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  1. Dire Wolf

    Rhea’s team is clear, but Shayna….I don’t see them putting Shafir or Duke in War Games but Belair and Shiraz sure, so….Mia Yim doing a heel turn or a surprise move…..wonder what Toni Storm’s plans are that weekend

  2. ShiivaWilding

    Well, my last comment was hijacked by a sad bunch discussing the looks of female wrestlers, so I'll just leave my original comment here instead – "I watch more women's wrestling on NXT than I watch whole promotions elsewhere, it's so freaking good!"

  3. Zach Almy

    War games needs to be a match in wwe2k

  4. Zone

    Why does shanah or however u spell the nxt womens champs name, look like she wpuld b one of those "its maam" ppl.

    its like we kno ur a dude so dnt hide it XD

  5. Jon Hawkins

    Since when did they let dudes fight in womens wrestling

  6. Mad-king-of-fools Pariah-of-the-universe

    SUCKS !!! Faces were out numbered and Nox & Kai were already beaten up & misted.

  7. D B

    For a second, I thought it as Pete Dunn in the thumbnail

  8. David Welsh

    Shayna needs to drop. She has had the title too long as it is.

  9. Darwin Harris

    Regal: " I got a very simple solution for this……………WAR GAMES!!!" Joey Styles: "OOOOH MY GOD!!!"

  10. Darwin Harris

    The NXT Women's division is single-handily beating AEW on Wednesday night by far!!

  11. Andre Faelnar

    Now I wonder if ronda rousey will interfere and let shayna retain her nxt women's title? 🤔🤔🤔 now that would be interesting 😁😁😁

  12. Toshiro Hitsugaya

    Seriously that woman looks like Baron corban when he had long hair in thumbnail while the left looks like Jeff hardy in the thumbnail.

  13. AnnaBella K

    Regal is like pissed off uncle 😀 when he said WAR GAMES I like it

    Also WAR GAMES will be badass

  14. Eric Alvarez

    What’s war games? New to this. 🙂

  15. Georgieee

    So one side had five the other had 4… please take out Bianca

  16. Big Terminator

    Toni Storm should be fifth member of team Ripley that would make this match truly great considering she's the number one women's wrestler on the planet

  17. Lunatic Fringe

    war games 3horsewomen, io, belair vs rhea, kai, knox, lerae, yim or toni storm

  18. Goliard C. Tohalino

    I love you Rhea!

  19. Alex Sperandio

    About as simple as you get…

    WAR GAMES!!!!

    Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Love it.

  20. Hugo Rojas

    WWE: first women's match in Arabia
    Now THAT'S history.

  21. yankeefan092

    Washed up horsewomen need to go

  22. Noah Foster


  23. Rorschach Daws


  24. Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    Shirai needs to beat Shayna & become champions. Trilogy with Ripley!

  25. Marcelthebeast McDaniels

    Haha William regal get these ladies some war games I see, I like it

  26. DxTrixterz

    So Io and Shayna gonna team up when recently they both feuded with each other? OK.

  27. Jayiswara VEVO

    wow nice team Rhea vs Team Shayna

  28. deivid clossmann

    WTF 5 vs 4, Will you put Toni Storm to complete Rhea Ripley's time at War Games ?

  29. Hide C

    What means “war games” ?

  30. Black Darkness

    2:50 WAR GAMES!

  31. crazyangst12

    Can anyone explain to me what’s WarGames? Sounds really exciting

  32. Head

    There's more first ever matches than Big Show heel turns

  33. RedFlameKnight

    Can’t stand shayna baezler

  34. Bomb Shell YT 2.0

    Bianca is like are they gonna make me to a 450 splash off the cage her face is like umm.

  35. Edgy McEdgelord

    Only question is, who are the competitors?

    My guess is Bazler, Shafir, Duke, Belair and Shirai vs Lerae, Nox, Kai, Ripley and either Toni Storm or Shotzi Blackhart

  36. Christopher Fraley

    This roster is epic!!!!!!


    So who the 5th member for rhea riply team

  38. aidxn .__


  39. Kenneth Monfil

    At "2:43" the following is what "William Regal" should've said:

    I've got a very simple solution for this, but I don't think that u'r up to it which I know u know where this is going; nd so let me ask u: r u up for "WarGames"?

    (Nd then they should've tried to get past the refs to fight each other as a way to signify that they're up for it).

  40. Jay Miller


  41. Mega Ayie

    So there are 5 in Team Heel which are Shayna, Bianca, Io, Marina and Jessamyne. On Team Face only 4 which are Rhea, Candice, Tegan and Dakota but she was reported to have hyper extended knee during her match with The Kabuki Warriors so she may not joined if her knee is having issues. I guess the fitfh member would be Mia Yim since I haven't seen her in quite a while. I can't wait for the Women's War Games. They're definitely gonna tore the house down and show that they are the best women's division in WWE

  42. Microphonunlock

    Ok but take that title out from Shayna. Her reign its unbearable

  43. Wild Gunman

    I don't like Shayna Brazzers and her two lapdogs.

  44. Nerfclasher Productions

    Here is the replay button 2:48

  45. Bernice Marie

    Regal saying WARGAMES was EVERYTHING, he’s really good as a GM

  46. Avigail Estrada

    Damn Regal serious👌🏼

  47. Elliot Webber

    William Regal saying “WAR GAMES”

    Best promo of 2019.

