Ellen’s Sweater Game

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Ellen’s Sweater Game

– Last week, we surprised
a preschool teacher at her home in San Diego.
Take a look. Ana?
– Uh-huh. Hi!
– Hi, it’s Ellen. – Oh!
[screams] – [laughs] – I love you!
I dropped the phone! I love you! – Ana, I just realized
you’re watching my show. I’m gonna let you go. I’ll talk to you another time,
all right? – No, don’t let me go!
– All right. – I love you, Ellen! – I just love your attitude,
your spirit. So, we want to make it up to you for not having
much of a Christmas. We want you to have
every single thing we gave away all 12 days.
– What? What! – Look, you get that.
– Oh, my God! [both screaming] Ellen, thank you!
Come over! Ellen!
I love you, Ellen! – [chuckles] So, I invited Ana
and all of her teachers to be in the audience today. Ladies, come on down. [upbeat music] So, here we go.
You stand on that side. You’ve decided
the teams already, and you stand on this side, and here’s what’s gonna happen:
You’ll put on a sweater– and you’ll each put on
one sweater is what I mean, so, you’ll see have one sweater,
you’ll have one sweater, and you’ll see what I mean
in a minute. So, just–
all: Whoa. one arm goes out the–put it–
– You’re all in one. – All of you thought you had
such good seats a minute ago. [laughter] – Okay.
We’re ready. – We got this.
What do we gotta do? – All right.
All right, we good? All right, step to the line,
please. So, there’s a place in Arizona
called Miraval. It’s a beautiful place…
all: Whoo! – Portia and I
have stayed there. It’s a beautiful place, and Miraval appreciates
all that teachers do. The winning team is gonna get
a three-day, two-night stay… [all cheer]
– At the Miraval Resort & Spa. Right? All right. All right, try to remember
to stay on the line. Try to remember you’re aiming
for that target over there. Y’all are aiming
for this target. Um, all right, ready?
– Go, Judy, go. – Go. [upbeat blue grass music] [all screaming] [music continues] – [laughing] [buzzer sounds] [cheers and applause] I’m staying here. – Whoo! – All right,
I’m staying right here ’cause I’ve got
my Kanye Yeezy shoes on and I’m not…
[cheers and applause] I’m not going over there. You, uh–your team–who won? You know what?
I think–could they both go to– [cheers and applause]
– Yeah, you can both go. You’re going on a three-day,
two-night stay at Miraval. [all screaming] – We’ll be back.

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