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  1. Sinan Anayurt

    All these 3 studio could be one of the most unique and creative indie developers and Epic support them ?? How people could still hate Epic anymore. I am so excited to hearing more things especially from gen Design which legendary game director Mr. Fumeto Ueada's indie studio. You may know him from Shadow of the Colossus, ICO and Last Guardian. Love you guys amazing work!

  2. Wander

    Oh wow

  3. Luke

    Any support for more remedy games is ok with me.

  4. Luke

    Oh Epic, please help Alan Wake 2 happen!

  5. Alister Munro

    Remember, no need to pay for any of Epic's titles as Epic has paid for you.

    Epic, make piracy great again.

  6. trago1337

    My opinion of Epic Games has risen hugely! The fact that they are funding new games from very talented developers and giving them total creative freedom is an opportunity many would DIE for.

    So thank you Epic, thank you.

  7. lleon79

    So excited for this!! Thank you!!

  8. DSB DSB

    I am waiting for Epic to launch regional pricing, I hope it happens soon.

    Nice start Epic, yes fund the games if you want exclusives & also nice price sharing model {based on the blog.} All the best & hopefully you will keep improving Epic launcher & services.

  9. 程光謇

    Alan Wake 2 pls!!!!!

  10. Shade's Insane Chamber


  11. Giggling Stoner

    More Epic trash. Yawn

  12. Rohit Singhania

    Man, I can't believe an Ueda game is gonna release on PC that I can actually buy, without resorting to emulators lol


    Shadow of the colossus and tlg on PC ?????

  14. Petr Lazar

    "Today, Epic Games is announcing a new multiplatform publishing effort with a developer-first approach. gen DESIGN (The Last Guardian), Playdead (Inside, Limbo), and Remedy Entertainment (Control) are the first partners to announce relationships with Epic Games Publishing."

    Multiplatform? You mean like… Steam?

  15. Alejandro Muñoz Paz

    finally the v-buck will bring something good

  16. Alex D

    Epic sIuts, go bankrupt!

  17. Brayan Martinez

    Ya'll that are hating just because it's Epic Games are stupid xD

  18. M1KENDO

    well RIP steam..

  19. Jehowy666

    Epic Game Store – the coronavirus of PC gaming.

  20. Armonite

    Gladly will pirate these.

  21. Wanderin'Riku

    That's really nice overall. Personally I've been waiting Fumito Ueda to make multiplatform games FOR YEARS and this is finally happening. Free of Sony's hands.
    The thing is though, Im really hoping this not to be a epic exclusive. He truly needs many people as possible to know his games. Fumito Ueda is easily one of the most underrated game developers of all time.

  22. Viva la Albe

    Thanks <3

  23. Mario Ins

    0:58, how can I find that tipe of chair?

  24. Sisus

    1:41 and this is not the best choice Fumito!

  25. Sisus

    “Exclusivity is exclusionary while we embrace inclusivity.” -Ian Bell It's war then

  26. Iván J. M. G.

    Fuck you epic, enjoy exclusivity and very low sells.

  27. Quentinou73

    Thanks to kids for buying Fortnite skins. This allows great studio like Remedy to give us big games.

  28. NobodyKnows0o

    Still trying to destroy PC-gaming?
    Publishing will be at the same lvl as epicshitstore.

  29. Gohar Munir

    This is AWESOME! 😍

  30. cristi1990an

    This is amazing! These are awesome studios!

  31. Krzysztof Kęsicki

    Bye then.

  32. Blake Guthrie

    This is awesome. I love these three developers. Looking forward to their next mind bending adventures.

  33. lujefx

    Hope this venture, and this company by extension, fail. Epic and Tim are parasites on the gaming industry.

  34. Дмитрий Анатольевич

    Эпики заслуживают смерти.

  35. Random Clips

    Any publisher giving full creative freedom to these game developers have my respect.

  36. Mad Dad

    Been a Ueda fan my whole life and have bought multiple copies of Ico & SotC so I definitely don't feel bad about pirating his next game.

  37. Abhishek Prusty

    Remedy is going to destroy itself and the last guy said reaching more people ! Are you sane ? Or Are you yet insane ?

  38. Dylan Gabriel

    Presented by Salmon Globe

  39. Dokolus

    Sounds like you want to build your own walled garden, while crushing the rest outside of it, until they adhere to your own petty laws.

    Absolutely disgusting.

  40. Railgunnm

    I hope that will be multiplataform on PC…..

  41. uniVRcity.fr

    ~01min50sec a VR game in production ??? and from wich studio ????

  42. Escanor

    I don't support assholes.

  43. TROADEC Vivien

    Great intiative! I was hoping for Ueda's comeback for a while now! Loved Inside, Limbo and Control but…. please, tell us that it will be multiplatform games! I'm not a PC gamer so I really hope that you will bring those games to consoles!

  44. AceAscendus

    Extremely good news, this is how you compete in a proper manner. Fund new IPs and allow developers to make great new games! Tim Sweeny, please look into getting Bloodborne on PC, if you do that I will Switch from Steam to EGS as my main platform, I promise you.

