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  1. Yiğit Efe Yüntem

    Can we discuss about how wholesome the new emotes are? I mean like 8 months ago everything was fire, chaos, death and darkness. Now look at where we are.

  2. Thomas Van der Stockt

    who wants to start a band with me?

  3. Cruz The Brute


  4. conqueror the Wolf

    How much steel?

  5. Claudio Filippi

    Its so cuteee :DD

  6. Michael W.

    I'm hyped

  7. Semper Vampiri

    Speed up heavys a little, slow down lights a lot with a slight damage reduce. Add an implementation of side weapons as backups or secondarys because the sword on my back is useless.
    – A shinobi main
    …also stop nerfing me to extinction!

  8. Redooct 3

    The flute emote is so BM

  9. Ivan Cortinovis

    " Toss a steel 'fo youuur Guardian…"

  10. Another Dam Clone

    Honestly this is pretty funny

  11. Gregor Roberto Pohl Sawcazk


  12. big chungus

    Are the emotes perminent?

  13. JUAN17024

    Well, that 15K hero can wait…

    Time to form a band boys

  14. Drunken Skeleton

    Cool, I better get in at least one dominion game where everyone has this emote and all sit on a zone jamming out.

  15. Duncan Bourne

    This new effect was made for nobushi's execution. I killed myself laughing

  16. A.C Borghiere

    Now kiss

  17. TheMeltingMan1

    This game can get real fuckin cute when it wants to

  18. CAT

    This is perfect for my sexturion

  19. dualclaymores

    My dumbass bought 20k steel ‘cause I thought the emotes were limited. It was only after buying the steel that I realized…they’re not.

  20. BOY BORGES 15

    Cant wait to play a flute while my teammate gets double teamed

  21. Sky Sweeper

    Lmao that nobushi execution with that emote… ubi's just making it canon now

  22. Drewski 1996

    The centurion one is gold.


    Where's Jaskier?

  24. Brendan 2000

    we got some creepy yandere stuff now

  25. Crusade King


  26. Mr. Airsoft


  27. Liam Hermes

    Nobushi basically does what every girl I've ever liked has. Stabbed me and the fucking cracked me in my esophagus

  28. Connor Belote

    Love everything about this, my only complaint: 💔 The Heart Effect does not crack and shatter like a broken heart when hitting it's climax. A missed opportunity, 9/10

  29. Chris Jordan

    This is Gay Level 1,000,000,000,000,000,000…

  30. taha hormozan

    Wut Da Faak

  31. Isaac the Bot


  32. conqueror the Wolf

    There playing the main menu song

  33. Charlie Davis

    Tiandi whips out massive horn


  34. ZooYork_TiMeZ

    The emotes aren’t free you have to pay for them with steel

  35. Griffe Ardente

    Toss a coin to your witcher…

  36. HunTersTimE

    How can I get this emotes?

  37. hutchy1k94

    Gay for Cent.

  38. rip harambe

    Not adding a record screech to nobushi executing warden is a crime.

  39. BlackSkull 63

    Please Ubisoft make the Instruments with infinite Effect. I want to see my mask effect as long as my character play the Instrument right now it goes in an instant away

  40. Paradox 420

    Lmao everyone gonna be playing instruments in fight clubs and honorable 1v1s in death match

  41. Richard.X

    Is for honor going through it’s “summer of love” phase?

  42. Rap Z.

    Warden x Nobushi in the thumbnail.

  43. Avalanche

    This entire weeks content is just a meme and I love it

  44. hihihi huhuhu


  45. NepBushi75

    Warden: Worst valentines ever… sniff….

  46. Manta W

    I feel like shaman should have a valentines execution called “heartbreaker” where she rips out you’re heart and rips it apart

  47. Woeful Harmony

    Is the love effect limited time?

  48. One Word Man

    Any chance rampage of ragnarok execution will return?

  49. Null_

    For honor is the best melee game to ever exist and it keeps getting better. Thank you devs for the hard work. ❤️

  50. Shameer Ahmed

    Good game but fighting skill is very bad


    That so cool

  52. Ignacio Garay

    0:16 when entras a yegua abanderada

  53. Blackwolf

    I like that they also show off new gear instead of using the default gear.

