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All right introduce characters, our actors here is John Bradley Next up, we have Rose Leslie Christopher Kit Harington Got Sophie Turner in the house! Natalie Dormer We’ve got a fellow named, Gorge RR Martin. Thank you Maisie Williams Rory McCann Gwendoline Christie Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Pedro Pascal And finally, our excellent moderator, Craig Ferguson Thanks very much indeed for saying that, person who’s not telling the truth! I’m very happy to be here, everyone Thank you, David and Dan, for introducing me last after these people camp out all night to see these people,
and then, at the very end, me! I thought you understood dramatic structure. It’s very nice to be here! Welcome to San Dee-ah-go Which, as we know, is as far south as south goes. Do you remember that it`s from season two isn`t it? I thought you guys knew about that. Welcome to the big one. Now of course we`re all here to celebrate Game of Thrones. I, I understand that many of you people today will know this show better than I do,may of course this people do. And certainly you will. I know there are people who are fluent in Dothraki out there right now. But remember we`re all in the same side. How often do you get.. do you get to see each other? any point there are all these different worlds that you exist Do you guys ever get to hang out together? In the bar. In the bar? Yeah. is there a bar like somewhere that isn’t in the title sequence that pops out and you know the right place to go yeah. its like the starwars bar but it’s the game of thrones bar I can imagine probably is. It’s called the white walker Now the things is you are.. I am surprised to see you here Rory given your what happened, you were left on the mountain side So I’m still sore I can’t believe that I’m here just. Yeah things weren’t looking to good the last time I saw myself so. I thought he got off lightly Nasty bitch Which one like me or her? I can’t believe I’ve been put between these two. I feel very very uncomfortable. George may I ask you a question? Yeah. When you began the creation of..all
of– this world of Westeros and all of the attendant
stories that happen therein did you envisage anyone to..look like these people? Does it look like the world you first thought of?
Does it feel like it? Well, more or less, but,..of course, not exactly. I mean, I started this in 1991
and the show–I didn’t even have my first..meeting with David and Dan until, I believe it was, so there were, like, 16 years before the show was a..twinkle in anyone’s eye and the show–I didn’t even have my first meeting with David and Dan until 2007, I believe it was, so there were, like, 16 years before the show was a twinkle in I believe it was, so there were, like, 16 years before the show was a twinkle in anyone’s eye and I had very strong pictures of what Westeros look like and what the characters looked like but these people have brought the characters to life– you know amazingly. Does it affect your writing since when you watch the show and continue to write? Does it inform what you do now? No,not really ’cause I do have those 16 years that sort of took deep root before the show came along. Sometimes it gets a little tricky, but the show is the show and the books are the books and I try to keep them separate. I know a few of the actors have read the books, but many of them don’t. Can I ask which actors here were reading the books before they became cast members on the show? Is that something you all do? or not, as the case maybe? It certainly isn’t prerequisite obviously You guys clearly were fans of the books, right? When did you first come in contact with them? The first book about eight years ago.

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  1. vaibhav garg

    I m happy Gwendylen dont laugh in tv seriee

  2. edwardalrunzz

    18:20 what he means that in america its different ? can anyone explain?

  3. Breizhad

    Guys, I have a problem, I can't stop looking at Natalie Dormer. She is too gorgeous !

  4. Jon Snow’s ass save lives

    45:49 lol that cute moment between Sophie and Kit lol

  5. Nilo Rusiana Jr.

    At some point I wonder why I hear Gobber in this video.

  6. vikxnder

    It must be so much fun to film with these guys they all seem like so much fun to be around

  7. Sami Yusuf - Fanpage

    Craig talks so fucking muuuuuuuch. No one is there for him, he needs to stfu.

  8. Felicia louisiana girl

    Sophie: I want to kill some one
    Me : thinks of Ramsey getting eatin by his own dogs

  9. Steven Huynh

    Rose leslie is pretty attractive

  10. Steven Huynh

    Rory mccann is actually funny when he said nasty bitch and maisie Williams said which one

  11. InSomniAnna

    Whose characters are still alive: Rory doesn't lift his hand
    Later in the GoT: Hound is very much alive

  12. Scott 123

    Why are panels so awkward ?

