EA Sports FIFA20 Ratings Reveal: Ajax edition

November 9, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

EA Sports FIFA20 Ratings Reveal: Ajax edition

What’s up, guys? This is David, the host.
We’re here with the Ajax boys… and today it is the EA Sports
FIFA 20 ratings reveal. I’m here with Kik Pierie, Nico Tagliafico,
Sergiño Dest, and my boy David Neres. There are six main categories
that make up your overall score. The first one I want to talk about is pace. Who’s the fastest in the whole squad?
-In this whole team? In the whole Ajax squad.
-Huntelaar. He’s going to see this, you know.
-Sorry, Klaas. David Neres, you’re 87.
That’s quick, no? Sergiño, 85.
-Good. I like that. I like that. Nico. We’ll hit you, Nico. 81.
-That’s good. Kik, 69.
-I’m the slowest. This is not true, man. I cannot be 69.
I’m not a 69. Who do you think’s got the best shooting? David, you come with a 73 shooting. You take it, eh?
-Okay. Who do you think
is the highest in passing? Not me.
-Okay. I’m going to reveal then. David, you have a 73 in passing.
Nico 72. Oh, okay.
-So you’re just there. Kik 67, Sergiño 61.
-Come on, Sergiño. My pass has to go up, man.
67 is way too low. I have to go up. Dribbling. David Neres,
what do you think your score is? I think 82.
-82? You got to back yourself a bit, boy.
Higher. Higher? 85?
-Even more. 89.
-88. One down.
-87. You take it, eh?
-Of course. Let’s talk defense. As an attacker
or someone against the other team… who don’t you want to play against
as a defender? Nico?
-I heard the last game he bit. I kick.
-It’s true. He kicked. He kicked.
-It’s good. Argentinian blood, my friend.
Against Brazilian, always. Nico, you’re the highest.
-Okay, thank you. Your score is an 80.
-80. Bang.
-Good. Good number. Sergiño, 61.
-61. It’s my first card.
It is my first year. I’m sorry. The upgrades are coming, eh?
-Yeah, the upgrades are coming. Upgrades are coming. David,
what do you think you are in defending? 75. Well, no. They’ve done you at 36 here. What?
-36. Come on, only 36 for defense.
I’m better than this. Who do you guys think
is the strongest here? Look at us.
-We’re small. Maybe. Maybe me.
We will see. I don’t know. They gave it to Nico. How much?
-Nico is 81. Get them out.
-You’re swollen. No, not me. Kik 67, David 65, Sergiño 61. Okay guys, now it’s round two.
We’re going into the overall rating. Want to start with you, Kik.
What do you think your overall score is? I think like 68. 68. Boys, what do you think?
Do you agree? Maybe 63. 63. Do you agree?
Do you think 63 is a fair score? 67.
-Okay, 67. 67 is the score. Your score is a 69. David Neres.
-80. 80. Boys, what do you think?
Do you agree? A little bit more, I think.
-81. 81? And you said 80, eh?
David Neres 81. Yeah? Good team.
-All around? What do you think your overall rating is?
-I think 67. 67.
-Come on. It’s my first card, bro.
-69. That’s what you go with.
-69. Your score, Sergiño, 67. At the end of the season I will develop
everything with at least five points. Trust me.
-Nico. 80.
-80. Boys, what do you say? 80? 82.
-82. Thank you, guys. Thank you very much. The score is 82.
-Well done. Good, man. 82.
-I’m going to put you in the squad. It’s okay. 82 is very good.
Thank you very much. Well, guys. That is a wrap. This
was the EA Sports FIFA 20 ratings reveal. This is David the host
saying ‘deuces’.

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