Did Resident Evil 6 Suck? I Settle It Forever.

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Did Resident Evil 6 Suck?  I Settle It Forever.

What’s your name, soldier? Sit and spin, diiiiick. Where do you get off having that much bad
boy attitude?! He doesn’t play by anyone’s rules! What are you, some kind of bad boy? Yeah, I’m thinking I’m a bad little boy. Resident Evil 6 is such a dead horse at this
point that I’ve been using the very idea of reviewing it a joke on this channel. But there’s a different side to the story
worth covering, since the game’s reputation has evolved over time in a way that’s not
frequently seen. At launch, most critics regarded it as a colossal
failure, with major outlets giving it scores as low as three out of ten- three out of five
would have been considered low for a game in this series. One of the common complaints was that the
game was a pathetic attempt to cash in on the success of military shooters, with Capcom
abandoning horror in pursuit of Call of Duty like sales goals. Along with that the controls and mechanics
were derided as clumsy and broken, the monotonous action sequences were tiresome, the camera
was frustrating, the quick time events were- you know what, just fucking everything, everything
about the game was terrible. Sales momentum dropped sharply after launch
and Capcom rebooted the series with a much more focused and horror based vision that
has served them well since. It would be easy to write the game off as
an embarrassing miscalculation but then it would be hard to explain how the game has
kept selling over the years, taking the number three spot in the rankings. That’s not the number three spot in the
Resident Evil series, that’s number three in Capcom’s entire history, and it’s just
a sliver away from being number two. Granted, a lot of those sales came after the
game landed in the bargain bin, but it still counts for something that Resident Evil 6
just refuses to die. The game’s fans will claim that it continues
selling because it was an extremely fun action game with groundbreaking third person controls
and combat mechanics that were misunderstood by the majority of critics. Their argument is usually that Resident Evil
6 should be approached like a Platinum title, a stylish, over the top action game like Vanquish
or Bayonetta, and that the haters rejected it simply because they were too closed minded
to accept anything that wasn’t survival horror. So who is right? As the internet’s most unbiased nobody I
feel as if it’s my reluctant duty to answer this once and for all, beginning with the
most important point: the controls work really well. Nothing is more fundamental to enjoying Resident
Evil 6 than understanding its mechanics, and this is one area where Capcom has to be blamed
for failing to communicate this to players. Playing RE4 for the first time, I was able
to pick up the controller and dive right in without a hitch in spite of the game’s radically
different perspective. That’s partly because the PS2 controls were
almost identical to the older titles, but also because RE4 was such an intuitive and
straightforward game. In comparison, RE6 feels like it has too many
buttons doing too many things, with combinations of buttons doing other things. It’s not a game that you can just jump straight
into with good results. Usually games with complicated controls have
a tutorial to walk you through everything you need to know; Resident Evil 6 technically
has one, but it wastes its time trying to impress you with explosions and slow moving
quick time events. Considering the percentage of gameplay taken
up by those things, maybe that decision actually makes sense. Capcom explained it by saying they wanted
something cool at the start of the game. And what better summary of RE6 could there
be that the developers didn’t bother teaching you to play because they thought an explosion
would be cooler… an explosion you’ll see later in the game anyway and that they copied
and pasted here because they wanted you to see it twice. But if you take the time to practice each
move on your own and build up the muscle memory, there’s an incredible amount of mobility
at your disposal. You can duck or roll in any direction to avoid
attacks, and even when you’re on the ground you can continue evading. You can power slide with guns blazing and
reverse direction to continue shooting up the enemy’s back. I actually can’t wait for an enemy to throw
something or take a swing since flopping around is so much fun on the face of it. That mobility ties into the new melee system. In past games you were mainly shooting and
could occasionally open up a chance to melee when hitting certain spots. Resident Evil 6 still requires stunning to
