FrostRunner: FREE SPEEDRUNNING GAME 2019! – Gameplay Walkthrough (Main Story)

hi guys gameplay vids 24/7 here welcome
to the first and maybe only part of my Frostrunner gameplay walkthrough series
for the PC guys frostrunner is a free-to-play running game pretty much
you have to try and beat every stage as fast as possible without falling and
dying pretty much you guys know that the bunny hopping what’s a word for it
surfing I think it’s called in counter-strike terms surfing bunny
hopping either way the games that focus mainly
on that let’s see how well I can do I do hope that you guys do enjoy you can play
this right now and staying for free just keep that in mind okay I try and beat my
scores I am no way gonna be really good at this game but I will give it a solid
try let’s see how good we can go please remember course hit that like and
subscribe and if you did enjoy leave a comment as well tell me what you think
of Ross runner I’d love to hear it alright so yeah I’m gonna switch back to
the other view now let’s take it off I will switch between scenes here and
there what I want to talk to you guys one-on-one but for now I will go to the
default face cam alright let’s do this so I want to try and jump straight away
here try to a skip jump dad so 5 point 6 9 6 seconds the highest
score of how early is five point five three nine okay so that is intense let’s
go to the next level here that was level one quick beginnings come and see how
it’s gonna go down now so I’m a little bit worried let’s see I have to jump
over there should be fine just did a jump there was a little secret then what
was that what’s this here you think didn’t think I saw that game but I saw
that buddy achieve unlock do you did it whatever that means they’re just an
achievement unlocked you did it okay so I just got some sort of secret there no
problems nice jump jump jump nice okay got that
done how fast was our five point seven seconds highest score is five point five
four five now people pulling off these scores of
five point five Wow okay it’s getting a bit intense straightaway
I snowfall here we go can we use the walls as like walking no
we can’t okay you can’t use the walls oh there’s another secret though okay I got
the secret that’s fine I thought we could maybe use the walls
and like you know glide off them but you can’t not submit then enter me 5.6
seconds high scores five point four seconds ha ha people are dominating this
game that was snowfall completed good ok finding treasures let’s do this I’m
gonna go for that bonus straightaway apparently we have to collect
unlockables to unlock levels cool just died that male that’s alright just wanna
cut as many coins as we can yes that was good that was actually pretty decent but
I still did not manage to get even on the top ranking man
my tie is four point eight five five highest scores again by Zeus this guy
Zeus keeps destroying everyone 4.6 seconds err guys bloody h### that is
intense prologue 5 final test okay let’s hear the final test I just
sucked up instantly what if I jump here nice doing alright we’re gonna keep
hopscotching across here hopefully this works alright that was okay that wasn’t
bad right speedy beginnings did you even read the tool tips so got a couple of
treatments a lot there okay not bad dude we did it nine point four eight three
high score is nine point two oh I will prologues completed guys through a loop
okay through a loop it shouldn’t be too hard surely reims activate moving
platforms I can’t read the rest of it sadly that’s okay too late now Masumi
just to jump through the ring yep there we go
so 5.2 seconds one with 6.5 literally bed in that booster cross nice that was
okay 5.9 seconds just then good it means a
little bit better maybe oh yes did a little bit better five
point nine still how are people how guides how are people pulling off 5.2
seconds whoever is doing this these scores
Zeus actually got beaten then so whoever is actually pulling off these scores you
guys are freaking legends out there man I don’t know how you’re doing it for
real you gotta show me on YouTube definitely
stair-stepper ringing – okay here we go oh wow okay
oh I’m dead I was gonna try an Abba Scotch that they’re a didn’t work out at
all jump jump come on keep going keep going
nice eight point eight seconds some of the eight point seven eight but still
don’t get on tenth position there can I go a little bit faster you reckon or not
Marty Larry we’re into next level so this is pretty good for a free-to-play
game I’ve got to admit keep up okay I got
keep up as long as we keep jumping like this like a madman we should be okay I
don’t want to miss like that obviously however to do is probably gonna
concentrating it jump jump nice
I still don’t know how to help people going so quick by the way it baffles my
mind bro I would okay then seventeen second alright so got 11 seconds to 17
seconds ladies and gentlemen there you have it go around here we go next one I
just wanted to see what happened I did just sacrifice myself then Oh God oh
well okay this is a bit intense that was pretty fun 12 seconds is around here
enjoy do I have to go on that platform I think I have to go on that platform them
at a while hey I’m just trying to figure out the best way to do this yes nice
gotta unlock nice run-up beautiful eleven seconds just then it’s got a ring
to it faster than a blue hedgehog then I’m just doing really good then I’m not
because I got 11 points 16 seconds nine point nine seconds was the highest so
they are the highest one that’s alright let’s go to next level
dude I’m liking the game so far Lachie I’m liking the game so far give this a
try guys don’t try and beat my school I want to see how fast you guys are going
right because as I said I’m not the best spot you know I do try my hardest here
slip and slide I can’t even go what’s gonna happen oh yeah slip’n slide is
right brother Jesus Christ now slide off the edge yes I can’t cool
I’ve gone that far I want to show you this unlock got it okay good I want to
try and get on that edge if I can there we go nice that was good but actually we
did okay then three point three two I’m at three point five for put a little bit
better oh come on zero point is zero zero one
second slower okay that’s enough for now slipping slides done slide to the left
ice – okay I want that pickup got it nice okay all just missed them I was
