Game Design with Ready Maker – Lesson 1: Basics & Physics

hi so this is the this is ready, you can
see I’ve made my account here and now we’re gonna start a new project so we’re
gonna go create new that’s what the screen looks like it’s blank so let’s
put something in so first to add a new character it’s simple you can plus sign
and in artworks you look at who you want to add. let’s add this octopus you click
and you hold and then you drag and we in the person the clicking and ready can
get a little unfamiliar sometimes you have to hold and then drag. okay the good
thing what ready is it’s actually really good for iPads because the clicking and
holding is pretty natural so we have the character you can do a lot of things
with them so you can press the X here you can move the can’t even click and
hold and then let go to select the person you can move around you can
change the rotation by clicking on the rotation button you can click on the
corner and then change the size move around you can even upload your own
images later so if you go here you can upload artwork so that’s cool
but now let’s give them something to stand on it’s kind of floating in air so
I’m gonna click here and search clap form in artwork ok so it says there’s
one industrial platform make sure you I clicked on the artwork section, I’m gonna
click on that hold it drag it doesn’t mean it’s the only platform
it means the only thing with the name platform if I cancel here I can look
through and I will find other things that are like platforms. I can
make him stand on an asteroid, what else I can make it on the banner I can make
him stand on a hat blue gorund anything but let’s make him
stand on this industrial industrial platform I wanna make it a bit bigger also note I can just click and drag
easily update click on him wait and then drag okay that’s a work of ready okay so
now I have something to stand on perfect now why don’t you pause and take one
character and one person to stand on awesome okay now we have this this is
our build mode by the way if you want to play mode don’t you play the game we can
press the play button great there’s anything happening try pressing keys
nothing is happening because we haven’t told the computer that something
supposed to happen yet and what computers are dumb and you need
to give in instructions you know to pause and you’re back in build mode so
here you can do all your coding or change things doesn’t actually make your
game okay let’s do something let’s allow the octopus to move so I click on the
assign and close artwork on the right here instead of artwork I want to look
at behaviors behaviors are when you want to tell the computer that something
behaves in a specific general way okay so here I’ll click on the control pad
and I drag it to the octopus then you close the menu and you press
play to test and then look WASD now we can use the WASD keys to move the
octopus around perfect now let’s pause and you pause take a moment to add that
behavior right now that’s cool but this game feel a little flat it feels an easy
hmm so let’s make something interesting let’s add some gravity so that the
octopus can actually fall so I click on the octopus notice how this appears on
the Left I click on physics I turn it to physics on when I make sure gravity is
on is so this thing can fall so again I press play now perfect so now gravity
can affect it and it can fall so that’s awesome so I’m gonna pause he comes back
and we’re going to pause and do that yourself add gravity and test oh okay
perfect now I’m gonna just bring this guy up a
little bit to make it more interesting and I’m gonna press play and they’ll see
what happens perfect we saw this should happen by showing the platform’s gravity
I turn the physics that’s in the physics on if I press play up everything falls
okay I can also hopes I can also keep its
physics on and gravity off and let’s see what happens okay I’ll show you that
again so it didn’t start falling initially it just fell when the octopus
hit it because it’s physics right if something hits something that thing will
move okay but for now let’s just the gravity of the platform off take a
pause and try playing with gravity of your platform okay now that’s a good
place to stop so you now know how to place objects and
play with gravity a bit and play with moving little bit

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  1. a ackov

    Can you do a multi-level tutorial? How can you export a multi-level game also?

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