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  1. Adriel Lightvale

    Only on the weak of mind. And I mean very weak. Disorderly weak.

  2. Rose Lynn

    No shitty parenting does ignoring your kid while the black b0x controls them!

  3. tattoodtoolow

    I know you have narratives to push but this was over madden football… Its CALLED MENTAL ILLNESS.. I mean look at the kid!

  4. Rose Lynn

    Yes my two young adult boys have gone multiple times in Atlanta, these young millennials are entitled spoiled children

  5. King Andres

    No, and its the parents job to limit gameing

  6. Nandu

    I mean when I had 5 years I played GTA, games with fights and blood, violence and scary. Well I'm 20 now and I have my mind on the right place. Also later MMORPG did help me get better grades in math. So I guess it depends who is playing. But children now are weak mind with smartphones B4 the 2 years old. Parents are not doing a great job educating their children.

  7. Nandu

    Also kids don't know if there is a limit, I mean, kids are aggressive they do whatever they want untill an adult says it's wrong and put a limit to their behavior.

  8. Jeff Meade

    This is ridiculous… if losing in a competition causes you to murder people you should be put in a mental institution… not banish competition


    Only when played by the mentally weak .

  10. Hufflesd

    No. Got mad he lost a game. Just like democrats, if i lose its ok to attack others cause i never lose, so they must of cheated so i can hurt them. Question is where was securty and police at? Very big event and security should been tight.

  11. tileformiles

    Frustration brings out violent behavior. Losing brings out violent behavior in some. How many fights and injuries happen annually at actual football games? Maybe we should just ban football?

  12. theylied1776

    Blaming video games, especially a football video game, is just as retarded as blaming a gun.

  13. Paul Cummings

    Yea nope, I might not agree with what some people are doing but if play madden is suddenly make you thinking about killing people then there is a bigger issue to look at then the game itself. I’m sorry but if a sports video game makes you want to murder people then we have bigger issues.

  14. Tmckain 55

    For the massive majority, video games are stress RELIEVERS. This was an act of mental illness plain and simple.

  15. Darth Dovahkiin

    I play violent games all the time. Fallout, GTA, Bioshock, Skyrim, and I'm not violent. It's a shame this happened, video games are meant to be an escape from reality

  16. Nancy McGowan

    I’m sure violent video games plays a big part in crimes! Parents should be careful what their children even teenagers are plating when it comes to video games!

  17. John McCall

    notice how there isnt really shit about this "shooting" being posted or said about, it was bullshit propaganda!!

  18. MSNPC

    Terrorism: Less of Elohim in society and more of violence indoctrinated to an increased demographic (reduced age range)

  19. TruthJusticePeace

    Bring back Insane Asylums and start locking up lunatics like these, and the homeless!

  20. AbelieverofourLord

    Let's see how long it takes them to produce a Bill limiting the peoples' rights to have these type of events or to have to go through full-body pat-downs at the door… That will tell the tale…
    Let us not forget 911 and the Patriot Act – it was already written… Just something to think about.

  21. nel nel

    That feeling when Madden's reccomendation leads to a turnover…..

  22. ramza675

    Need to ban violent sports from schools.

  23. Dontwantlove

    Nobody is mentioning that he was an Anti-Trumper? Seems to be a dangerous trait..

  24. Tomas Smith

    This is what happens when you give people participation trophies

  25. Ronin Skylar

    Considering humans history of killing each other and that some of the worst massacres in human history were before even television, if someone wants to kill a person after playing a video game then they were dangerous from the start

  26. Chip Dog

    Do video games increase violent behavior? No, Liberalism mixed with globalism does.

  27. ProfoundClarity

    Varney, games don't kill people, people kill people…ya fucking doofus.

  28. Totenkopf

    Violent video games are actually quite relaxing. Play an hour of Mortal Kombat after a stressful day. Fantastic.

  29. Chip Dog

    HEY! He looks like an Antifa Member! Just saying.

  30. LadyCatriona22

    Complete lack of personal responsibility. Let's have emotions, not them have us…and grow up, for Pete's sake!

  31. Tiger Bears

    Video games don’t cause violent behaviour. People who commit acts like the one seen at this Madden tournament are mentally unhinged, plain and simple.

  32. mcrich1978

    The answer to the title is.. *Only if you're a Trump hating liberal*.

  33. LaughTooHard

    The answer to this question is resoundingly, YES. In the 90's I saw it happening to my stepson. Instead of going to college, he joined the Army. Some will say there's no link there, but I could see him becoming more violent and wanting to emulate what he saw on the screen, and those games don't even compare to what's out there today.

  34. Leonard Wong

    Lots of people kill themselves over things…. jealousy, failing at exams, greed, ….etc. I don't think so. I play violent games. but I've never hit anyone in my life.