  13. Excalibur

    Its crazy how all those new cast members they showed us are all DEAD lol!

  14. JiZz2Xtreme

    Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) is so damn gorgeous

  15. L d

    This year panel , everyone should be there on this stage as it’s the final season.

  16. kurt diesel

    Maisie's laugh tho…awesome

  17. Bia rio

    The Hodor 'question' Sophie's reaction was me. Literally.

  18. DROOG

    The look of Natalie Dormer all the time is attractive af

  19. George Fulton

    Could George rr Martin be the next Jimmy Saville?

  20. Ben04

    I hope if kit and rose have a baby Bradley will be that fun uncle to him or her

  21. Daniel Casttillo

    3:20 well not now

  22. 사신Raptron666

    lol the dude whose question was hodor lmao
    couldve asked how george came up with the whole hodor and the hold the door thing like did he knew hodor was going to die like that so he named him since the beginning ?

  23. Ka deCa

    I love Natalie Dormer/Maergery

  24. Dinuja Senevirathne

    Why does natalie dorman look like she wants to eat George RR martin?

  25. Katrina Venecia

    The blond girl that also starred on Elementary: she either should start meditating or stop using snow. Her breathing rate is quite high… Anyhow hopefully is something non-life threatening.

  26. AJ MusicS

    Who else is here after the series finale? ?

  27. Liam Webb

    Fuck David and Dan worst writing team ever.

  28. American Enigma _

    Back When Writing of game of thrones made it THE BEST SHOW …. and now we have season 8 ….. ??‍♂️

  29. Gabrielle P

    Where was Dany…????

  30. DragonNomak

    Game of Thrones dropped from 9.5 to 9.4 in IMDB that actually hurt me fuck…. well i guess now Breaking Bad is king if they didn't fuck up Season 8 it wouldn't have dropped

  31. Ivan Karaschuk

    Wow! Gwendolyn is beautiful.

  32. Imogen Carney

    I love creig

  33. Danilo Podrascanin

    I could listen to John Bradley speak all day

  34. Queen in the North

    All the people saying that the fans are cringy, they are superfans and they are seeing their actual idols, they would most definitely be excited and happen to be cringy in the moment, would you be perfectly eloquent if you saw all these people up close

  35. Francesca Colby

    How come Emilia Clarke never attended comic cons

  36. CKool057

    God craig ferguson really loves hearing his own jokes

  37. Paida Michelle

    Who's going through withdrawals after the end of GoT and is watching every video on YouTube

  38. Eric Mielle

    Where is Daenerys, the best character?

  39. CatsRevenge

    Writers D&D… you disappointed us at the end. You have many fans that wish to hang you two right now.

  40. John Rayez

    Maisie is so cute and funny.

  41. UMN Mode

    I can finally finish this now. Made the mistake of watching it for the first time before i was caught up.

  42. Dave

    3:18 2019 still don't

  43. Lucas

    20% of the claps at the begging sound so fake and enraged me for some reason

  44. namya umihs

    Why I can't find Robb's interview anywhere?

  45. sean cosgrove

    "I thought you understood dramatic structure" looks like Craig hasn't watched season 8…

  46. Alexandra G

    Natalie Dormer is so refreshingly committed to this show.

  47. 高海利

    Sam Tarly is GRRM personified in the series…

  48. Allassea1980

    When the narrator just absolutely kills the entire atmosphere… Cringeworthy to say the least.

  49. Maultauschen sind fertig

    Why isnt Emilia there????

  50. Mamt Patet

    39:23 Kit Harrington explains to Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer what the fan had said "more male nudity in the show" and if you read the lips I think he then says "SHITE" :DD

  51. Hasan Amir

    Where is Craig Ferguson I thought they invited him

  52. Gianni Manuel Tena

    "We don't play favorites," huh, David and Dan? HUH?! Blatant hypocrisy

  53. Unapologetically Awkward

    When Gwendoline is talking from like 23:00 to 23:40 Nikolaj continuously looks like he wants to say something and then it seems like he gives up at 23.40 until he gets asked a question and he can finally speak and he goes like "YES!"

