GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 06.12.2019

Hey everyone, Paweł Burza here, I’m the Community Manager for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and this is TWIG, or This Week in GWENT — a weekly show in which we talk everything GWENT! This week we had the roadmap stream, where we talked about what we achieved this year as well as our plans for 2020! If you missed it, you can check it out here on our YouTube channel! If you saw the live stream you’ve heard that we plan to discontinue support for the console versions of the game. You can read the full message by going to the news section on misterhabbla1 created the ultimate video guide for beginners where he highlights all of the decks and archetypes for every faction! Mind=blow! We’ll link the video down in the description below this video Team Leviathan Gaming have updated their 10th meta report for the second time this month! If you’re working on your final climb on the ladder be sure to check out what are best deck to play right now! We’ll link the report below this video! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

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  1. Einar Mörkvitnir

    I love gwent<3
    Ps nerf nilfgaard


    Im on console and i dont like this i have xbox why should i buy a computer or another phone. This is so anticonsumer.

  3. GoneWithTheWind444

    wow a shout out to my boy misterhabbla!! I LOVE YOU CDPR <3

  4. Ragnar

    I love gwent <3
    Ps nerf mystic echo

  5. Bezimienny JH

    So next expansion is druids right? Awesome May I suggest to do some bandits next or something? But not bandits over Gascon lead I meant this from touisant for an example or Bloody baron "Man" he is supposed to gather? Would be cool i think.

  6. LUDWIG Wong

    Gwent is the best ?
    Ps nerf Roach

  7. Noor Khammas

    I love Gwent ♥️
    P.s Nerf every deck but mine

  8. Fahri Yusuf

    Thanks CDPR, i can't wait for the android version's release XD

  9. Min

    Why do you snatch meteorite powder from PS4?

  10. Guide Fude


  11. MrTheMortanius


  12. werigubskdjgb

    gwent is cool 🙂

    Ps nerf bearmasters back to their previous state

  13. Stanisław Snarski

    So, another week CDP only talking and do nothing to the game. Hope that december patch give us sth

  14. LosteRus

    Yo guys, reconsider your opinion for adding premium versions of tokens, thanks

  15. Lumine Maverick

    Dead dogshit mobile game

  16. Anthony Gamboa

    i need help with my account but your support dont help nothing

  17. Jim

    still bummed about the console-kill tho :/
    hope one day you'll return

  18. Raios Rogue

    The druid concept with crow mother fascinates me. I want give some ideas for bandits, Olgierd von Everic as a new leader for bandits leading the bandits new bandit cards and maybe a new bandit gold card that would work with iris shade would be nice and more support for bandits would be awesome also i saw that sword card with the mirror in the gwent roadmap video which will be a new type of card looks like Olgierd offiery sword i hope it is. maybe rework gaunter and give him an ability that represents his strength he is the most powerful being yet nobody plays him I have this idea for a rework of gaunter or a new gaunter card it will have a 4 point body if used on melee row if used on range row he will go back to your hand and transform into a mirror where gaunter will be hiding the new or reworked gaunter will be 14 provisions demon bandit tag which we can run with Olgierd as a leader in a bandit deck range row gaunter goes back to your hand and turns into a mirror a card that's called master mirror with another premium art. the effect of master mirror can be freeze opponent's board for one turn which means after master mirror is played on your turn the next turn opponent cant play any card and his turn will end immediately. During your turn when you play the card the card will have a catch gaunter will turn himself into a mirror in your hand gaunter will be hiding in this mirror opponent must guess which card is master mirror in your hand if he guesses right the effect of master mirror is canceled and gaunter is banished from the game you cant renew him if opponent guesses wrong banish one card you get an option to choose here from your opponent hand or the field or the graveyard and end turn. deploy effect melee grant 3 wishes for Olgierd von Everic not the leader but the card Olgierd immortal the iron judgment card that's 7 power 10 provisions Olgierd needs to be on the board for this effect to work the wishes can be first wish draw one bandit card from your deck and if it's a unit boost it by 1 if it's not played during the end of the round banish it second resurrect vlodimir von everic from the graveyard put him in your hand and if you don't play him until the end of the round he goes back to the graveyard third wish make Olgierd duel a random card of your opponent every turn also Olgierd cannot be destroyed or banished until the end of the round at the end of the round the contract is fulfilled banish Olgierd from the board i know my ideas are ridiculous and the coding of the card will be hard but I'm improvising with my wacky ideas so bandits could be playable in rank and fun

  19. Gonzalo Conde

    Don't you think the IOS crowd will be weirded by your intro?

  20. Simple Jack and a Horse

    Fuck consoles. It was mistake from the beginning to develop for them, Sony and Microsoft are so obnoxious to work with.

  21. Lustful Succubus

    Кто нибудь сделайте русские субтитры

  22. Ghon Will

    What does my computer need to run Gwent at 1080p, 60 fps with premium cards activated?

  23. Saturn Ascension

    I guess this is it. The last update I'll ever watch. The final one. No more support for consoles, no reason to be updated anymore. I don't need this in my feed. Goodbye Gwent. Goodbye community. Invested $30, numerous hours to the game, and got 5 other friends to play. It was fun. Now an abrupt slap in the face

    Uninstalled. Unsubscribed. Signing out. Peace. ✌

  24. uğur obuz


  25. Dutch Defense

    Sorry, can’t understand half of what your saying.

  26. Von Melver

    I'm here to say hello

  27. Shadoo Officjal

    Where can I but this amaizing hoodie????

  28. Gameover HD76

    Cant wait for the Console update ???☺?????

  29. Елаха Gaming

    А где русские субтитры?

  30. TheUZUMAKIchan

    He said those first lines so fast that I'm only hearing: hrbfkglhmnsgshxulgnt jduxogib kdifkbrehdzuf hdjfjgigltnldof GWENT. ?

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