perform the most powerful attacks, but you’re free to punch and kick whenever as long as
you have stamina. Pressing aim and fire at the same time will
let you do a powerful quick shot which stuns the enemy right away and sets them up for
easy follow up attacks. One of the common complaints when the game
came out- and one that I shared- was that ammo was far too limited. It felt like a sick joke; to turn the series
into an action shooter and deny you the ability to shoot. But if you actually use the new melee system
that problem goes away… sometimes. More on that later. The game also has a lot of great context sensitive
animations for the attacks depending on your position relative to the enemy and environment. Any time someone defends Resident Evil 6 they
inevitably share a bunch of clips or gifs of wrestling moves to prove that the game
was great, and the action is really flashy and polished. It’s clear that Capcom spent a lot of time
getting the core mechanics to feel great and it’s unfortunate that so many couldn’t
appreciate it. So does that mean that the critics really
were closed minded and that Resident Evil 6 was a misunderstood masterpiece? NO. The big problem with that argument is that
Resident Evil 4 exists. This is the game that gave you ammo when killing
enemies, and gold and other trinkets that could be traded for bigger, better guns. The old games were about avoiding the use
of resources at all costs, this game was all about expending them (now that’s a hell
of a gun!). It introduced quick time events and cover
shooting. It sped up the pace by ditching puzzles and
turning the world into a linear rail so that you could blast through enemies and gather
jewels more efficiently. It was a total betrayal of everything survival
horror was about. So if fans really are so closed minded about
change, why is it that this game is almost universally revered as a masterpiece? What did Resident Evil 6 do in comparison
that was a bridge too far? Letting you roll on the ground? Listening to most of the arguments in favor
of the game, you get the sense that its fans would be fine with everything taking place
in one big room with zombies funnelling in for you to endlessly roundhouse kick. And that’s kind of what Mercenaries mode
is; this is probably RE6 at it’s best, with the focus purely on its combat. But a full game needs a lot more than that;
there’s got to be connective tissue holding it all together. The reason Resident Evil 4 got away with what
it did is that it was nearly perfect all the way through. The opening segment is so fun that it’s
hard to resist starting another playthrough, and afterwards the creepy farm slows things
down and pulls you in to explore. Then there’s another big action section
followed by more atmospheric silence. The game knew just when to change gears to
keep the player interested, and that pacing is such a major part of why the game works. The slow quiet moments are every bit as important
to the game as the action sequences, and without them the action would lose its relative intensity
and become boring. Resident Evil 6 completely and utterly fails
in this regard, mainly because its slow segments are terrible. Jake’s campaign has a chapter where you
search a mountain for three digital macguffins of some kind. Stringing these things across a large mountain
feels like the most uninspired kind of busywork a game can throw at you, as if the developers
needed to fill 15 minutes of time and couldn’t come up with anything better. The few things they tried to make it more
interesting only made it worse and worse to play; it’s already hard to see and the snowstorm
whites out your vision randomly. There’s a giant icy slope with snipers,
machine gunners and snowmobilers charging down it and if you get hit or do any of your
fancy moves you’ll slide all the way down to the giant cliff at the bottom. This is video game hell. And RE6 is full of segments like this. Ada has to search an aircraft carrier for-say
it with me- three whogivesashits, running through dull, copied and pasted barracks,
scavenging for ammo to fight waves of identical enemies using mechanics that lost their appeal
two campaigns ago. When you finally find a key, a monster eats
it and disappears through a vent, padding this junk segment out even more. At times it feels like a High Voltage Software
game- It looks, sounds, and plays like a game made by a much smaller studio with fewer resources. There’s no particular mood to most of it;
the past games were incredibly good at setting a tone for each area. This game’s idea of atmosphere is putting
a couple mannequins in a dark room Aaand that’s it, I guess we’re done with that. There’s an awkwardly long car ride that
