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[ROSS] Aaaaah! Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of RossDraws and today’s my birthday! Yes, it’s my birthday! I thought it’d be really fun if I invited some of my good friends over — maybe I can draw us into video game characters, Disney Princesses, or villains or something- [DOORBELL RINGS] [GASP] Oh my god! I don’t have a doorbell, but I wonder who it is! [GASP] YAY!!! AHH! [GROUP CHEERING IN EXCITEMENT] HAPPY BIRTHDAY! [ROSS] Oh my g-Milo-wait! Wait, you’re my dog! What?! [ANTHONY] Yeah, let’s not worry about that Anthony!! Let’s go, let’s make a video! Awesome! So, we have AJ, Mizzie, and Dagamii! And then we have me, so [GROUP CLAPPING] Yay! [ROSS] But- I thought it would be really fun if maybe I could turn us into like a team of characters, you know? Like a video game team of characters that would be really cool. Maybe, we can be.. Team Color Dodge! [GROUP CHEERING] Yaay! Team Color Dodge! I like it! I like it And in every team, there needs to be like a DPS, there needs to be a healer, and there needs to be a tank. What roles do you guys wanna take? [GROUP ATTEMPTING TO SPEAK OVER ONE ANOTHER] [ROSS] No, I want to be DPS! [MIZZIE] Wait! You can be a healer~ [ROSS] What! I don’t wanna be a healer, I wanna be DPS! [MIZZIE] Whaa- [DAGAMII] Well, it’s Ross’ birthday We should let him be DPS [ROSS] YEEES [ROSS CLAPPING] YAY [DAGAMII] But I’ll also be DPS [MIZZIE] Mmmmm, what! [ROSS] Well we all can’t be DPS! Anthony is the biggest guy here, I think, right? [ANTHONY] Oh yeah, sure. Look at that [ROSS] I don’t know, maybe So maybe you be the tank [ANTHONY] Alright, absolutely [ROSS] DPS, tank-oh! You’re the healer! Yaaaaaaaaaay! [MIZZIE] Okay, fine. I have healing energy, healing energy! Our outfits need to be more cohesive, right? I feel like Power Rangers and Sailor Moon they all have like cool, cohesive outfits, so uh give me a second Ah! Oh my god! Woah! [ANTHONY] I got a gun [ROSS] You have a gun! [MIZZIE] You got a gun? Try shooting it- What! Wooooah! Oooh! I love it! Now let’s take the poses for the painting! One, two, three! Protect us! Mizziemie, heal us! [MIZZIE] Oh okay, how do I heal you guys? Arrrghh! [LAUGHING] Subscribe to our Patreon! Milo! We got it! Yaaay! [CLAPPING] Oh! Woah! We took the reference photo for our
painting and this is what we got! Oh! The whole gang, look at that! Yeah, so this is team color dodge. We have the Dagamii with the lint roller weapon Mizziemie looking cute, and then we have Robotpencil with the tennis ball cannon. Oh! And I forgot about Milo What happened to Dagamii’s leg? Aaaah! Oh my god, what is going on over here? Alright, let’s make Robotpencil extra, extra big Before, after [LAUGHTER] Oh my god, this is a weird positioning for my head. Aw! Mizzie always looks so
pretty let’s give her like a lot of awesome hair like- Let’s make Dagamii’s hair extra, extra blue Ooh that’s pretty! The biggest lint roller in the world! Now
she can pick up every single Milo hair! Right now I’m trying to design the team
composition- maybe our eyes can start from the left,
read to the right! So it’s like a nice flow. There’s a lot to
do, I’m just gonna work on it and I’ll check back soon! Hey guys, welcome back and here’s the
progress of Team Color Dodge so far! This is before.. and this is after. Yeah so
we’ve come a really long way from the original, maybe it’d be cool if we were like on
top of some street poles watching the city, you know, looking over on what
villains we need to take down. We have Milo! Just chilling in the clouds, haha Put it like that- Aaaw Milo! We’re gonna take these little arms- Like a really cool jetpack- Milo: the flying tech dog! When you’re trying to design a group of characters,
you have to have elements that connect them all together! You know, to make it
cohesive. Sailor Moon, that group has a bunch of sailor outfits, has those
tiaras. Power Rangers has all those suits, so I thought we can make a color dodge
emblem! I’m gonna give one to Mizzie, we’re gonna give me one, give Sarah an inverted one! Oooh~
and now we’re team color Dodge! Yay! Let’s get Dagamii
more of like a DPS weapon. Okay, better than that big lint
roller. It’s looking pretty cool, right? I’m just going to attack this thing and
I’ll check back soon! Hey guys! [GROUP] It’s color dodge time! Ah man, here we go! Oooh! You wanna battle? Let’s battle! Ross Draws! The color dodge wizard Dagamii! The painting slasher Robotpencil, the tank Mizzie-Medic! Need some healing? Mmm, oh [MIZZIE] I got you guys! Heal! Heaaaaaaal! [GROUP SINGING] Happy birthday dear Ross~ Happy birthday to you, woo! [CLAPPING] [DAGAMII] Make a wish! [GROUP CLAPPING AND CHEERING] [MIZZIE] So Ross, what’d you wish for? I wish that Milo had superpowers! [GROUP] Ooh, okay !!! Aahhh! And thank you so much for my friends: Anthony Jones You can follow him Follow her If you’re interested in bonus content and video demos,
please check my Patreon. And my book Bloom is back in stock! Yay! So if you want to grab one, you can check it out at: Yeah! And if you want a chance to win a book or a print, this
video’s question is: what role would you be in a video game? [ANTHONY] DPS [ROSS] DPS [MIZZIE] Wha, I was actually gonna say DPS. I’m actual DPS [ROSS] Heal us, daddy [LAUGHTER] [MIZZIE] Wha?! [ROSS] But let us know in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber [MILO] Also I got a PO box, so feel free to send me treats and Ross birthday gifts! For Thanksgiving this year I want to do
something special and so I’m doing a fan redraw episode! I’m going to be redrawing one of your drawings for Thanksgiving, I think it’d be super fun So yeah!
Thank you guys so much for coming to my birthday episode Don’t forget to subscribe and remember: everyday is a color dodge day! [CHEERING] Alright, let’s do it! [CRICKETS] [LAUGHTER] [MIZZIE] Okay, ready?