  54. Amy La Mejor

    If clouds had laughter, it would be the same one that George has

  55. Ali Psc

    Kit smiling from 30:21 throughout the whole time Rose is talking is giving me way too many feels.

  56. maria marrone

    Me encanta el pelo de kit encanta

  57. T.M. Will

    Yo where the hell is Lena Headey? And that moderator is so annoying.

  58. Ingrid Stark

    43:58 God pls show some respect, GRRM didn't deserve that.

  59. Erik Lorenzana

    15 min of Fame over, this your future ,bunch of talentless hacks,

  60. Rex sky Sims


  61. Lisa Zhao

    "I thought you understood dramatic structure!" flash foward to 2019…. no apparently not

  62. Doomed

    18:57 the cameraman know nothing

  63. Amy La Mejor

    Kit and Rose are the cutest couple in the world, when Kit says “I’ve got distracted” and looks to Rose I just lost it they’re so precious they must be protected all costs

  64. Giang Vũ Đông

    "John Bradly"

    "Oh hey it's Sammmm"

  65. Kenidy Briggs

    it would have been 23 years ago not 33 years ago, like really they can't do math. He said he made the books in 1991 not 1981.

  66. Evelyn Deschain


  67. L kaba Houmai

    Jessica Henwick and sansa is damn pretty.

  68. Cris Lucas


  69. Cris Lucas


  70. schmelly beans

    I’m upset about how underrated Rory’s Star Wars Canteen joke was


    Jaime Lannister ❤️?

  72. The White Rose

    Oh the question at 9:19 from Jacob hurts my heart & the reason D&D didn't answer if cos they didn't wanna say 'Oh we're just gonna make it up as we go along, then break all the fans hearts by rushing the last few seasons so we can go & play with lightsabers'

  73. The White Rose

    Anyone else wishing that Pedro Pascal's fighting teacher Master Who (he talks about him at 22:28) is Doctor Who's long lost brother ?

  74. The White Rose

    I love John Bradley soooo much

  75. Truth Peace

    Brienne of Tarth looks so feminine here.

  76. Koda Jackson

    The guy was trying to hard to be funny its actually annoying

  77. Tushar S

    Margery is so hot ?and jaime is the most handsome in the show, next comes Robb Stark and ramsay

  78. Riuno

    Rory xd

  79. NightHunter

    53:40 this question about the tysha reveal being cut is actually not cringe and interesting

  80. NightHunter

    10:13 OH NO OH NO THEY DONT KNOW PepeLaugh

  81. NightHunter


  82. David M.

    Moderator: "who has read the books?"

    Cast: stays silent

    Me: "shame shame shame"

  83. MrSilender

    Oh, good old days…

  84. Саня Саня

    What a fuck. There is translate in russian

  85. Xinzic Chen

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is so freaking gorgeous.

  86. Rodolfo Gonzalez Rivera

    sorry but who the fuck is yezzan?? lmao

  87. Något unikt

    I actually enjoy this more than the show, weird…

  88. GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya

    This panel was atleast 10x better than this year.

  89. Saffron Horizon

    Gwendoline's cackling makes this so much more fun to watch

  90. Joku Äijä

    51:40 Maisie said the she is no one but this was before season 5 was out or am I wrong? Didn’t the ”no one” thing come in season 5?

  91. mordy!!

    i dont understand fans who say characters names wrong.. like did you even watch the freakin show lmao

  92. Taylor Wagnon

    why is the host being such a jackass… seems very immature and its cringey

  93. Phœnix bagels

    I love maisies laugh

  94. Daniel Chong

    looking back 5 years ago.. and having watched the final season… at 31min that question about 'Hodor' make sense now.. 'hold door'

  95. 999.999 Görüntülenme

    Bu ne bicim turkce altyazi amk

  96. Connor Iquada

    I love how George always has that hat

  97. Ben Summers

    "I thought you understood dramatic structure" not anymore craig

  98. Samuel King

    I'm mad i wanted hear more about the preparation for the mountain vs. The viper fight and the moderator cut him off

  99. GravyJesus

    31:12 holy fuck the cringe. He started off so well too.

  100. TheGuyWhoIsAustralian

    "I thought you understood dramatic structure"
    yeah……so did we

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