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  1. Vy Qwaint

    One of you is part of Project Zorgo! The boys are being so suspicious!

  2. Joey Breault


  3. Joey Breault


  4. Asima Shafiq


  5. Hailie Bowen


  6. Sara Abudayeh

    I saw something move

  7. Rita Tajiboy Tzapin

    I. Heaard every. Single word

  8. Daylene Erker


  9. Ghazal Abu Hazeem

    Hi spy ninjas

  10. Sam Sam

    No budy is pz

  11. Armaan Meets

    There’s a bottle on a tree when you chased gm

  12. Jeff Turner

    I saw the game master at 5:15🤭🤭🤭😏

  13. Shirley English

    There was a hole when you left the boat

  14. Shirley English

    By the way I'm using my grandma's account don't judge me

  15. Mejrem prekadini

  16. Mejrem prekadini

  17. Gillian Arcilla

    There is a mask on the blue boat

  18. Crystal_Plays_ Gacha

    Dont hate the player DONT BLAME EACH OTHER Couse its all just a game

  19. Encha ntress

    Did love of you so valuable now me hotel home just wanted

  20. Abu Bakar Badrulnizam

    Ha did 🤔🤔

  21. Kids fun for Everyone

    4 they found 4

  22. El1T3 24


  23. El1T3 24

    Vy quint

  24. Stephani Ortiz

    You guys are not the game master the game master and project Zargo Disappeared

  25. Ian Huggy

    Hey guess I saw something with a white mask insect eating a secret and I saw it in the middle of the ocean case

  26. Samantha Fielden

    Stephen is the game master and chad and matt is project zorgo they swop when grace Rebecca and vy aren't looking

  27. kitty YT

    Cwc,matt,Stephen you missed a white trap door in the bush

  28. Collison McDonald


  29. Taylor Bassett

    Hi Vy and Chad

  30. Nurun Nahar Poppy

    Keep team the girls have some to maybe it go together.

  31. Linda Richardson

    They did

  32. Linda Richardson

    Vy have one with a backpack and a musical simble on her paper

  33. Zaheer Plays

    The girls found bottles to.

  34. par reh paul meh reh

    chad was hacker and steve is game mater

  35. Vanessa Trujillo

    The spy ninjas prison

  36. Katarzyna Sikora

    I know right🤔

  37. Adiel Romano

    Rebecca Needs the paper and they found peppers to and you guys Need them

  38. Luna Moon

    Yes they did

  39. Beverly Butler

    Yeah!I think so to the boys are acting suspicious!Thay are acting like there the game maste!

  40. Youssef Essalek

    Me too I thought we were working to defeat project zorgo

  41. Alexis Ryan

    I see the gm

  42. Khloe Dougherty


  43. Asantewaa Ansah

    I love you Matt

  44. Darcie Purslow

    I Lick you videos so much

  45. Darcie Purslow

    I seen the gaymaster in the bush

  46. Antwanyah Johnson

    Hi project zorgct. I am a fan

  47. Antwanyah Johnson

    Hi project zorgct. I am a fan

  48. Aamna Khan

    Norris nuts need help!

  49. Sumaiya Hafiza

    Chad is project zorgo

  50. Andrew Randall

    Matt and Rabeccca I'm a big Fan

  51. Andrew Randall

    I see a s

  52. Azj Zerafa

    I saw something

  53. Seini Mafileo


  54. ariana Taylor

    The only way I could go on your own phone was to get it off the yellow phone I had a great time with you and your friends I wanna is your day I love it and I

  55. pw3bst3r

    I couldn’t hear you

  56. kelsey lynn hill


  57. Zion Vasquez

    Go to the woods

  58. Cape COB


  59. charlene lewis

    Vy it's not me vy

  60. Tatiana Jinzarli1

    Stephen the game master was behind you

  61. Gamer Kid

    Well like there is video evidence that they were all there together so you cant say anything about that

  62. Kenny Gillespie

    I seen the G.M behind the 🌲 tree

  63. Karen Ball

    Before you went in to the hide and seek forest there was a camera on the tree behind you

  64. Valentina De Hoyos


  65. naya hassan

    They did find some bottles

  66. Amanda Dale

    The girls found lots of bottles

  67. Jessica Davis

    Be careful

  68. Maaike Koopman


  69. Maaike Koopman


  70. Kylie.bell16 Bell

    Some things is there

  71. Steve Grover

    I got your new bag for Christmas

  72. Elizabeth Phillips

    Vy love chad

  73. Essa Toufiq Abdul Hameed

    You’re such a great person

  74. La Nimo


  75. Fatima Kayani

    Sunrise at the beginning of the video Sunset at the end of the video

  76. Kate Moody

    chad is game master

  77. Basalisa Caixeiro


  78. Lourdes Ortega

    The girls are fine ding clue hi

  79. Darby Fratus

    the girls found 3 bottles and they said that you guys are getting them to

  80. Darby Fratus

    oh and there not the game master

  81. Ozlem Cetin Diler

    did you see gm or project zorgo when you siad he is a fast runner and showed the the house while running

  82. Emilie Cloutier

    At the beginning of the video Matt said “Steven and Rebecca found this secret hidden door”

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