GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 10.01.2020

Happy New Year! I’m Pawel Burza Community Manager for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and This is TWiG or This Week in GWENT aka your weekly summary of everything happening in the world of GWENT! We have a new year and a new season so let’s get right into it! First up, last Saturday a pro competitive series was held by CN GWENT Snapshot Team and Team Aretuza, with pro players including wangid1, Hanachan, Adzikov, Kolemoen, Molegion and Damorquis. The series was concluded with the Chinese players taking the win! Congratulations! Season of the Wild Hunt has ended with Season of the Wolf coming in with a brand new seasonal mode! This month whenever a unit appears on the battlefield, damage it by 2, then boost it by 4. If it is a Witcher, boost it by 4 instead. The season will last till February 4th at 10AM CET! A new faction challenge launched this week which focus on all 6 factions and Scenario cards belonging to those factions! Details can be found in the news section on The Dryad bundle has hit the Shupe shop and features the Season of the Dryad cardback. 3 seasonal avatars: Braenn, Treant and Morenn; 4 seasonal borders: Ranger, Trapper, Defender and Protector and one bonus border: Ambush. The bundle will be available till February 4th, so don’t miss out! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

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  1. atrsharpe

    Did someone take your chair?

  2. Lord of wolves

    Any news on Android sorry I'm impatient 😢

  3. Krzysztof Ryżak

    A kiedy na androidy

  4. MrCloudancer

    And there was an event with a snowman, but I also think that we all should forget about it 😉

  5. Isharu

    i get gwent for only 1 week but this game is so lit <3

  6. Jeronimooo

    Hi, all 🙂

    Maybe highlight Lord Bushwook Speedrun to Pro Rank next TWIG? It was a SICK series that had lot of effort by him showing that brand new accounts can do it very consistently. Bushy's been making sick Gwent content daily and I would say it deserves more spotlight. Imo, of course 🙂

  7. the anime shit post guy

    When is Android coming out?

  8. Destornillador 07

    So Eminem has gone. FeelsWeirdMan

  9. Paweł Zalewski

    please tell us when will you release gwent on android

  10. Gamer Samraat

    Hi Pavko Gale bro . Can u plz talk to the syndicate runestone guy to make this type kegs buyable with mete. powder ? Will be so nice of you .

  11. Wujek Tyczek

    Dawaj to na androida

  12. dobtf2

    This is perfect pacing in terms of narration speed in my opinion 🙂

  13. Ярик Свистун

    Nerf skoiatael please

  14. Sa garcia

    Can you at least give us a hint on when is the Android version coming ? :v sorry i'm also impatient

  15. Stefano Brogliatto


  16. __SanyaOK__

    Android when?)

  17. Julio Pindanga

    Stop doin this shit video that no one sees. U guys have to improve what u already got in Gwent instead of makin new cards and all of that weirdo stuff.

    U guys have to pay Netflix to put Gwent on 2nd season of The Witcher Series. It is obvisouly that. Am I a genius or u CD Projeck Guys have lost intelligence?!

  18. Logan Leggo

    and still no android

  19. Артём Лямкин

    Where is a russian subtitles? Nobody didn't write it for you?

  20. TupacpolatVEVO

    Please real life card game the Witcher card and the Witcher 3 new neben mission !!! And new monster release date

  21. Bring back beta music

    We're waiting for old music in gwent. Keep working.

  22. Korelon

    The script has changed :O

  23. Pactio

    You know what is not happening this week? A balance patch.

  24. Willis

    Gwent on android when?

  25. mark dickinson

    When are the rest of the console profiles being transferred?

  26. Mikołaj

    Anyone knows, where i can watch the tournament?

  27. António Pinto

    Happy new year to everyone.
    Hope 2020 is a great year to you.
    A year to recognize past and current mistakes, to learn and teach, be tolerant and to stand tall when needed.
    For CDPR I wish a great cyberpunk launch, and a courageous rollback on this terrible version of Gwent and the rebirth of the game as we know best.
    Hey, if those guys at hello games did it, you guys can too.

  28. Captain_ Unhinged

    I hope syndicate gets some love next update.

  29. Grend Elek

    Where is nerfs for ST and scenarios?

  30. Joshua Musana

    Bring us Gwent Android ASAP🤨

  31. cheanlamazing


  32. RIVALZZ ,

    Don’t know why I’m watching this not like conslole is getting it

  33. Jethro DelanynderX


  34. Jose Moyano

    Balance is still non-existant. Please add more gameplay interactions other than boost or damage. Shield mechanic is cool but we need more things. Gameplay turns boring after some rounds against the same two decks. This always happens, month after month you'll see all players playing with the same deck. Game is boring because of this.

  35. Anderson Tsen

    Came b after watching The Witcher series. So much improvement on gameplay.

  36. Hennertz

    Please fixed in the next days: Radeya 5 Points and only Play in defense row, scenarios are doomed or give caretaker a other funtktion. Because? I Love Gwent. Trank you

  37. Germán Olea

    Android pls!

  38. TheDarkAngel600

    Wow I didnt know it came to Mobile, I was hoping it would one day, cant wait till it comes out on android, this is exciting

  39. Matt Williams

    I am so bad at this game. Have only won like 5 online matches. But I'm only using the standard decks until I can get some kegs and hopefully get some better cards.

  40. PwOp YT

    Gwent on Android when?
    (I know q1 of 2020 but I like asking)

  41. nighthawk475

    As a player who played a ton during beta and recently is returning to get back into the game: this videos are awesome, and the guy doing them delivers them perfectly. Thanks for making all of this information so easy to access! I would probably prefer you didn't spoil the winners of esports games though in your update. If people didn't know the games were played, telling them to go watch it is helpful and they don't want to know who won. And if they did already know about the competition, they don't need to be told who won if they've already seen it.

  42. UnderdogIQ22


  43. Guilherme Dias da Silva

    Android????????? Why IOS first???????

  44. Brennen Michelin

    Bring back console

  45. Black Mamba

    The game was well balanced 2 month ago. There were weak factions and strong factions, but not this nonsense. If scenario chapters won't be able to be played in 1 turn, it will be fine and fun. But not this nonsense like for example Skellige scenario. I mean maybe they are not overpowered, but for sure its not fun. Don't know if Radeyah is OP, but the fact that everyone playing that stupid card, makes gwent boring as well. No one uses strategy anymore. Its all about playing OP cards to gain more points.

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