  35. Shawn Gifford

    Yes..Yes..Yes.. I dated a women for 5 years and she has a son by the time I left he was 19, all he did was stay up in his room playing games, shit talking to people then getting mad at them.. Then one time his mom told him to go outside and practice baseball he threw a temper tantrum like he was 6 years old this is when he was 17 at the time.. he started screaming and yelling and throwing stuff jumping up and down saying he didn't want to do anything but be a gamer.. He stole his mom debt card to get games stuff online, he would not shower got mad if you took him away from his game unit.. And I saw that with Girlfiend sister son as Well they gave him a iPad at 3 he was 8 when I left and OMG the temper tantrums he would do if you took away his iPad could not play games so yes video games are not good.. to a degree that are okay but when they start consuming your child's life it's time to throw that crap away..

  36. Random Centurion

    For fucks sake, I thought this "Violent Video Games Cause Crime" narrative died with Jack Thompson's legal career.

  37. Bob Beckel

    All psychological studies show repression of violence leads to violence.
    The kids who turn into mass shooters were not allowed to rough-house in school.
    We would not need more security if people were more alert. Its a simple has
    greeting and making eye contact with the people around you.

  38. Bob Beckel

    Notice how most of these shootings occur where there are kids. Why is that?
    Is it because kids are shy and less alert? Teaching opportunity. Situational awareness.
    Teach your kids to make eye contact. Teach your kids to scan their environment.
    Teach your kids to be friendly, smile, extend a hand in friendship. Call it self-preservation.

  39. Bluestreak320

    Attack Video games, more people will vote left

  40. RySan21

    Typical scapegoating of video games by a hack journalist. Trying to sneak in as many jabs as possible even though you just got schooled by someone with the real facts. Sad!

  41. Mediawatcher

    Yay! I knew this would come back, fuck off fox

  42. Ryan Williams

    Let's be very clear, video games don't increase violence, LAG DOES.

  43. Babylauncher3000

    No. No they don't.

  44. Teyard

    tldw: no

  45. bakura the wolf

    Um the the fuck foxs news

  46. NekoEijirouKirishima Yeet

    The only way playing madden can cause violence is if you are playing on All-Madden.

  47. STR1K3GAM1NG

    If this was the truth, they would be happening all over the world.

  48. SlasheZ Tech

    The problem was there wasnt enough security. Nuff said

  49. Charles Châtenay for President 1900

    Hint: No

  50. FalconPixel 14


  51. twist3d

    jesus christ, this has been debunked already

  52. Santiago Bron


  53. Blade


  54. Sigh

    Stupid old white people

  55. Jared Houdini

    Fox News yet again you've shown yourselves to be zealously hypocritical and a propaganda wing of the Republican Party. Your solution is to ban video games? Aren't you people supposed to be the "pro-freedom" guys?

  56. HypnoGaming

    Calling bullshit instantly.

  57. HypnoGaming

    Of COURSE the media starts saying "ban tournaments" as soon as a mentally deranged dude gets into one.

  58. Mr. Veere

    Oh a mass shooting that has no connection to games whatsoever
    ………….fox news: ItS ThE GAmEs FaUlT ThYRe ThERe ThE DEvIl

    Is it video games…..or the past of the person

  59. Mk Li

    I thought this shit was over but no watch next they say skateboarding is the Satan’s ride

  60. אלון סיניה *Oak Synia*

    After playing FIFA 18, I feel like I'm gonna shoot some people in a soccer stadium

  61. Projects To Mansions

    I see the skills! You need to get up with us.

  62. l FacelessBuckle l

    Really you blame it on video games you should blame it on cool math games they make kids crazy at my school

  63. Brad_Da_Robot

    Yep thought people would start this shit again

  64. i am a disappointment

    This is why I don’t trust the news like cnn and fox news

  65. Mr. Congeniality

    Hmmm.. I wonder what games people played before: The Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, the multiple wars in the Middle East, every war in human history? It must be insane to think this guy had past issues, or perhaps everyone's too lazy to do anything about the problem and instead choose to play the blame game on people who are trying to mind their own business?

  66. Fawful99 Storm

    People are still trying to claim a correlation between violence and video games? I thought we've moved on from this topic…

  67. Despacito Text

    Need a scapegoat. Try Video games. Recommended by Jane Johnson who has the world record for Manager Confrontations

  68. Despacito Text

    e p i c g a m e r m o m e n t

  69. SSJRhandy

    this just shows how these people are very uneducated

  70. J L N

    Every video game is released internationally which is why these mass shootings are occurring in every country. Except they aren't–they only occur in America, the only country in the world that has more guns than it has citizens.

  71. Lif Twig%

    Yalls relly dumb

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