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  1. 1rrrick

    How 'bout a one yr subscription for $50? In exchange I'll provide twelve other's gift subscriptions for the same deal. Thirteen possible second year subscribers. Let me know.

  2. Frasereder236

    Thank you for making a video longer than 30 seconds

  3. Dre Gallardo

    Yea,… right. They can't even cure acne or the common cold, let alone find the cause,… but they're going to turn athletes into "super man"??? Fuck off!!

  4. Littletime

    I would like to see an alternative Olympic games where athletes are allowed all performance enhancing technologies. Pharmaceutical and scientific research companies could sponsor the athletes.

  5. Bill

    Some have good genes while others have bad genes. Why can't those with bad genes join?
    Even if they tried harder than any Olympic athlete they can not compete because of genes.

    I think it's great because maybe we can gene manipulate people healthy, help people with extreme obesity to burn more fat and build more muscles and live a more healthier, happier life.

  6. M Ed

    Sports? No, it's going to be the future of life for those that can afford it.

  7. Virajasaur

    The world is changing, and you either adapt or die

  8. dvdragon


  9. Dachuan Zhang

    But……how else are we going to get Captain America?

  10. Eduardo Gamer


  11. Sim Lucien

    Humans will have the ability to permanently alter our genes and people are worried about cheating in sports… By this logic anyone could get super athlete genes and sport for competition would become irrelevant.

    "But people could have different skill knowledge, training methodologies and motivation, so competition wouldn't be affected by genetic eveness."

    Got em.

    This is a non issue.

  12. RPDBY

    it will be fair if everyone does it

  13. Michael Pavia

    What is the difference between inheriting a gene and having it inserted for a particular purpose? Are we saying you only deserve your talent if it is blessed upon you by random chance of the genetic lottery? Is that not the very antithesis of the competitive spirit, of merit, of having earned something? I feel like we're drawing lines here that we can't defend.

  14. Umberto Fournier

    its like the Bourne Legacy

  15. PharaohSZN


  16. Toco

    gene doping is fucking awesome, fuck the anti-PED crusade

  17. Frogwell

    Plasmids anyone? B)

  18. David Bogaert

    A Chinese Olympian lines up at the 100m final. The record of 8.5 seconds has been unbroken for the past 4 years. Ready. Set. He's lightning fast. Genetically engineered mitochondria and tendons give him speed unlike any human whose ever lived. 5.5 seconds. The record is shattered.

  19. Josef Stalin

    Imagine the furries when they get to that.

  20. cagsh bghhcvv


  21. Jack Smith

    You cannot genetic modify a person who is already born you would haft to edit someone before they are born at the zygote stage or in the sperm or egg so they wouldn't be able to choose to have an advantage as they arnt born this is just story to make an argument against genetic engineering.

  22. Vayne Carudas Solidor

    abrahamic's army will be a hundred times the size of the secular army… the secular army will have soldiers a THOUSAND times stronger than jihadists! = keep your "miracles"! bet on your never ending breeding! IN SCIENCE WE TRUST!

  23. xianjing

    Just make a new class of sport where all gene edited athletes compete, just like a server specifically for cheaters in titanfall

  24. Yadpreet Cheema

    This is so much bigger than sports.

  25. Frontview Org

    Stupid idiots. Sports that don't allow drugs to be used are losing interest with people. People want to see amazing heights of athletic achievements. Natural is on the way out and should be with all the cheating that is going on with the Olympics. Good ridden's too…

  26. George Labadze

    yes it does worth it

  27. Simon Navarro

    Damn brother

  28. Hanz

    This is GSP was angry at. Gene doping will destroy the sports. Its like a fist fight but the other uses gun.

  29. Sarshyamzz Hiphopzz

    That's a dope gene

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