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He was so tired of running. The sidearm was level with the back of Timur’s
head. Timur had a smile in his voice when he spoke
next. “I know what you are,” he said. “And you are no Warmind or even one of its
puppets.” Felwinter’s arm dropped and swung at his
side, as if all his energy had gone out of him all at once. Welcome back guardians, as I mentioned in
my last video, which was about Shaxx being an absolute beast, I highly recommend reading
that weblore, or if you don’t want to do that, watch my video about Shaxx during the
Dark Age, however, I said during that video, that the end of the weblore about Shaxx and
Felwinter, had a bit of a plot twist, underneath Shaxx’s castle they discovered a seraph
bunker, in addition, the final section of the web lore described a Destiny 1 grimoire
card from Felwinter’s perspective… and Felwinter is extremely suspect… like almost
murdering a fellow Iron Lord suspect. So stick around to hear more. As usual, the artwork at the beginning of
this video was provided by Gammatrap. All patreon donations go towards paying gammatrap
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video I mentioned. This is myelin games, and I hope you enjoy
this latest Destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO]
Ok, I went to set some background for Felwinter before we move onto the new weblore. Felwinter, is running from someone or something,
but we don’t know who and we don’t know why. In the Winter’s Guile lore entry, Felwinters
Ghost warns him that he is being chased and gives him a new name, have a listen, it reads,
“Listen to me very carefully. They’re coming for you. They’ll ask you for a name. Your name is Felwinter.'” “I don’t think that’s my name.” “I know. Say it anyway.” “Why can’t I remember my name? I always remember my name. Something’s wrong. Was I damaged in Crypt processing?” “I don’t know anything about the Deep Stone
Crypt. Before my time.” “What the hell are you?” “You don’t trust me.” “No.” “You will.” “You’re a very presumptuous little drone. What makes you think that?” “No one else will help you. It’s kill or die out there.” Just keep this mind for the end of the video,
because we are going to loop back to this idea of Felwinter fleeing, running, trying
to escape or hiding something. It is really hard to tell if Felwinter is
the victim or if he is the villain because the other lore we know about Felwinter, is
he often breaks rule. One really important rule that he broke multiple
times, was the Iron Decree, when he joined the Iron Lords, he was made to abide by the
Iron Decree, which disallows the Iron lords from perma killing other guardians, i.e. targeting
their ghosts. Have a listen to the weblore, where Shaxx
accuses Felwinter of breaking the Iron Decree. It reads,
Shaxx turned to address the Exo. “These people are under my protection. I owe them. Something the Iron Lords should ponder more
often about those they protect.” “The Iron Decree was drafted to protect
the Ghostless,” Felwinter replied. “Give up your territory and join us. Let us show you how powerful your Light can
become.” “Strong words. I’ll wager you said the same thing to Citan. Before you killed him and his Ghost.” Saladin looked to Efrideet in shock. She pretended she didn’t notice, and kept
a hand near her cannon. “Your Decree disallows final-deaths of your
opponents,” Shaxx continued. “Yet you’ve killed countless Warlords. And an Iron Lord, if the rumors are true.” So, like I said before, we have these entries
where it seems like Felwinter is running from something, but then also Felwinter just doesn’t
seem trustworthy, and breaking the Iron Decree is a good example of that. During the weblore, Felwinter, was extremely
persistent in trying to convince lord shaxx in giving up his territory, so much so, that
Felwinter died three times trying to challenge lord shaxx. Eventually, the Iron lords convinced Shaxx
to join them and, they find a Seraph bunker underneath Shaxx’s castle. I want to ask you this question, do you think
Felwinter knew about the Seraph Bunker, was this the reason for him being so persistent,
he wanted to gain access to the Bunker? We know, that Felwinter would go on to track
down Rasputin and even try communicate with Rasputin leading up to the events of Rise
of Iron, maybe this was his first contact with Rasputin tech. Regardless, have a listen to the weblore about
the hidden bunker, it reads, Felwinter, Saladin, and Efrideet sat at a
massive oak table on a keep atop Felwinter’s Peak. A holographic blueprint of Shaxx’s castle
hung in the air. “It will take some time to breach the security
codes,” the Exo said, indicating an underground extension a mile under the fortification. “But this is it. One of several across the Earth. Perhaps across other worlds. Some are tied to more important systems than
others. All Golden Age. Some hide weapons. Armor. Nanites.” “What is it?” Saladin asked. “A Seraph Bunker. Rasputin tech.” Now, at this point, we still don’t quite
know if we can trust Felwinter or not, BUT the final chapter of the weblore drops a bombshell,
it re-tells, the Lord Timur grimoire card from Destiny 1, but from the perspective of
Felwinter, and once again, either Felwinter is hiding something OR Felwinter is still
extremely nervous about these people things that are chasing him. So, let me read to you the original Lord Timur
grimoire card from Destiny 1. In this card, Timur and Felwinter are looking
for a Clovis Bray facility, we don’t know exactly why, but likely for information on
Rasputin and SIVA. I have shorted the entry to the most important
parts, have a listen. “You seem far too obsessed with these ‘Warminds’.” Timur stops and stares into the horizon as
if smelling something; not danger, discovery. He draws his fellow Iron Lord close. “Tell me, Felwinter,” he whispers, “what
does the word Seraph mean to you?” Felwinter leans in to whisper back. “Old Earth theology? I know its power well; one can make great
