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  1. Joe Romo

    We CANT let up register new voter's and get them to vote that orange swine out of office and his Republiklan lackeys

  2. Bono Budju

    Trump is about to find out how many patriots love their country, constitution and free and fair elections. Manufacturing officially in recession with Pennsylvania and Wisconin hardest hit. GOP refusal to release any Health care policy after years of promising to do so, they have chosen Trump over country and should be rewarded as such.

  3. Thats not funny

    Sounds like a message from the people!

  4. James Lade

    Vote Democrat

  5. James Lade

    Dump Twump. Ditch Moscow Mitch and Kremlin Donovitch and Leningrad Lindsay

  6. Chester Logan

    Louisiana and Texas wake up and smell the coffee. Follow suit with Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Vote Blue and keep them haters out.

  7. Cofefe

    One of my greatest peeves is the number of "professional" talking heads who cannot finish a sentence before starting another. Seems that they talk faster than they can think. Or, maybe they are struggling with ADHD. Anyway it's annoying AF. And to think, they make big bucks and can't even speak coherent English.

  8. You

    Americans are now seeing just how corrupt the administration is its got to be getting old every week theirs a new scandal that Trumps broken the law again

  9. Marc Leach

    it Hard to understand why anyone would vote blue after 2016 and its even harder to understand after this October are you Americans alright we thought you finally had everything together after the 2016 election

  10. Mohammed Mudashiru

    Moscow Mitch is Next!!! Moscow Mitch, Your Long Term In Office is Over!!! You’re Done and Roasted Like A Cooked Goose Moscow Mitch🤥🤩😂

  11. googlesucks you

    Party is a tool to divide. Always has been.

  12. Alana994 Aj

    Maybe there are patriotic Americans not like Moscow Mitch , Jim Jordan ,Lindsay Graham etc.

  13. Gigi Schiller

    This is just a little sneak peek for what is to come 👍🏻Wake up Republicans

  14. Vote to Count

    The Senate is being ran by Russian Operates, Moscow Mitch McConnel and Leningrad Lindsey Graham! Where are the American Patriots to stop them?

  15. Jayne Berkley

    Well done this is great news……hopefully the rest of America sees the light 💡 and gets rid of a corrupt and unjust government, feel the love America.


    I knew this would happen, Trump would ruin the Republican Party!! Never forget Bad behavior never seen wins. Blue wave last mid term, another blue wave yesterday, Trump is a Criminal, with very low Morality that doesn't respect our Nations Democracy. Dems will take the Senate and Potus, all Thanks to Trump!!!

  17. Samuel M

    Wow a big comeback for Democrats!

  18. Solution X

    Finally Kentucky and Virginia will have people to fight for them, way to go!

  19. Roman Clay

    Send Moscow Mitch into a ditch.

  20. Roman Clay

    Hello Blue Tsunami. Goodbye Agent Orange.

  21. Roman Clay

    Trump's second term will be…..a prison term.

  22. Absque Religione

    I will never understand how you cannot support healthcare for all. Must be an American thing.

  23. David Amiel

    One question remains: is there enough Alabama treatment?

  24. Welco

    Trump memorial in DC will be a statue of him behind bars, complaining like a dog

  25. Ben Lutz

    WooHoo! Tom Perez talking about better quality academic public education! Maybe me whining about it for years has finally fallen on some receptive ears, lol.

  26. Yorubababy1

    I believe it to be the healthcare issues responsible for the donkey upsweep. At the end of the day, you want to be able to receive affordable healthcare especially in and around the age of 65.

  27. Gaetano Vindigni

    If the "president" is re-elected and the Senate retained by Republicans they will work to pass legislation to:
    > continue to maintain male oriented politics;
    > continue to refuse to pass bipartisan gun legislation;
    > slash spending including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid;
    > continue to destroy the Affordable Care Act.
    > continue to imprison innocent children and their parents;
    > continue to increase the deficit;
    > allow Russian oligarch "trojan horse" investments in American companies;
    > allow Russian oligarch "trojan horse" political contributions to Republican candidates;
    > enable the "president's" nascent dictatorship to destroy our Republic.