I assume is supposed to feel tragic, but after the thousands of zombie heads you’ve suplexed
off during the multiple outbreaks within this game alone it’s kind of hard to feel much
of anything at this point. The soundtrack is full of generic military
themes and stuff that sounds ripped off from other
sources. This is also a matter of taste, but the visual
style looks like someone severely crushed the blacks and blew out everything bright
with bloom. It’s the game equivalent of doing this. Resident Evil remake is a great example of
dark visuals done really well. The lighting and the objects within it are
given special attention, and even the dark areas have a lot of carefully placed detail
to soak in. Even the objects that are brightly lit in
RE6 usually look like junk, and there’s a sense that the darkness is hiding how little
there is to see otherwise. And the game has a lot to hide, considering
that getting close to practically anything will reveal GameCube level assets. The only thing that consistently looks nice
is the character work. Wait a minute… this lady gets around. Resident Evil 5 may not have had much horror
atmosphere, but it was at least an amazing looking game for its time and it still holds
up fairly well. RE6 feels like a step down, and at least on
PC it literally was, with some effects being downgraded. It’s clearly a game where you’re supposed
charging forward without looking around too much. Wait a minute… that guy gets around. The obvious reason for the rushed visuals
is that Capcom was stretched thin developing four scenarios at once, something that turned
out to be much harder than they were expecting, and that’s all Resident Evil 5’s fault. You can pinpoint the exact moment Resident
Evil died as a horror series and it’s right here- when zombies with AK47’s started tactically
ducking behind cover and firing back, the series had finally completely stamped out
the last trace of horror. If you could replace the monsters in your
game with normal humans and it wouldn’t make any difference, you’ve fucked up at
making a horror game. The near universal response to RE5 was that
it was still really solid fun, but that the series had veered too far into action and
needed to tilt back towards horror. The problem is that Resident Evil 5 went on
to become the best selling game in the series, and even the very best selling game in Capcom’s
history until Monster Hunter displaced it. There was no way that Capcom was going to
walk away from sales like that, but they also didn’t want to lose longtime fans. And that dilemma seems like the origin of
the split campaigns. Chris’ scenario feels like the one they
wanted to make. It picks up right where the zombies with guns
idea left off and amps up the military shooter vibe. Leon’s was meant to be the one for horror
fans. The idea of having one scenario for action
and another for horror isn’t necessarily terrible. If they had just stuck to those two and actually
made them distinct from one another then it might have worked. The problem is that Leon’s campaign is hardly
less action focused than any of the others; it’s just as full of explosions, quick time
events, and diving around with guns blazing. Everything that was supposed to make this
“the horror scenario” was just superficial nostalgia; you’ve got the star of Resident
Evil 2, using his Resident Evil 2 handgun in an old creaky building in the midst of
a zombie breakout. But the zombies fly through the air like circles
du soleil performers, and there are only a few brief instances where it’s even remotely
scary. The game has the absolute balls to put you
in a classic Resident Evil type location with locked doors and then force you to watch someone
else unlock them for you. When people say that Resident Evil 6 is a
nonstop action thrillride, they probably don’t mean the part where you slowly walk for ten
minutes following your 5th grade math teacher around. While we’re waiting, here’s a list of
things you can do that are more fun than playing Resident Evil 6: play Bayonetta, or Vanquish
or any of the other much better games that people compare this to when trying to defend
it, apply for a bank loan, read a good book, feel tired, take a walk in the sun, confront
a friend, violate parole, let the past die, kill it if you have to, press the power button
and turn Resident Evil 6 off, and many more. This isn’t a complaint that the game isn’t
enough like the old ones; it’s a complaint that the game is trying to do some other kind
of horror and doing it badly. The point of this sequence is to find the
guy’s daughter, who is infected. Guess what happens? Yeah, that. You go through a large number of scripted
set pieces like this, including a quick time event sequence in a car. Quick time events were pretty effective when
