What the fuck?! What’s up YouTube? SmokinDank5280, it is Friday which means I’m
doing my Friday update so real quick first things first on the PlayStation Plus, or not
PlayStation Plus store, but on the PlayStation Store Bethesda is having a sale right
now up to 50 percent off which includes Wolfenstien and The Evil Within neither one of those games
am i interested in getting I am I gonna turn to games right now but
if you’re interested in them there’s a bunch of shit on sale from Bethesda EA is also having a big sale on the PS
Store PlayStation Store up to 80% off and that I did take
advantage of. I spent 20 bucks and upgraded my Battlefield 4 to premium
which if you don’t own the game yet it’s like $12 or $13 on on the
PlayStation Store right now for digital download its 25 bucks if you wanna do a, if you wanna get the game and premium which is still dirt cheap
considering they were selling it for $120 just a few months ago now Now if you already own the game you can also upgrade to premium for 20 bucks just be careful when you do this you don’t wanna do what a guy i know did
yesterday he already owns the game but spent 25 bucks re-bought the game and upgraded to Premium. After calling and dealing with Sony he was like “fuck it I still got it dirt cheap I don’t care, I spent
five dollars extra” but save your five bucks and make sure
that you’re getting the correct version up what you’re look. or what you wanna buy. Also speak about Battlefield, well before we get done with that, EA has also got Madden FIFA and a bunch other games on
huge discount too right now. but back to Battlefield, yesterday they
announced that the Battlefield Hardline Open Beta is gonna be February 3rd
through February 8th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3
Xbox One and Xbox 360 and the game launches on
March 17. This’ll be a worldwide beta so everybody
can play it and if you’re on PC you’ll need to go through Origins if you don’t
have an account you’ll have to set up an origins account I’m gonna play the beta but for me there is no way in hell that this is a
Day 1 purchased for me not after what happened last year with
Battlefield 4 and that launch I’m going to be waiting a…at least 60
days if I even get Hardline. I’m still not
convinced I want Hardline that I wanna play cops and robbers I still do like battlefield big open War battles they’re fun they’re
epic I’d almost rather see a Call of Duty go
cops and robbers then battlefield but that’s just my opinion. What are your thoughts? Are you getting Battlefield Hardline? Are you playing the beta? Comments below for that. On to bigger, I shouldn’t say bigger and better
things, but onto free things which free things is always good so free games if you’re (blah blah) Free games if you’re a PlayStation Plus
member Those drop the first Tuesday of every
month so is it this Tuesday? I gotta check a calendar. Im pretty sure its this Tuesday coming up we’re getting these. For PlayStation 4 we’re getting the RPG and Action
hybrid Transistor which for me I’m not a big
fan a lot of these indie games but this one’s got a lot a good reviews I’m definitely gonna give it a try I contemplated many times buying it after I
played Child of Light, which I loved that game I thought
well maybe I should try another little indie developer even though that was put out by Ubisoft
it was a little smaller section of Ubisoft but I never pulled the
trigger on the game and IM glad they’re giving it away for free definitely going to be downloading that.
The next one coming up for PlayStation 4 is a pot…Apotheon i think is how
they’re saying that, is how that pronounced, it’s a side-scrolling like
hack and slash game with the Greek mythology theme. It
looks like it kinda needs to be on the Vita
or Gameboy but given the fact that it’s action and hack n slash as long as the controls are, feel good and they’re not clunky
or anything like that when you hit ATTACK the guy actually attacks. it
could be a fun game we’ll just have to see I’m not, i don’t have high hopes for it but
at least it’s not an indie puzzle game that I just…No Thanks! On the ps3 you’ve got Thief which was
out last year. I played that game great game. The story gets a little
goofy at the end and you’re like what the fuck
are they talking about here but it’s still fun definitely worth checking
out. Yakuza 4 its a Japanese RPG kinda open world
brawler game I haven’t played it. I never
looked into it. The few clips I saw it looked kinda fun. If you’re gettin it what
do you think? If you played it, is it worth downloading? You can put that in the
comments below. On the PlayStation Vita before we run
our time here real quick without Rogue Legacy which has got good reviews
and I’m actually looking forward to playing this the side-scrolling kinda castle themed
hack and slash, where if you die you start over completely by passing your money on to
your kids and then you play as your kids and you
continue your legacy moving throughout the castle. I’m hoping
it’s a good game will see the next one is Kick & Finnick. I haven’t heard of it. I saw a
couple videos of it. It looks bright and colorful, hopefully it’s a lot of fun I still haven’t really found PlayStation
Vita game I really like but I mean I just play ’em for a few minutes and then there I’m done with them, but
hopefully it’s a good one. Thanks for watchin if you like the
video hit the THUMBS UP button for more videos hit that subscribe
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watching everybody!

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