    Voters must not vote against their interests.

  28. Trees Pottingchic

    omg find this lady!!!!!!!!!!!! omg get this woman on your show!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnFQ4s5MQzY SHE is the voice of the movement…but you have to find her name first lol. WHO IS THIS WOMAN??

  29. Elaine Johnson

    Trump lost the 2016 election by about 3 MILLION VOTERS even with Russian Military Cyber Attacks, Social Media Warfare, Malware Implants into our computers, Burglarizing the DNC and the Trump team giving them confidential polling data and welcoming their help ON TAPE and in over 120 Russian contacts. I wonder how big of an election loss he will have this time? I hope the Electoral College doesn't APPOINT another President that the majority of Americans did not vote for!!! So far, 1 out of every 5 Presidents we have had weren't elected by the majority of "we the people." I wish every American's vote counted and that it could be counted as equal with every other American voter's ballot. But that isn't how our Constitution says elections are to be run.

  30. Christena Smalls

    Ninety-one percent of the US attend public schools. It is important to support our teachers and students. Furthermore if it was not for our public education system we would be the most ignorant of nations. It is time to speak proudly of who we are and what we have accomplished in 243 years. We will not allow lies and liars to overcome the bedrock of our democracy.

  31. randall casteel

    All you have to do is put together a video of Trump's lies or his failed promises.

  32. Vicky Jameus

    I believe that the people who are between the ages of 20 to 45 ,have had enough of the Republicans working for Trump and his family
    and not for America's country and people.(cover ups 😳 lies ,Trump's rallies of hate, chaos,corruption, crimes and not standing up to NRA)

  33. bhichar damrongpiwat

    Make America Great again. Impeach Trump

  34. Lynn Lamont

    Dems waving bye bye

  35. Steve Kivley

    How do the few asshats still actually watching this tripe tolerate it? Wtf is wrong with you people?

  36. Wendell Hackley

    Democrats going to win elections in 2020 too,Republicans lose house and Senate and presidency, then a real department of justice can go after all Republicans who involved with receiving money from Russians.

  37. L Benson

    New faith in our democratic republic BUT… the democrats need to expand their base to non-white voters and stop focusing on trying to reprogram the white working class who have been schnockered by NYC Conman/cult

  38. Gary Mellow

    Bone spurs rat infested ship is going down vote Bernie 2020 save your democracy and the middle class 🔥🔥🔥

  39. White Centaur

    The Republican party is a cancer upon this country. Dems want to fix the problems of this country that the GOP repeatedly block. GOP ideals are no longer welcome in this country. The fact we are still talking about equal rights to this day just shows how stuck in the past Republicans are. #voteBlue2020

  40. April Jones-Foston


  41. David Armillie

    "Bevin is not an A lister" that is an understatement! LOL Perez is right about that!

  42. John Doe

    Trump did promise to drain the swamp.

  43. Jay Muller

    Why did China give Joe Biden son 1.5 billion dollars why is the news media covering it up.

  44. Joel J

    Stan Greenberg's new book R.I.P. GOP explains the blue wave phenomenon and the future of the GOP.

  45. ntamny

    I’ll be voting for Bernie in 2020. But Dems need to remember how they cheated Bernie and forced Clinton on us which brought about trump. We won’t forget. Corporate Democrats need to know we will not take incremental change anymore.

  46. corrine joy

    Go Prez….50 states Go and Go get it together….Win it all

  47. Konstantin Polyakov


  48. Crisis Cycling

    Don't get too excited. by Nov 2020 the deciding bloc in our insane electoral college first past the post political system, the ignorant middle that votes on feelings, will have forgotten everything that happened before Oct 2020. Stay engaged!

  49. Julie

    Wake up GOP wake up! People are not sleeping, you can't let everything your party stands for go down the drain for just one man, not country nor party but one man rediculous, you keep taking people for granted that all Reps will vote for Trump just coz he holds the red flag, people are tired and still have morals.
    That said Dems better make their platform clear as well they can't take these wins for granted they have to earn them come next elections.

