before we start the video, it would be nice for you to subscribe to the youtube nisamillenia channel, like the comment and share this video to your friends, and don’t forget you follow my instagram at @nisamillenia or click the link in the description and let’s start video you open google after that you type “android 1” like this ……. then you select the mod after that you can choose the mod game you want After you click the link in the description you scroll down later there will be a green button, then you click the button, wait a few seconds until there is a green button and there are Russian posts, you click and wait for the download after you have downloaded the install game mod mod game this time, that is in this game unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, maximum highest level and the items have been opened all of you live and the money will not be gone but the disadvantage of this game is that you have to buy the land because the land is not in the cheat, but if the item is rich in hoe, hammer scop etc. that can increase without being bought. the function of hoe hammers etc. is for cutting trees, lakes etc. if you like this video you can subscribe like comments and share this video to your friends and don’t forget you follow my Instagram at @nisamillenia or click on the link in the list, but here I don’t force you if you sincerely thank God and thank you very much …. thanks for those of you who have watched this video from the beginning to the end it’s really true in this game there are so many mods, the money can continue to increase, the diamonds continue to increase etc. if for example the storage can also be updated again to the max level it can without worrying about running out of money Please, if it is noisy because I am a midwife, and now there are many patients and my family, the big family is really noisy but the disadvantage of this game is why there are no road items, even though if there are road items it will be even neater to arrange the kit factory, if it doesn’t exist, it will be a mess Anyway, this is a really good mod, I don’t know it’s an offline or online game because I record it in an online data state, but usually this online game isn’t offline but I don’t know if you can try it online, whether it can or not.

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