  48. Ed Da Bawsh

    Shana's fivehead always kills me 😂😂

  49. Simon Phung

    Just sent chills down my spine. God damnit, Regal! 😱

  50. Jack Dunn

    Can we all just agree regal is a don

  51. ElJOUDI hach

    Reply VS shayna😉and It will be😉awe😉some.

  52. 8 Bit Short films

    William regal: WAR GAMES
    Me: Say……….No……..More

  53. Chuck the chicken

    Will it be for the championship though

  54. Keanu Cora

    Women are making history once again.

  55. Negative Ives

    4 vs 5 if I'm not miscounting. Guessing a returning Ronda would be number 5, or someone either returning or debuting for the first time.

  56. chimakalu41

    These new lady wrestlers are crazy

  57. Sgt AWOL

    The So Called HorseWomen

  58. Louie Velayo

    2:52 Don't lie… Aside from Mr. Regal's announcement, we all came for that…

  59. JFM Roa

    Teacher: You're failing this class

    William: I got a very simple solution for this, WARGAMES.

  60. Scarly Rodriguez

    What is war games?

  61. Noel Naftali Yousaf

    When he says war game damn. Gave me chills right down my spine. This is going to be epic

  62. bob dillion

    Why isn’t war games a pay per view like hell in a cell?

  63. Mitrix

    SB = sasha banks 💙 no shayna

  64. Nick Riddle

    WarGames is literally my favorite time in NXT

  65. Adonis

    Why this bitchs bald?

  66. Yousef Swain

    2:42 Played over and over again. Thank you William Regal!

  67. Diarra Harris

    William Regal's solution for everything? "WAR GAMES!"

  68. Anher Hernandez

    What I wanna know is who’s gonna be teaming with Knox, Kai, Lerae and Rhypley. (Don’t know if I spelled them correctly) cause Shayna has a full team but Rhypley is missing 1 more person for her team

  69. David Thomas

    This whole segment was awesome but my favorite part has to be the very end. They show Marina Shafir in her MMA stance waiting for someone to come get those hands.

  70. Feza Elongo

    William régal u just the best decision ever to the nxt women’s division 👌👌👌👌

  71. The Chosen One

    WAR GAMES!!!!

  72. Arthur Prior

    Its 5 on 4? Who is going to be the 5th one for the other team?

  73. Chazza 05

    I love the way William Regal says WARGAMES


    Is ronda back

  75. Ciro Velasquez

    In 3 weeks it's time to LET THE WAR GAMES BEGIN

  76. Sandman Dreamwalker

    you hear me im killing you

  77. Timothy Torres

    This isn't just the first ever Women's WarGames Match in NXT history, but it's the first ever Women's WarGames Match in general pro wrestling history.

  78. Jukio

    I don’t know much other than the big things that have happened in NXT, I’m trying to get into it right now. What’s War Games?

  79. Vaughn Toboggan

    I can listen to William Regal saying war games all day

  80. Emperor Tiberius

    Oh,my God, this is going to be so awesome! Wargames for the NXT Women's title! NXT just keeps getting better and better. Thank you so much, Triple H and William Regal.

  81. Jonah Bartolome

    Can we get this video on the trending page

  82. Daus zulkifli

    What is the best show in wwe

    It's NXT BAE BAE !!!!!!

  83. silverredwing20

    William regal always knows how to make things epic

  84. Chit-Chat Gaming

    Can’t wait!

  85. VintageWrestling

    I was stunned when I heard William Regal say "Wargames". This is unprecedented for the women's division. NXT is setting the bar high every week.

  86. Normal Person

    okay but when¿

  87. Andrew Gibson

    If someone can please make a 10 hour video of Regal saying War Games I will be forever grateful

  88. Oozora Ichijo

    2:43 yes it is

  89. architect hubert

    All women's division

  90. Parker Copeland

    Mia Yim? Is she going to be added to Rhea’s team

  91. don andrei

    Women will making history

  92. Suneel Kemp

    As soon there's a fight going on in nxt then after when regal comes out you know you about to get chills

  93. Alex Hickman

    Should be good can't wait wwe pushing forward again, nice!!

  94. Nick Pollard

    I really wish there wasn't WarGames event. This is the last time that we'll ever be surprised by a WarGames match being announced, because it was the only remaining 'first'. I want to be elated when Regal shows up during a brawl. Is he going to announce a WarGames match?

    Similar matter with HIAC. Who cares anymore? It's just a singles match surrounded by a cage, promoted with terrible promos about how it may as well be haunted. We know that at least one will come at the HIAC PPV every year.

  95. Patrick P

    Is regal saying wargames going to become his "I'm booking you in a tag team match playa"?

  96. P1 DMC

    Idk what’s better for war games? 3v3v3 like what they did in 2017 or last year with just 4v4

  97. squibby

    Who else thought all of these women were going to compete in WarGames.
    Maybe we’ll see ,Duke n Shafir vs Dakota n someone else at WarGames.

  98. trixi mazzitelli


  99. eric fei

    The performance of Kairi Sane is really disappointing. I don’t see the level of Japanese women’s wrestling.

  100. raman reingg

    Soo predictable…

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