used for things like the knife fight in Resident Evil 4, since it revolved around split second
reflexes. What’s the point of using them here? The game never passes up the chance to throw
another CONTREEVED button mashing sequence in, and even with the option Capcom added
to disable them they’re still there and you still have to sit through them. Then there’s a flicker of hope- you emerge
on the streets to see absolute chaos unfolding, and the music is really good. The game actually has some real atmosphere. It was always interesting to roam the streets
and see the aftermath of the outbreak in the older games, and this was a good chance to
navigate the city while that was unfolding all around you. But then a scripted car crash happens, an
ambulance crashes to block off every route and you’re forced right back onto the linear
rail to start another scripted sequence that will in turn lead to another scripted sequence
that will always end the same way. It’s not a game as much as it is a Universal
studios ride- the one where the shark pops out, and this type of gameplay gets worse
and worse each time you revisit since it just becomes a matter of going through the motions
once you know what’s going to happen. Scripted sequences can work really well when
used in just the right places, but not when everything revolves around them. The game is practically automated to run without
you; it just needs you to press a couple buttons. Most critics thought that Leon’s campaign
was the best, probably because it’s the only one that has any real semblance of atmosphere
or horror, but it’s the worst in terms of utilizing the game’s mechanics. I didn’t like Chris’ scenario at launch,
but revisiting it now with a better grasp on the controls I actually found it to be
the best. Mainly because it has the highest concentration
of actual gameplay vs scripted events. But as it drags on it fails to change the
pace and the action starts to get boring and frustrating. The j’avo mutating when shot is an interesting
mechanic, but the entire game is basically reliant on that one hook. Resident Evil 4 ramped things up as it went
along with the first parasite appearing only once you got a few chapters in. The j’avo are mutating right from the start
and things never really evolve beyond that. I don’t care how they mutate, they’re
all the same machine gun toting bad guys to me, and when they do transform it makes me
dread having to spend twice as long taking them down (“how many of these assholes do
we have to kill?”). Yeah, no shit. And Chris still has plenty of his own bullshit
sequences like this one, where slightly running towards the edge of the dock causes him to…
die?! This motherfucker can’t swim? He should be able to just punch the water
out of his way. At one point you fight a helicopter that spends
a lot of time out of range and when it does appear you’ll probably get swarmed with
a bunch of chicken men. It seems to shoot right through cover and
your limited ammo does become a major problem here, since you can’t exactly melee a chopper
out of the sky, and if the meager amount the game provides isn’t enough you’re in for
a painfully long slog of punching enemies until you get more. Jake’s campaign has you fight the same chopper
again, only this time from the street level where you have an even poorer view of it,
even less ammunition, and don’t even have the excitement of it shooting back. Welcome once again to video game hell. What exactly is the appeal of this supposed
to be? Just to have the campaigns cross over, even
if it leads to totally meaningless gameplay? The game is filled with these “boss fights
for voyeurs.” In Helena’s game you have to run down a
long hall to collect ammo just to continue participating in someone else’s boss fight,
and when you run out of that, then what? Well, it doesn’t really seem to matter,
because it’s all scripted cinematic bullshit. And that really is key to enjoying Resident
Evil 6; you have to like stupid, pointless, exploding bullshit and action movie one liners- and you have
to be impressed by poorly handling vehicle segments that seem wedged into the game just
to expand the scale even further. If you bought a flying simulator that played
like this you would ask for your money back, but it’s in a Resident Evil game where you
don’t expect it, so that means it’s good, right? You’d better have an endless appetite for
this stuff, because there are four whole campaigns of it to get through. The big twist of Jake’s campaign is a stalker
enemy who first seems like a potential throwback to Nemesis from the third game. Unfortunately, he turns out to be nothing
but a quick time event generator, filling Jake’s campaign with even more of this garbage