  54. Thiago Santos

    Oh man bring the pipe to the higjlander boi

  55. MISTA sLeeK

    Now we need dance emotes and we all good

  56. FrontLineTexan 21

    Ubisoft just made Warbushi official

  57. Brandon Leon

    I'm so done lol

  58. Jashon Lowry

    I'm bout to bust down

  59. Mr. Coffee Guy

    Warbushi confirmed

  60. RaptureLimited

    Poor Warden, all he wanted was some necc…

  61. Swiggity Swoogity

    This + the coin emote = Toss a coin to your witcher

  62. Chinbalus

    THAT LUTE!!!!!

  63. Dofima Wynn

    Can i just say, team fortress 2 did an update like this were they added happy dancing emotes that you could share with other players in a match and it was awesome. You would log in a shooting game and see servers filled with people just dancing. Im not expecting the same with for honor but for the first few days i do hope to see some friendly music matches!

  64. afif nafis

    multiplayer ruin the game,,

  65. ninetails625


  66. comet tiger

    so cute

  67. 6_e! . げし


  68. Red Wolf Gaming

    Another cool but overpriced emote

  69. HeyBEST K

    Espero que algún día saquen un verdadero videojuego de guerra y honor.

  70. Sam Esdicul

    1:05 Larry Almost got a kiss from Nobushi
    Happy valentine's day warriors

  71. Timothy Cartwright

    Will you be my valenturion.

  72. Никита Зарипов

    0:11 Toss a coin to your warden …

  73. Tamal Chakraborty

    Gonna use the love effect on shugoki's new execution.

  74. Gahlwyn Fjorn

    Yo, these instrumental emotes are some of the best content we’ve ever gotten!!

  75. Rylai Lina

    Call me thinking too cliché… But i think the Viking should play a horn and the WuLin should play Flute…

  76. Caleb Mexson

    No one:

    Tiandi with a horn: Now this’s an avengers-level threat!

  77. J.R BeVier Dill

    There should be an interactive playing menu you can choose to bring up, exclusively so that Highlander mains can blast Scotland the brave on that horn….

    I think regardless communities would find really fun ways to combine instruments and make their own music though

  78. Caamoorra

    0:56 Chadturion San 😥😩😩😩😳

  79. JohnKnight416

    0:11 Toss a coin for your Warden

  80. feral

    so can I get the emotes with the new event ??

  81. gary gerold

    1:04 Ubisoft bought into the meme

  82. Wolvie X

    I love this ,especially flute , is this limited time or can buy anytime

  83. Duh Doy

    God I can already imagine the PK's and Nobu's with the Warm in your love effect

  84. Freejek38

    For honor day1: death and blood
    For honor now: dude clappong their hands and playing stuff

  85. JahJah

    Can we have a mode where everyone is in a village, roaming around freely and just chilling, sparring zones with wooden weapons, npc’s interracting with each other?

  86. Battle Tube

    that effect is fu*king gay

  87. Harmgrim

    Maybe a bagpipe for highlander? Just saying.

  88. Александр Воробьёв

    Meh, leave this plebs stuff for Mordhau

  89. Athan's Creed

    Absolutely nobody:
    Not a single soul:

    Tiandi: Whips out horn


  90. Master Chief323

    Centurion being ROMANtic

  91. PHANTOM :c

    Amo for honor

  92. SpringGull

    It's going to be so fun when you and the enemy team in Dom all have the instruments and when a team is breaking, instead of fighting you just play a song until the timer runs out. Wholesome time.

  93. Thanos chin

    Pls give us execution where raider punches his hand in their chest


    Roman is in love

  95. David Boman

    If hito kisses me I will kill myself

  96. Godzilla King of monsters

    They really feel the love when your driving a blade through their heart

  97. The Demonshield

    I feel like the end warden😭

  98. EmemonD

    The moment when For Honor Turns into Tf2

  99. Mat The dipper

    Best season in a long time

  100. Backyard Music Feedback

    ADD A BRAWLER!!!!!

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