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  1. Good Mythical Morning

    To see today's punishment, head over to our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BuJ-JbuH4ha/

  2. DreamingSheep

    He built a fort..
    A pillow fort!

  3. Keemin Lee

    9:19 the guys standing on the back probably got hit by the canoe and ripped their knees out

  4. Lil Nug

    It’s been so long since I’ve been on this channel

  5. Cartmaaan Brahh

    I wanna hear more about this Arby's meat locker story

  6. Hamed Arshadi

    Its a bad day when you fail at failing

  7. Twinkle Taco

    I am so glad that I follow their Instagram

  8. Jxeed

    I guessed exactly same as him

  9. DaebakMonkey

    I don’t see anything wrong with the first selfie…

  10. Charlie Vialau

    good mythical snoring late night show…..

  11. TheGodshatter

    The corndog girl is a catch, depending on how many bites it takes to eat the corndog. ?

  12. Henkie 2701

    Where my dutchies at

  13. Derrall Sheldon

    "He became the worlds best milk man" LMAO I'm dead best episode ever

  14. Chris Visser-Fee

    "Nope, it's a corndog girl"

    You bet your life it is!

  15. Not Dontae

    No one understands how badly i wanna see the oposite side of the room ther in

  16. Roni Purdy

    That little boy was booby trapped!

  17. Nicola Wildflower

    I don’t like how inappropriate this show is becoming. Not family-friendly anymore.

  18. Laura Faria

    We need a new Parks and Rec episode where Ron Swanson introduces his son, Rhett, to the world.

  19. danny pearson

    the little boy one with the four girls had me cHOKING

  20. mysteryviewer

    I'm almost positive I went to high school with the girls in the corndog pic lol

  21. Hardcore Pasafist

    The last one was gay and I’m here for it

  22. Daniel ???

    Thanks for giving Smosh a home ??


    In the netherlands there ia not that much marihuana. As a dutchie i can know

  24. tear728

    I'm a simple man. I see boobs, I click.

  25. Dominic Sterk

    i am from the netherlands here is a couple of words, hallo, man, goede video, ik vindt deze video leuk

  26. Joe Wayne

    You get out the shower at a girls house and there a blow dryer there he’ll yeah hittin the bags

  27. Catherine Butler

    Omg I'm from Galax! What a coincidence ??

  28. 『 d e a t h 1 3 』

    0:54 Link, we from the Night Vale Fandom welcome you. Now, the news.

  29. Ninoplays

    Stop insolting my conwtery the nl anyways keep up the work

  30. Wendy TheHuman


  31. Sammi Torricelli


  32. Sammi Torricelli


  33. Sammi Torricelli


  34. Sammi Torricelli


  35. Boom137

    I got 2 points 🙁

  36. Jeremy's Random Life

    I got 3 lol

  37. Alvin James

    they got all these from reddit

  38. onefour14

    i hope rhett doesnt have any daughters bc he's getting weird..

  39. onefour14

    since when did this show get so perverted?! inappropriate for families.

  40. Manuel Kramer


  41. Chloe Tyson

    As soon as Rhett said D to the video about the Jeep a yogurt ad came on!

  42. Nerdy Tomboy

    i got all of them right and link only got one right XD

  43. Rick

    I live in the Netherlands

  44. Mateusz Ostaszewski

    A angry dog

  45. Coastal Ceramic Coatings

    He playing beat saber

  46. ThikiThakiThomas

    Good morning guys just woke up

  47. Ship it like FedEx

    Or D-
    * cuts to an ad *
    There’s an epidemic spreading.

  48. Data_Draws_ Dawgs

    U said good morning well jokes on u because its 8:42 pm!!!??

  49. Ash D

    I wish we got to see a baby flipping the camera off.

  50. Kermit Carrot

    I thought that the selfie fail in thumbnail was t series??????

  51. Inbar Sapir

    got 5 out of 7

  52. Baylee Baron

    anyone notice that they spelt raccoon wrong?

  53. Ruby Frausto

    Aw c’mon no one else noticed they spelled raccoon wrong.

  54. Natalie M

    I would just like to give my congrats to the people who come up with the jingle for these because they’re pretty creative

  55. Speedy_Valdruzîr

    I can't wait until D is actually the correct answer

  56. Eliz6MC99

    Wow, i got five rights XD

  57. Cheetopuffsaregross

    Its not a bad word when its a dog, oh my god..XD

  58. Antique Coffin

    5/7 on the selfie game

  59. LadyPosche Da Star


  60. Jeffrey Peng

    “The boy has a GREAT fort” ?

  61. Vickie Miller

    I've seen the first on before

  62. hassaan patel

    Who du girl in first pic

  63. logicast

    It’s a sad day when gmm click baits ??

  64. Jackson Ryder

    Rhett cussing is now a holiday I celebrate

  65. Bethany Martin

    Whatup Galax! I’m from Independence ??

  66. Patrick

    on my birthdayy!!

  67. Victoria Santiago

    So no ones going to talk about 2:23 ????

  68. Truman Mosier

    link: I do that.

  69. Shaylee Henderson

    I played along and got all of them right lol

  70. Izabel Mitchell

    Who else thinks in the VR, the girl who was hit looks like @JaidenAnimations?

  71. Abby Cantrell

    its so funny, I always like forget about you guys for a couple months and then I see a new video and I'm like , yeah sure, and then I remember how damn hilarious you guys are and watch like 17 episodes until 6:30am, which is exactly what I did tonight. Lol.

  72. nyobi

    2:24 ?

  73. Guacamole is life

    Rhett shows the sports team one with the blow dryer response Link: Hey I do that

  74. Kataform

    Props where props are due, 8:05 made me chuckle.

  75. R.T. Berto

    Girl at 1:35 got something nice

  76. Jeremy Heck

    Can I ask what is cold in Los Angeles

  77. drawing time digital art

    6:40 green screen?

  78. Deranged Chicken

    the first one wasn't actually a selfie. it was a photo of a large breasted, dodge shirted, greezy looking chick taking a selfie!

  79. T1N TAN

    Whatever it takes

  80. Liam Petursson

    2:23 That’s the first time I’ve ever heard Rhett say B***h

  81. Star Strudel

    if my life was a VR simulation this entire time i demand a refund and also free food

  82. InfusedSediment

    I want to learn this kind of shot! Teach me.

  83. Obama Care

    I’m waiting for the day that the answer is D

  84. Trump lover 24


  85. mr. walnut

    Is it ever going to be awnser d

  86. מורנו דוד

    i got 1 right ONE and thats the little boy

  87. GinnyFan765

    My favorite parts of these games are Rhett’s jokes at the end of the answer. ?

  88. Bigmamma Chungus

    I got 6 right

  89. some more bleach

    Hey guys and girls


    Vanoss/ Moo referencesXD

  90. Eddies Cola

    9:34 I actually live in Florida and this is the most relatable thing I’ve ever heard ?

  91. Andrewshadowboy

    (8:00) My guy laughing like the Joker

  92. Doyoumine

    February 21* Florida man breaks windshield with canoe while vlogging.

  93. box wenis

    Iob yrgna na si knil read it backwards

  94. squidnug YT

    0:34 look at his eyes XD

  95. Queso Dilla

    I love Link more than Rhett.

  96. The Ghost Banjo

    " mmm a girl eating a corndog"

  97. Celienet


  98. CenturionPan

    5:33 I can’t stop laughing ???
    6:39 is even better ?

  99. Swara Bendre

    The one where link fails at failing!! ?

  100. Thomas Mann

    I got all of them right! Do I win a prize? (Not a bad selfie of Link, please.)

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