gameplay than the previous two. By the time you get to Ada, whose scenario
was originally a secret and is even less polished as a result, it feels like everything wrong
with the other scenarios has culminated into its own campaign. Any fun derived from the core controls should
have dissolved by now, and even those mechanics I praised have problems. The game often melees the wrong targets or
uses the wrong object for cover, and in cases like this registers the wrong partner actions. The peripheral mechanics around those core
controls are mostly terrible; it was simple to heal in the old survival horror games. Resident Evil 5 upped the tension with a real
time inventory, which was arranged in a grid where each item was a single press away. Resident Evil 6 puts everything in the real
time menu, even the camera and graphics settings, which makes no sense. No one is looking for tension when trying
to turn their aim invert on or off. The inventory is arranged in a straight row,
which is the least efficient layout possible and requires scrolling through every item
to get to the one you need. And you’ll have to do this often, since
the game somehow manages to leave you empty on ammo but full on inventory most of the
time. Using an herb now requires mixing herbs together,
mixing those herbs together, putting them into a carrying case, and then tapping the
heal button to eat them like tic tacs. The system is so clumsy that you’re likely
to need to heal all over again from the damage you’ve taken while healing the first time. Revelations was a step away from the action
of RE5 and it simplified the healing process to one button press, and again, that was a
more horror oriented game. So why is it the fast paced, over the top
action game that has the most deliberately clumsy healing in the series? What’s the point? Bayonetta doesn’t make you enter button
combos to use a lollipop. Fans of the game defend stuff like this by
saying that you can mix herbs in between melee animations, or that you can use a hidden method
to mix them automatically by holding a button combination. It’s still a bad system, but more importantly,
why is the fast mixing hidden at all, as if it were the konami code? There’s a similar trick where you can hold
the action button to avoid the painfully long recovery times when getting knocked to the
ground, and if you’re lucky you might see the game flash tips like this on the loading
screen. The game shouldn’t have such frustrating
mechanics in the first place, but it definitely bury the “right ways” to do things in
places that most players will never find. Resident Evil 4 made its gameplay much more
addicting by letting you upgrade your guns with really satisfying results. Resident Evil 6, in another apparent nod to
online shooters, replaces this with a three perk system. Most of the perks have no obvious result;
there are two devoted to stabilizing aim and even with both I barely see a difference. The only ones worth bothering with are the
ones with explicitly defined improvements, like 5 extra stamina bars, and once you’ve
found them there’s no use bothering with the rest. You can only equip a few and most of them
don’t work, so what’s the point? The series lost a lot of potential replay
value by ditching its own great upgrade system in favor of poorly copying someone else’s. At this point, the dead horse has been beaten
into a gelatinous pulp and I have to stop. The fair answer is that the game is somewhere
in between both extremes, as the Buddha taught us; it’s not the complete loss that many
people made it out to be at launch and it does deserve more credit for the things it
did well, mainly when it comes to mobility. It is, in small doses, a lot of fun. But the game Capcom built around those controls
is bad, and no amount of “gitting gud” and learning to play the right way changes
the fact that the pacing is terrible and that scenarios are badly lacking polish. In order to argue that this game is good you
have to sweep an incredible amount of garbage under the rug. If you could edit games like a film and stitch
only the good parts together you might be able to make a really good game out of this,
but the half baked game we got failed as a vehicle for its own mechanics. You can still have fun playing it, but it
sucks. In a way, everyone is right about it at once. That’s just the kind of game Resident Evil
6 is; a partially enjoyable failure. If anyone wants to argue that it was unconditionally
great then you must submit evidence of yourself enjoying these bullshit sequences. I want to see you having fun fetch questing
for these keys or climbing these ladders or staring in genuine awe at the game’s 400th
explosion. Post your evidence with the hashtag badboywithxtremetude…
on myspace.