  50. Crisis Cycling

    Oh, man, dragging out the DNC head to gloat over a band-aid that's been slapped over a problem created by the DNC just hurts.

  51. Bran R

    old Mitch predicted "if we elect trump it will destroy the republican party and we will deserve it"

    well he was right

  52. Cheryl Mcwilliams

    Yeah. I was born in Kentucky. They are not all hillbillies like Trump said.

  53. Cheryl Mcwilliams

    There is hope for America.

  54. Cheryl Mcwilliams

    Republican party should have done right by Americans.

  55. Cheryl Mcwilliams

    Don't forget infrastructure.

  56. Debra Clinkscale

    Way to go KENTUCKY!!! So proud of you guys as I am in my new ALL BLUE STAE OF VIRGINIA!!! YES! Now it is time to get rid of Moscow Mitch, Brown Nose Lindsey Graham, Jim No Jacket No Morals Jordan,,, and the rest of the GOP!!

  57. Erin Cress

    As a Hoosier, I am SOOOOO proud of Columbus! 💙

  58. Peggy Trawick

    Democrats won the House of Representatives

  59. Larry Levingston

    Search, "Nancy Pelosi walks with
    "EL CHAPO" !
    Someone please make her EXPLAIN !!!

  60. Peggy Trawick

    Counting Alaska and Hawaii we now have fifty states

  61. RurouniStarchild

    Bad Red
    Bad Red
    Whatcha gonna do?
    Whatcha gonna do
    when the Wave is Blue?

  62. Salnsd

    Fake news from a fake reporter of the fake media on a fake YouTube of the fake internet about a fake election in fake states on a fake Thursday , Whew did I miss anything you right wing nuts

  63. Over21

    Don't make the mistake – again! – of being complacent and taking a victory in 2020 for granted before election night!

  64. Jacob Zondag

    Someone's getting bored with all that winning.

  65. Veronica Stewart

    trump certainly played a part in the KY elections but also, don't forget McConnell. He is not well liked and, he is also a Republican. I think that his days in the Senate are limited.

  66. Marlowe Dugger

    Lol. Trump goes to promote Bevins and his political dies. Lol. Hilariously funny.

  67. Marcus Aurelius

    Trump is cleaning the swamp, all right! If you know what I mean…

  68. Marlowe Dugger

    Now Kentucky vote McGrath get rid of McConnell.

  69. Strothy2

    If I were the turtle of doom, I would be panicking right now

  70. Kevin Mayo

    Trump 2020. Cant wait to see the snowflakes melt away.

  71. Thomas Muscheck

    What it says is a guy with SIX DIFFERENT STORIES.. one after another.. is just a LIAR. Every detail out of his mouth is "misleading". Not one truthful thing about Trump is a story that he wants out there. Tom Perez should stay off the air.. nobody likes gloating. The narrative is not what the House has passed.. but what the Senate won't even vote on. Never mentioned McConnell. Seen this years ago from Ed Rendell after Al Gore "destroyed Bush" in first debate. All but declared victory ahead. These DNC heads should NEVER BE SEEN OR HEARD. Lay lower than low.

  72. Rock About

    Don't get complacent, Democrats. Trump is a crafty, ruthless campaigner who's prepared to do whatever it takes, legal or not, to stay in power. Keep in mind police in New York are waiting for him to lose his presidential immunity, a fact that will inspire him to do anything.

  73. Eric S

    If there is a sunny side to the trumpster fire, it is that Dems will win more elections.

  74. Inez Qtaish

    Inez Qtaish say " ( W)o man ( A) t ( T)Iom (E) go ( R)ight

  75. Blink Once on Sunday!

    The blue wave continues until Republicans stop defending the criminal in the White House.

  76. Kim Jong Trump

    2020 is taking too long !!! Great job Virginia & Kentucky

  77. Joseph Schwarzkopf

    Now that sotero's FBI/DOJ/CIA/MSM COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald.

