Every Game Matters | 2019 World Championship Group Stage Day 4 Tease

I originally thought that our results for Group Stage would be that we wouldn’t drop a single game, and go undefeated. We’ve already lost a match so I hope in the next matches,
we will give it our all and play well in every game and go 5-1. Right now, we are really hungry for that first win. Once we pick up a win, it’ll be the beginning of our hope.

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  1. Br Br Deng

    But does Hong Kong matter?

  2. Agustin Alejandro Díaz


  3. yaytennis


  4. MatiHardcore

    At least one Asian can speak English

  5. Kill 7

    We are VCS

  6. Elisha James

    FPX is the most overrated team right now. Same with Afreecas last year.

  7. Yumesh

    I want to see more of SKT T1

  8. Quinn Turner

    SKT is gonna win worlds calling it

  9. Elisha James

    RNG Fans: Skt only won againts RNG with a backdoor they cant beat them in…

    Faker: sssshhhhhhhhhh

  10. Jelina De Belen

    EU bias

  11. Josh Abrogena

    I love this Marble theme

  12. Krynoko


    Nice cut guy's 😉

  13. Tuesday Lover

    1:59 good joke

  14. Katon Chen

    Huni big brain

  15. Christian Belarmino


  16. pierre tchamitchian

    What's terrible to me is CG saying things "yeah I can't see why we can't beat SKT" when the answer is obviously "cuz u guys love to aram mid way to much"?

  17. Vu Hoang

    Gotta love Huni's logic ?

  18. Матеј Ѓуровски

    Who is here(me)

  19. Paweł Z

    Imagine comparing Nisqy to Chovy KEKW

  20. Duc Duc

    How if group B finish with 4 teams 3-3 ?

  21. Michael Tavares

    I'm sad to say it and I'll be even more sad to see it, but — CG, you will get demolished.

  22. JQ Manzano

    And other teams are just mere decorations G2 will win Worlds that is already on the casters script.

  23. 王健


  24. KEKW



  25. Laydsonn abell

    Aguardando o lol Mobile

  26. 閹人張翼德


  27. VIPER5921

    Where are translations… scuffed video maybe

  28. Arturo Mesirca

    Clutch thinking TSM= SKT ??

  29. Juls a

    Please let the caster say hongkong attitude wtf

  30. Akaro

    Vulcan: Time and time again we just beat teams that are considered better than us and I don't see why we can't do that against SKT.
    Vulcan let me remind you you're at worlds not in NA having your little fiestas and siestas buddy. It's SKT a superteam for Korea. Not NA players and washed up imports gathered that happened to make it to worlds because TSM couldn't show up

  31. shikami toro

    Huni nice joke

  32. Zentagonist •

    Huni back at it again with the NA logic lmao

  33. Chris Evonie Estrella

    If g2 will face ig in quater finals or other strong team they will not face skt in the finals. ??

  34. LeBrainTrain

    I heard Vulcan saying "time and time again" 2:14 as TANNER TIME BABY LETS GOOOO

  35. LoLSilenceFirst

    Is Doinb really Korean? His chinese is so good? Wtf

  36. wotchu doin

    high expectation is a failure

  37. Kenneth Navarro

    Bring it home, Doinb

  38. It's Juan

    I don't see why we can't do it vs SKT. uhhhh

  39. Joan Santa


  40. Raghav Pant

    Group of life BTW

  41. Keeno

    Finally NA in a riot teaser Pog

  42. stefanos mavromatis

    They only won against SPY cause Humanoid was hard griefing/inting LMAO.

  43. Duc Le Minh

    I really like all China’s matching jerseys


    Huni has been eating well in NA.

  45. Siyeon's Pants

    They don't even bother including SKT in this video lol Faker be like: "you don't have to ask, we're just gonna smash everyone else." XD

  46. Nel


  47. qnenen

    „We always play better with our backs against the wall, so know that we‘re 0/2 you‘re gonna see us play a lot better“

    -Every Yasuo Main in any of my games

  48. Too Cute To Toot

    Whats up with Fnatic, they're too busy feeling sorry for themselves and complaining about illness instead of having a winners mentality.

  49. lyasksl raymond

    Huni's logic is very much twisted. Must've been the effect of staying on NA for too long.

  50. Germar Montepio

    Huni : SKT is the best team in group C if we beat them we're the best team in group C.

    Faker: Shhhhhhhhh

  51. Linards Žagats

    0:2 powerspike from cluch

  52. jack brian

    2:14 Wow you talk fast, is your hand and mind as fast as your talking speed though.

  53. Frontofax

    NA LUL

    and I’m not even an EU fan

  54. Itadakimasu

    Cant wait to see SKT beat CG

  55. JhoniluAr

    Huni 5Head

  56. Pathetic Fallacy

    1:07 Once we pick up a win, it'll be the beginning of our hope.
    Im sorry HKA I think there'll be no hope then…

  57. Gamingdragon

    Faker is hard carrying skt . Their ADC , top , supp are just bad .

  58. Travesty

    Am I the only one who waited for a Griffin member talking for this video?

  59. prince vincent evangelista

    SKT1 winnnnnn

  60. Aysha Siddiqa

    Did CG just say they can defeatures SKTT1

  61. Yazuki San

    I think we would know what faker would say in the video right? Shhhhhh we dont talk with minions ?

  62. K U R T

    1:53 dat skt reactions

  63. Jeriel Kenneth Gallofin

    Is huni getting fat?

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