use of the traps of faith and its myths.” Timur grabs Felwinter, bringing him back to
his feet, and says, “Have you ever wondered what it is that calls to you in that void
of memory, where the edge of the past infects your present?” He returns to his game of whispers. “It’s an itch you can’t scratch, isn’t
it? Well maybe you can.” “You think I am one of them? That all Exo are—” “Lord Felwinter, I know what you are. And you are no Warmind or even one of its
puppets. Come. You must see this.” He makes a gesture like he’s casting a spell
over the sand. “Follow my footfalls; this area’s rigged
with dirty Fallen nonsense.” Now have a listen to the same event, but from
Felwinter’s perspective. “You seem far too obsessed with these ‘Warminds,’”
Timur said to Felwinter. They’d been walking for hours, dipping in
and out of Fallen territory. Timur made no effort to avoid them, and Felwinter
followed his lead. He didn’t know where they were going. Timur had been talking almost nonstop, though. Asking Felwinter what he knew about SIVA. What he thought the Warmind might have to
do with it. It was lucky that Felwinter already had a
reputation for keeping quiet. He played dumb when Timur asked about Seraphs. Timur was easy to rile up that way. It was good; it made Felwinter feel like he
was still in control. As they tore through another round of shanks,
Felwinter fell back and let Timur do the heavy lifting. When Timur spoke again, his voice was breathless
with a passion and enthusiasm that Felwinter couldn’t feel. “Have you ever wondered what it is that
calls to you in that void of memory,” Timur breathed,
“where the edge of the past infects your present?” Felwinter was tense with expectation. He felt the world contracting around him until
nothing existed but the sidearm in his hand. He heard his Ghost in his helmet comms, whispering:
“Wait.” Timur strode recklessly ahead. He expected Felwinter to watch his back, and
he did. Watched him walk. Watched his Ghost, too. There were a lot of Fallen out here. Anything could happen to either of them. It would be easy to tell this story back home. “Don’t jump to conclusions,” his Ghost whispered
as they fell behind, but Felwinter heard uncertainty in her voice. He adjusted his grip on the sidearm, lifting
his hand a little… … and dropped it again as Timur turned around. “It’s an itch you can’t scratch, isn’t
it? Well, maybe you can.” Felwinter’s expression was blank. His finger twitched on the sidearm. “You think I am one of them?” he asked
as Timur turned back around to lead the way. “That all Exo are?” “Lord Felwinter, I know what you are,”
Timur said with a laugh in his voice. Felwinter lifted the sidearm again. An familiar dread coiled in his chest. He saw his future changing. Again. He saw himself running. Again. He was so tired of running. The sidearm was level with the back of Timur’s
head. Timur had a smile in his voice when he spoke
next. “I know what you are,” he said. “And you are no Warmind or even one of its
puppets.” Felwinter’s arm dropped and swung at his
side, as if all his energy had gone out of him all at once. It was impossible, but he almost felt lightheaded. His Ghost whispered something again, but he
didn’t hear it over his own relief. “Come,” Timur said. He walked with the arrogance of a man who
didn’t realize he’d brushed shoulders with Death. “You must see this.” Once again, it is hard to tell, is Felwinter
hiding something, or, does Felwinter think Timur is part of the group that is chasing
him, and Felwinter is pre-emptively acting in self-defence. Remember the very first piece of lore that
I read to you, were Felwinter’s ghost gives Felwinter his name and says that they are
coming for him. Now, I am sort of leaning towards this theory,
that Felwinter is just trying to escape whoever is after him, and this is somewhat confirmed
by the new Obsidian Wings lore tab that reads, “For the day we’re free.” —Lord Felwinter
Lord Felwinter inserted his hands into the piloting board, and the lights in the ship’s
cabin bloomed to life. “How did you find it?” he asked his Ghost. “I hacked a Rasputin bunker,” Felspring said,
shaking her shell. “This time along the coast of Varuna.” “The drive is fully functional,” Felwinter
noted. “We can escape orbit with this.” “We can get all the way across the system
with this,” Felspring replied. The Exo’s eyes blazed inside his sleek, black
skull. He sat listening to the hum of the ship’s
mechanics. “You’ve fought this fight a long time,” Felspring
continued. “We can plot a course around the Warsat network. We’d never have to touch a single planet with
a Warmind presence. Any of them.” “We’ve gotten very good at hiding,” Felwinter
said. “Yes.” “You would leave the Iron Lords to fend for
themselves?” “Would you?” Felwinter released his hold on the piloting
board in response, and the ship shuddered and died. The Exo turned his seat around, lowered the
landing ramp, and descended, his greatcoat trailing behind him. “You’ve changed,” Felspring said. “So have you,” Felwinter replied. So, even though Felwinter had the means to
escape, he doesn’t abandon the Iron lords. This card, also implies that Felwinter is
mainly concerned with Rasputin, because his ghost says that they can plot a course around
the Warsat network. Now, this just brings back all the old theories
about the connection between Rasputin and Exos. It sort of feels like Rasputin could control
the Exos? Man… I feel like there is going to be a really
big plot reveal about Felwinter, I feel like this story is not over yet, what do you think,
is Felwinter the victim or the villain? And with that, that concludes this latest
Destiny 2 lore episode, if you would like to support the channel and cannot think of
a comment, you can leave the word, Felwinter’s lie, to represent, that we still don’t know
the full story of Felwinter. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games. Peace.

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