a week.Your endurance will go through the roof.

  90. Bartosz M

    This chef is a real stupid nutritionist..

  91. faizal salim

    The professionalism is intense and I absolutely respect it! It's great to see passionate people being passionate about their jobs.

  92. Dhopamine

    my guy sounding like he needs to clear his throat

  93. g. martinez916

    Andy Ruiz jr nutritionist has him on the see food diet

  94. Red Bull

    I just had 2 Mc chicken sandwich 2 minutes ago

  95. just a thought

    I should get myself a nutritionist for a healthier lifestyle
    Also me the 2 for 5 deal is pretty good

  96. Harry Moorehouse

    When will people learn to stop juicing and making smoothies… you need to eat the whole fruit!

  97. Anthony Manzo

    bunch of retards dehydrating themselves when you can fast for 2-3 days and flush out all your glycogen and food stores, losing way more then 8 lbs in just water.

  98. michael plemel

    what a joke. athletes are not cows

  99. Black Foot

    Give me a fight

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