trying to try and slide into that oh god it’s ping pong then but I get
three point nine two so that should be good a little bit better three point
eight other people at three point two zero point zero four nine seconds three
point seven seconds still people again three point two unbelievable scores
right now half pipe press space to start okay
let’s do the half pipe I do it if I could leave all the way to that side
that’d be fantastic I don’t know if I can pull that off though oh man I reckon
I can I kind of trying to look a little trick okay big jump there we go that was nice
eight point seven seconds not bad not bad not bad
keep sliding Icefall the only problem is trying to land that jump the first time
properly there we go nice that was good four point nine eight five
seconds there on the timer snow cross press space to start here we go
Oh God okay this is gonna be intense big jump big mess
I died yes game I understand cool so obviously you can’t jump why’d you
hit that for Kenya a little bit fast and last time I don’t know how people got
six seconds on that do that’s incredible if you get six seconds in that getting
40mm press space to start okay cool that’s click nice about six seconds
there sure and sweet all right here we go I’ll do a big leap legally worked out
okay for me there 8 seconds oh that’s trying a little bit faster here nice little bit faster seven point nine
seconds so so far we’re doing all right I’m not doing terribly not failing every
single jump now you’re hooked okay here we go
Oh God you have to climb that perfectly okay nice
Oh God straight over dude I jump straight over the door get ready
everyone I reckon I can do it this time nice excellent straight through a little
bit faster there twelve point two seconds Wow so pretty much we we are
never gonna get first place in this game so far by looks but wall I shot myself
really far then I’d say I can do here can I be sneaky with a boost let’s find
out not too sure where I’ll go exactly oh okay I’ll go through here apparently
whoa um okay twelve seconds that was just then somehow people actually beat
me though well bro people switched on here
they’re doing their tricks as well excellent
nine point seven seconds I actually did okay that nine point seven seconds hey
Candace here we go what the h###’s gonna happen here died straightaway – slow easy whoa nice boost there that
boost was great cool that was a quick boost 14 seconds
Oh too slow for other people apparently hope I cut through here maybe put a
boost jump down I’m not too sure 13 seconds that time bling okay
got it nice hey six point six second bling – big
leaps that was a big leap then cool oh oh oh cheeky game assuming you get this
guys yes beautiful I did okay look a little bit faster ten point three four
nice I’ll take that air time here we go again okay I guess the game once we really
start learning to use these boosts properly that was good
that was very good that was nice and quick ten point 64 let’s try and hunt
down that bonus now till we get through here
time okay let’s do this properly again nice straight in beautiful ten point
three seven okay that was good watch the landing here we
go a big jump just made it buddy how this is a hike isn’t it quite slow 17
seconds seventeen point eight seconds left and right okay and try make it all
the way down dad bloody h###
nice big boost across I should get me boy nice just made that through good
stuff sixteen point two four seconds man that was intense
alright so so far really liking the game it is a h### of a challenge bro I don’t
know how some people are pulling off the scores that they are then if they found
exploits they found the best way to do it I cannot wait to see people’s videos
on YouTube that’s all I can say for real it’s a nice level gonna be chained it
together Oh God chained it together here we go get all right mister the boost jump now
the boost jump is hanging me all the way to the end isn’t it
excellent 14 seconds first place got 11 seconds down the middle that’s a big
jump got a eight point three seconds there guys max score was eight geez
falling softly here we go I shall want to leap off that won’t I now go over the
barrier I guess I can tackle and here excellent that was all right seventeen
seconds someone beat in 14 seconds though I love it
up and over okay nice boost there directly here got a fourteen point four
seconds actually did that pretty decently legit I went okay finish line doing okay nice big boost there beautiful
dude we did heaps good then like that was that was good chain reaction the
floor is lava 12 seconds to 0.0 to avoid 16 well that’s it the game’s done
credits yet see we’ve done it everyone alright
cool bro I didn’t even get a hundred percent there either but we did actually
did pretty decently pretty happy with that
these are the credits good job team very cool man love the graphics in this
game as well feel free to play game man’s pretty solid 30 minutes or so
thirty minutes to an hour reckon to be every level I know we do have any sanity
ones but I probably won’t bother with them just yet as you guys that she want
to see me play them there was a level there hang on what’s that level I die I
wanna try and grab that bonus level p.m. and um I like the game legit like I had
no problem with it if you guys play for Asrani please let me know in the
comments below I’d love to hear it I’d love to know what your scores were
as well on what you user names are so I can see them in the leaderboards because
yeah I try my hardest but the game punished me we think it’s a pretty look
we’re gonna do terribly of course I’ve been in attitude that bad it’s just not
what I I didn’t get Tom to ten hello legit under it though I think with you
know okay no should I finish this credit level here
I speak very beautiful done ball bro okay so what’s this insanity what you’re
doing sanity I don’t know what that means and sad I get to collect all the
yeah who won’t worry about that just now if you guys want to see insanity levels
let me know in the comments below but either way thank you so much for tuning
in guys I hope you all enjoy today’s video a good way to start off 2019 with
a fun game that keeps you on your toes so yeah I therefore recommend you guys
all try out frost runner thank you again for tuning in
catch you all later guys be sure to subscribe I play new games every day see
you and everyone

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