  78. Julia Callan

    When we all vote,good things happen,GO BLUE

  79. Sherry Young

    Perez: "Democrats can walk and chew gum"!!

  80. Pooran Singh

    Virginia, Americans are proud of you. I hope the rest of America wake up and vote these criminals in the gop out of office

  81. Pooran Singh

    Republicans, don't care about Americans. Republicans love Russia not America

  82. DianeD08

    Republicans are finish for next elections. This party show is real face. No dignity, lies and dehonnest. Finish completely.

  83. Ani Bell

    Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED about the election wins….but the truth is, some of those are flukes due to perfect storm kinda situations (think Doug Jones vs a pedophile for Senate). Dotard still has quite a few of his MAGA turds who'll show up to vote. WE MUST REGISTER NEW VOTERS. DON'T LET UP. KEEP WORKING. #BlueWave2020

  84. Kathy Williams

    I hope the democratic leaders get the message from voters, which they did NOT in 2008, DO SOMETHING! No more "working with" corrupt republicans, no more "looking forward" letting corrupt republicans get away with their treasonous crimes, no more letting Wall Street control the economy, no more helping Billionaires crush the Roosevelt New Deal.
    BTW: the Democratic party was "50 State" when Howard Dean was running it. Why did you trashcan Dean and close the offices in the "50 states", eh?

  85. Daryl Leckt

    death to the president who hijacked $400,000,000 tax payer dollars and tried to run a shadow government contrary to the legislation of a duly elected bipartisan congress.
    trumps crimes are treason and espionage.
    both are capitol crimes.

  86. blueagle1100

    Im all for Virginia turning blue and the first trans woman senator but the first Muslim Senator doesnt sound too good for me, particularly since the first 2 Muslim representatives have left much to be desired and have done nothing but cause problems (full of hate) since they were elected.

  87. xuebaiqiang

    Get smart, Republican Senators. Trump = big, fat liability. You need an off ramp!

    When the impeachment trial comes to the Senate, have somebody (even better, a bipartisan team like Sen. Romney and Sen. Donnelly) petition the presiding judge, Chief Justice Roberts, to make a procedural declaration that the jurors' votes are to be submitted by SECRET BALLOT –which is the American judicial norm. This way all senators can vote their conscience. This is further justified by a pattern of witness intimidation, obstruction of justice, and jury intimidation (or the equivalent) by Trump and associates.

  88. Dark Rainbow

    When Trump got elected, I told people to look on the bright side. He was going to diminish the power of the executive branch and make the congress as important as it was before Lincoln.

  89. pat jack

    Trump: It's not what I can do for my country, it is what my country can do for me!

  90. Rick O'Shaughnessy

    Sen. Graham, you need to read that transcript and stop playing us for fools! Cause that light at the end of the tunnel is a train and you better understand that.

  91. infopackrat

    So republican cheating isn't working?

  92. Tony john

    Democrats should kick Trump out of office to save America .

  93. Elaine

    …in spite of the corporate Dems

  94. Lefert Bos

    Ukraine https://youtu.be/6fbHooVLWoI

  95. networkdeath1

    The common policy theme of the Democrat Party is the endorsement of individual irresponsibility. Everything they push for encourages it. You are all powerless, so let the Party take over your life. PATHETIC.

  96. akeleven

    In Private Perez is shaking in his boots. These new Democrats aren't the old Democrats that lay down and wait for the corporations to strip their livelihood. We're coming for you Tom Perez, the next president won't be a corporate Democrat

  97. John Dexter

    We can do this vote vote vote

  98. Miles O'Brien

    Perez should be in jail. Period.

  99. G M

    Democrats defend & protect ILLEGAL ALIENS, while spitting in the faces of AMERICAN CITIZENS & LEGAL RESIDENTS!

    Stop the insanity!

  100. Mark Scott Staggs

    Celebrating minor victories does not blue wave make. The information being disseminated by these spawns of Satan must be taken with a grain of sulphur!

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