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  1. Ross Draws

    AHHH Thanks for all the birthday wishes and good vibes this week!!! Seriously has been one of my favorite birthdays 🎈

    If you want to send us presents we just got a new PO BOX! I plan to make an unboxing video!!
    PO Box 31469
    Los Angeles, CA 90031


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    it`s always fun to watch your videos. 🙂

  4. Goldievoi

    Happy belated birthday! Today is my mom's birthday. I think she'd be a plant based tank and I'd be a theatre based healer 😂 Hope you had lots of cake and ice cream!

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    Yay happy bday

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    Happy Birthday Ross!
    In a video game I would play as a healer because I’d like to be the one that helps everyone win by making sure no one dies. Plus it feels good to know you’re helping the team out.

  11. Shianna Fury

    I would be Healer because I like the support role better. If a person is hurt, I can heal them instead of buying more items for health. 😁

  12. Ninarinoa

    I would be either DPS or healer, depending on the game mostly. But no tank 🙁

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    Ross: Let’s turn ourselves into Video Game Character

    Me: Jumanji: The Next Level?

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    Pls adopt me and teach me your trade and techniques, I will be your loyal drawing slave who can do all the grunt work. I need a fucking art sensei, how can I find one? Anyone know any forums or ways? I just think I'm missing that extra push of critiques from someone much better than I am. It's difficult to evolve without this outsider view. It's hard to see your own faults after all and I'm such a critique whore, like I posted on a facebook group once basically begging for critique and nobody gave it. It's like people don't want to help out lol.

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    I usually want to be a Tank but sometimes I'm a DPS

    EDIT: the color dodge enblem looks like a Kill la Kill star

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    Edit: never mind, it was the because of the couch ʘ‿ʘ

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    This is wonderful! I love your drawings they’re so great and your artwork is great ❤️
    Happy Birthday again Ross!
    Qotd: I would be an archer or healer

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    Definitely dps. I always play as a rogue.

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  42. Eden Newman

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