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  49. Eren Yeager


  50. Milos Misic

    I don't care what anyone says. Re6 is a fantastic 3rd person shooter with so much mobility options, great enemies and a ton of content. It's not really a survival horror game but I really don't care. I see things as what they are not what I want them to be.

  51. ThatMovieGuy Does The Small Screen

    For me its a guilty pleasure just put on your preferred choice of music n kick some ass

  52. Albert Gongora

    I am not going to lie I thought resident evil 6 was a really good game I mean I'm not going to say it like it's one of the greatest that has let up to its reputation versus earlier games cuz I I hate to see it even the new resident evil 2 was a little more better and felt more intense to the fact that it went back to horror elements in this evening goes for his evil 7 because as much as I love number 6 it's the fact that I was more pumped up to maybe learn more about Jake and his past vs all these other characters that we already know of because I hate to say it you can even tie in I guess some of the animated movies of resident evil the kind of getting and idea of what really happened to everyone afterwards and how much the first zombie outbreak really affected everyone on their outlook on neither them working as a police task force military task force or whatever you know the characters positions are in the storyline and I felt like resident evil 7 finally restored that idea but it felt out of place even though it was a great game with great elements and the way it was set up it was so intense versus number 6 like I said because you know it's more action than it is horror and it makes you feel as the main character that you're playing as that you have better control of a situation of them being seasoned veterans that are going through the apocalypse like it's no problem in my opinion versus like of there was a new set of characters were is still tied into Leon or anybody else then it would make sense anyone they do introduce that with Jake and Sherry it's just not the same of they already have like a sense of skill and combat and knowing how to defend themselves against the situation knowing that they've gone through it before and that's what takes away the horror aspect of it as well and don't get me wrong I would have loved to see more about Jake's character how Sherry's life is due to the the virus she was injected with and you know all the different things that tie into the series but I felt like with resident evil 2 it's going to leave on maybe a better path where they can do that later on down the line but I guess for now like I think people should understand why others see light and I'm criticized why the game failed and why it was just a game that look like it was titled to basically be like something similar to call of duty but just with zombies and main characters that have already been introduced to the pot from previous games

  53. Anthony Sloan

    So all in all, the games not bad, but its not good either. Average doesn't suck, just sucks it wasn't better

  54. Douglas Ammirati

    Yes, it did suck, indeed.

    I do, however, understand why some people (not me included) enjoy this dumb Michael Bay style Resident Evil.

  55. Madam Hearts

    Your like a knock off tehsnakerer. Very good job

  56. Archiwum Johnego


  57. Reggie King

    first resident evil game i didn't buy. They more than redeemed themselves with Resident evil 7 VR though and i'm hoping Resident evil 8 will like the RE2 remake but set in an open world racoon city with the streets filled with zombies like dying light.

  58. Terance

    I would like to see Resident Evil 4-6 get remade into actual survival horror games. Especially 4, I think it has crazy potential for horror, so long as they are willing to redo a lot of the original. Ashley could be straight up infected like your GF in Resident Evil 7 so you don't have a clinger the entire game. For example darkness, fog, forests, run down villages, villagers with inhuman wails and screams that alert the rest to your presence, blood sacrifices. The chief could be akin to Tyrant in the first area with more survival horror stealth gameplay. Its not hard to imagine the very best survival horror game ever.

  59. DacAttack2142

    The campaigns crossover because of the multiplayer, at the intersections it tries to find other people at the same point and slot them in. This is pretty cool in some fights, like the Jake/Leon Ustanak fight but bad (as you explained) in the helicopter fight. But since these feature rely's on a huge number of people all playing at the same time in order to function it wasn't worth the sacrifice to the storytelling it brought.

  60. EARTH

    Yes, re6 sucks, it's the worst game in the series.

  61. Daniel Aguilar

    Nerrel, this is amazing, keep the good work jajaja, this is the complement for the gamingbritshow video, which i also like way too much.

  62. Revenge Sniper

    Unpopular opinion – NO

  63. NoiselessSorrow

    As a big Resident evil fan ,,, i think it´s a great action game i still played the crap out of this game ,,,, but it´s not a good resident evil game …. it´s really fun when you play with friends etc … but if you expect a resident evil game then you are at the wrong address

  64. kdsavage1991

    RE6 did not suck, it just wasn't a Resident Evil game to me.