  45. Maxim Terekhov

    This news is toooo good! Thank you Epic's! <3

  46. Khalid Waleed

    Go ahead

  47. Leon de Camargo

    Does this mean that the next game from the LIMBO and INSIDE studio will only be released on Epic Games?

    Or after a year does it come out in other places like Steam?

  48. kuroji1


  49. COD

    Yeah, not supporting a corporation like Epic Games, that actively removes consumer choice and competition.

  50. kuroji1

    Shadow of Colossus in Epic, please !!!!!!!!!!!

  51. WelcomeToSkyValley

    Man I don't like Epic Games but I also want ma boi Fumito Ueda to deliver his next Masterpiece. OOFF! I'm torn …

  52. Efrain Rizo

    What are you doing Ueda?? You are better that this.

  53. Papa Khan

    People still salty over the exclusivity? Pussies

  54. Asarhaddon

    Noice i cried after playing inside. This game gave me the feeling that i never feel before when i playing and i hope that they continue to create games.

  55. Ashley Huffman

    No, you're crying. This story is my story.

  56. Kris Ironcastle

    That;s not bad at all. Why the dislikes tho?

  57. Tom O'Bready

    Why the dislikes ?…

  58. Teklaroma

    Thanks Epic for showing me publisher and Games I'll never buy because of Exclusivity. Keep up the awesome work on these vids. ♥

  59. Magiox316

    I would like to congratulate all the new partners for thepiratebay deals <3

  60. yurg

    Looking forward to see what will be made with this support

  61. microgamestation

    I really hope this means The Last Guardian will be ported to PC.

  62. MrSmith17

    People who dislike this are pathetic kids. This is great for games, for studios, form gamers. So stfu and go to bed.

  63. Chia Yu Song

    Good news.
    But still worried that they can't keep autonomous after getting a lot Chinese money.

  64. AdamsCzech

    They will publish your game, that is nice true. But your game will be stuck on their dead platform for eternity. Don't know if that's good deal..

  65. Eldar Voe

    Great news! 3 of the best studios in the industry, this will guarantee us more amazing games in the future.
    P.S: please ignore this annoying minority that keeps trying to put you down.

  66. Ryan

    Okay, idk how to feel about this. Does this mean that I can't play Ueda's new game on Playstation?

  67. Troels Falkenberg

    A shame to hear.

  68. microdisco

    More "future-torrent" games are coming.

  69. Sayak Majumder

    And yet you guys left the Unreal Tournament to bite the dust. At least finished what you started. It was nearly half done.
    Your prized Game Engine borrows its name from this legendary franchise, aw c'mon!

  70. Professor Icepick

    Fuck off.

  71. Shieftain

    Thank you tim for paying for all our PC copies!

  72. Samanosuke Akechi

    That's cool, I'm fully prepared to ignore all of those games that remain Epic exclusive. #FuckEpicGames


    Nice!!! I loved INSIDE, ALAN WAKE and Control. So Happy for this announcement.

  74. Iury Palozi

    …vai gavetaaaa!! 😉

  75. Jonolas

    Total creative freedom? I'm in. I am 100% with you on this guys 😀

  76. elChe2

    Thanks for this announcement, all the games will be downloaded by pirates, you have made me very happy for this money saving


  77. TheSnufking

    Sellout game companies

  78. michael finocchi

    Great more exclusivity that we don't gonna buy

  79. Sir Galahad

    I wonder if Epic/Tim Swiney will regret funding GenDesign when they take 9 years to actually build a new IP

  80. Seb Dk

    I'm in for the salt here.

  81. Hipoflyous


    Now, bring back Paragon.

  82. Roonoon2

    They must be doing this because their initial plan of timed-exclusivity isn't working at least as much as they had hoped. If we stick to our guns they will be forced to haemorrhage more money with more schemes.

  83. beto gutierrez

    Yoho! Yoho! A Pirate's Life for Me!

  84. beto gutierrez

    Hope i can buy it on gog, steam or somewhere else

  85. adil khojah

    Fumito Ueda king of games !

  86. International νideos

    Fumito Ueda the best creator. GO!! GEN DESING.

  87. Andres


    Devs: haha development money go brrrrr

  88. Michael Nadais

    OMG you hit an homerun with gen design

  89. Brony music lover

    They've got Ueda. They bought me

  90. yra nos


  91. Sevet123

    Did not Sony bought REMEDY?

  92. Vlad Farcas

    Congrats. Keep doing good things Epic. Somehow i feel you are changing the industry into a better future.

  93. RicoSeattle

    Can't wait for the next games from all three of these studios! Especially gen DESIGN!!

  94. FunkeymonkeyTTR

    go fuck yourself epic

  95. Andres Lens

    Epic is doing things right my man!

  96. Dox Xu

    Why so much dislikes, ICO team and playdead are two of the best game studios in this world.

  97. Ninja Crackpot

    You will need a promising studio first.

  98. Jeff the Geek

    I'm really looking for another masterpiece like Alan Wake.

  99. Ahti

    Epic… dont worry about the the mindless bots downvote you, the world is not America and defiantly will never be after this epidemic ;)! ppl love your exclusives and deals around the world. keep it up, we're with you <3

  100. Christhoper Roncalla

    Porque le dan dislike, la propuesta es genial. 👍

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