Hey guys. Currently-in-Monaco boi here. And welcome back to, not one of my videos but a very cool video nonetheless. I’m here to showcase some new content coming
out for GT Sport. Something Lewis Hamilton based. I guess more to celebrate his 6th World Championship
in the Formula 1 series. So, we go on Campaign Mode and you can see
what that is. Or part of the DLC anyway. The Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge. So, you know me, I like a challenge. I tend to not do very well at them but I like
to try nonetheless. So I thought I’m gonna go into this and see
if I can beat The Maestro himself. So we go into the mode and we are greeted
immediately by a very intense looking Lewis Hamilton, kind of what we’re used to I suppose. And as you can see, here are the tracks we
have available, complete with Lewis’ fastest laps. Course, we’re just in the menu now just before we get into the session. You can see it’s quite similar to the old
licence test. We have a bronze, silver and gold rating here and of course the closest you get to the lap time, the better the reward you’re gonna get. And I’m gonna aim to try and get somewhere near the gold time. I think it’ll be a little bit arrogant and
naive of me to be ‘oh yeah, I’m gonna go in there and beat Lewis’ time’ but we’ll try
and get close to it at least. Because, well you know, I need the ego boost. So then, we’re onboard. We get a rolling start here at Brands Hatch
and something you’ll notice probably very quickly, as I brake into Paddock Hill, is look… That is the Lewis Hamilton ghost. That is his lap there. I’ve gotta do my best to try and well, get
as close as I can to it. Coming into Druids then for the first time. Tred on the brakes on the way in, soft on
the power on exit because we do have traction control off. And you can see, being made a fool of there but I don’t mind being made a fool of by the six-time F1 World Champion because I feel that’s an excuse on its own. Now coming up to this horrible left-hander. I’ve always been very terrible at this. So use second gear, try and get a better boost
on the way out. Use the kerb. Quite helpful actually to follow Lewis’ lines
through here a bit because now I kind of know where I need to be driving. I’m gonna do, limit myself to two laps because I’ll be here all day otherwise. Coming into Hawthorns. That very fast, very fun right-hander. You gotta be careful on the kerb on exit and already I’m down by eight tenths of a second. This ain’t looking good for me. I’m gonna get a lot of stick from the guys
at home after this I imagine. So now we’re gonna come into the Sheene
Curve, which I’m really bad at in every game. Understeer on the way out. I’ll lose such a massive amount of time to
Lewis through there. Trying not to spin the wheels too much, short-shifting a bit and I’m already 1.2 seconds down. That is a bit far back I’m not gonna lie but
don’t worry about it. It’s OK, I’m not worrying. Through Clearways and that’s one lap completed
and 1.4 seconds off. So we’re good enough for the silver time. He goes to the inside there. You can see silver on our first attempt so
yeah, not quite there. So I’ve got the silver time. Obviously nowhere near as quick as Lewis. So if I can go four tenths faster, I can get
gold and I can at least say I’ve golded the challenge. and that sounds like I’ve beaten him, I just
haven’t. Try and explain what that actually means. Right, so last try. Let’s see if I can get that gold time or importantly, get any nearer to Lewis. Now it’s nice following his ghost but obviously I wanna be in front of it. I think my ghost is on as well so we’re gonna get an idea of how I’m doing compared to my last lap. There you go. This is closer. Ah, too much kerb on the inside there. Not a lot of grip there. And a shallow exit as well it means the wheelspins
gonna chase you. You don’t want that. Ah! I’m really trying to get as close as I can. The thing is you start overdriving when there’s a ghost I find so But it’s really cool still to have it there
available and to know what you can do better. Oh, a bit sloppy on the exit there. Gonna lose that time all the way the straight now but closer than we were before. Only four tenths behind this time so that’s an improvement at least. Let’s see if we can gain some time with this
right-hander. No. Every time I try and do better, I do worse. It’s pretty much my life summed up there. But we’ll apply it to racing this time. Oh, OK. Just about managed not to have a massive crash there. We’re on for the gold time through if I can
just keep it together for the end of this lap. Try not to lose too much more time. Even with the cones I’m not doing very well. Ok, so we’re within a second. If I can stay within a second, come on. Jimmy, please be good for the first time ever. No, it’s bad! No, there’s goes the second. Dammit. Well we got a better run there. I’m gonna come down the bottom here just to try and minimise my run to the line. Did I get a gold time? Ah, no! I’m off by one tenth of a second. A bit quicker but yeah, OK. So I kind of got trounced there. I expected that though. That’s OK. Ok, so this time out, gold time is 1:48:0
which is about one second or so slower than Lewis. So if can be again within a second, that is
a very good thing though I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to do that. One take wonder this time so… Let’s go for it. Ok, so out the Parabolica then. And the first big challenge here of course
is gonna be my braking zone down to T1. I’ve gotta try and spider, It’s lucky we’ve
have cones on for a bit of assistance for me here. Let’s see. We wanna brake about … Just a tad later than the cones. Gonna be brave. Into the first chicane, gonna try first gear
there. Easy on the way out. Not a bad launch out of there. Currently ahead. Come on! Just about ahead of Hamilton there at the
moment. I’m not sure this is going to last though. Through Curva Grande. Now coming up to the second chicane. You wanna be on the right-hand side of the
circuit going into this one. I used to brake at the little bridge here
but they took that out. And braking just a little bit later than the
cones. Oh, no. No! He’s overshot it. No! Disaster. There goes Hamilton. There you go, the one tiny bit of confidence
then suddenly I get the slap from the game. Deservedly so I think. So into the first Lesmo. Ah, no! This is a terrible lap so far. Told you, one take. This is what happens when I don’t get multiple tries. Not too quick out of the second Lesmo. A little bit quicker than Lewis though so
maybe I can pull back the time and still manage the gold. I’ve gotta pull back four tenths on the six-time
F1 Champion. That’s probably not gonna happen but again,
fingers crossed. So, coming up to Ascari now. Really fun part of the circuit this. I’m gonna maybe, just a little cut of the
track there. Don’t worry about it. Look the other way stewards. Keep looking the other way stewards. Ah no. I was slow out of the exit of Ascari there
so gonna carry that mistake all the way down to the Parabolica. Unless this is the best Parabolica you have
ever seen ever, I’m not gonna be getting that gold. Come on. Concentrate now, Jimmy. It’s an OK exit. It was an OK exit but still four tenths behind so it’s gonna be a silver there and 1.5 seconds behind Hamilton. Now imagine that over the course of a few laps. Over 10 laps that is 15 seconds. That’s how much quicker he is in this. But oh well, nearly a gold but not this time. Well that’s how I did in the Lewis Hamilton
Time Trial Challenge. Not very well, I think it’s fair to say. Though I want to say, they only gave me a
couple of laps to practice alright. Give me more time next time and maybe I’ll
do a bit better. But yeah, this will be in the game fairly
soon so you guys can try this out for yourself. If you do get a gold though, don’t tell me. I don’t wanna know. But hope you enjoyed it guys. If you did, do all the good stuff. Like, comment, subscribe. See you all next time.

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