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  1. Antonio

    gamebus is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Antonio

    Great video!!

  3. Ashes2Ashes

    all I thought about while watching the Chimera card game portion with the talk on the AI was the movie "War Games"

  4. Jake Cravens

    14:25 Nice

  5. ThepurposeofTime

    well hurry up and implement it then

  6. Pr4t By TH3M!S

    We need soccer game… I am good playing Division 2, Doom & RDR2, But I Prefer Sport Game or Battle Royals 不不不不不不

  7. Pr4t By TH3M!S

    I think this was the best video… 均

  8. BATpixi

    22:58 the best part of all the conference's.

  9. Sri Rejeki

    Best company in the world ^_^….

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