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Welcome to
the “Ring of Fire.” Here is how it works
around here. Robby, you’ll be shown
a series of answers, and it’s up to you
to give clues to Michael. Michael,
if you can correctly guess five answers
in 60 seconds, the $25,000 grand prize,
it’s all yours, and you also get these
two icy cold milkshakes, which I’m sure look
really good after just eating
that Constrictor wing. Almost better than
the 25 grand. If you get stuck, Robby,
you can pass, and we’ll come back
to that answer later, but only if there’s time. Before we start —
the final sauce. Chef Willie, tell them
what they’re in for here. This final sauce is
a crazy combination of all three
previous sauces. I’m adding a drop of one sauce
that’s so hot, it measures at
2 million Scoville units and 11 out of 10
on our “Hot Ones” Heat Index. This is The Last Dab XXX! It’s time to add
The Last Dab. [Bleep] Robby:
Oh, that’s a chunky one. Hopscotch Mafia,
raise your glasses. The Pepperdome is going
to count you down. Ready? Three, two, one,
fire in the hole. [ Cheers and applause ] All right,
take your positions. And it’s time now to ignite
the “Ring of Fire.” Holy [bleep] Let’s put 60 seconds
on the clock. And the game begins now. You use this
when you’re texting. Characters.
Cellphone, emojis. [ Ding! ]
One down. Pass. You ride them out.
They have them here. They have them
in Nashville. Lime.
Scooters. [ Ding! ]
Three to go. Pass. You and I have a — Uh, we’re buddies. 35 seconds, come on.
Friendship. No, we’re —
Brotherhood? Brother. No, first three letters. Bro.
Bro… Bromance. [ Ding! ]
Two to go. When you’re in a hotel,
you order food to — Room service.
Yeah. One more, 16 seconds. A show on HBO. It’s wild,
about the alternate reality. It’s one —
[Bleep] Two letters.
“Westworld.” [ Buzzer ]
Can’t say
the number of letters. Ah, I can’t say that.
Five seconds. Go.
Audience: Three, two, one. It’s a band. Really [bleep] music. [ Audience groans ] So close.
Creed! Come join me. Pepperdome,
let’s give ’em some love. [ Cheers and applause ] A lot of highs. A lot of lows in this one. ♪♪

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