    My opinion

  65. Johnny raven

    I didn't mind the game overall. It's ok to play next RE4 & 5 but thats It.

  66. Brandon Eisenhauer

    Sounds like uncharted but with zombies

  67. Michael Wilson

    Simple answers – as a game? No. As a RE game? Oh yes.

  68. Isaiah Cox

    This video is so fucking funny dude hahahah

  69. TheFeralGamer

    to be quite honest when you said it feels low budget that is exactly what I feel every time I fight against a zombie and I see how they just dissolve and their heads fall off in a really awkward way. Thank God resident evil 2 remake happened

  70. Drew Dowdy

    Yes this was a stupid game that went in several different directions. Sometimes you get killed real sudden like in a fight with nothing behind you and you couldn't tell what killed you. Having to kill the same bio creature an ungodly amount of times. The craziness of over the top fantastic creatures was complete BS. And then Ada killing S.T.AR.S. agents with an exploding ball full of infected spikes. This game was a complete fail and I deleted it from my system.

  71. KhaosCorp999

    No. I love this crazy ass game haha

  72. Alejandro Martinez

    I enjoyed the game a lot in general. What aggravated the HELL out of me wasn't the vehicle sections, but the tight quarter sections. The camera in these sections WAS your worst enemy.

  73. santyx66

    Whats a jeef?

  74. Korg

    I installed the game.
    I played until the explosion place.
    I went to see the inventory.
    I found bullshit.
    I uninstalled that bullshit.

  75. SilentEvil2

    This nigga is funny as fuck. 😂 Re6 is trash.

  76. Salted

    What I enjoyed about RE6 the most was that RE6 finally fully indulged in what shooter/melee combat could be in the series of games between Re4-Re6
    melee was always something that was just there as an option not really required. it still isnt but it feels good to use.

  77. bingodabomb

    I mean it was hard to keep the same cast and still maintain the horror genre. After so many encounters with zombies and etc, the characters are specialists at what they do so it only make sense as the story goes on, they'll be kicking ass. When they did RE7 and introduced a new character, it then brought back the realistic atmosphere of a person who had just entered a nightmare in comparison to Leon or Chris who have been fighting for decades.

  78. HashBandicoot

    Every time i think about replaying this game i remember that t rex boss and the level of bullshit ammo sponge it was and think better of playing it again.

  79. Thepkgamer0

    Your dry humor and delivery is perfect. I subbed. Hope to see more stuff similar to this, even just short gameplay vids.

  80. Adam Sunderland

    3 out 10 isn't even low enough. Its literally one of the worse games ever made.

  81. SOHGuy

    Some parts of RE6 I did like but overall I hate this game.
    In gameplay having so many options to attack and move is actually a good thing also it does show some creativity and dumb fun dedication that capcom put into it.
    However the constant sporadic gameplay styles just sprinkled everywhere, the game keeps on shoving down too much action, random QTEs that have caused me and my random coop partners to die many times because of this.

    This isn't the worst RE game, far from it. those turd crowns belong to Gun Survior 1,2, Dead Aim and Umbrella Corps (I like RE Gaiden so deal with it)

    If some at capcom would just acknowledge that this game is just pushing it too much and maybe we should do some work arounds and maybe this game would do much better.

    This is why I prefer RE5 alot more, yes it's an action coop game but it doesn't constantly throw BS death, and too much insane action all the time. The game knows when to give players a break, even tho I do wish the characters were more nimble because RE5 movement feels pretty stiff. But at least alot of your animations have invincibility frames so… I guess all is good on that.

    Also RE5 is little more forgiving on QTEs and my partners don't die due to a QTE mistake or gameplay mistake because RE5 is a more easier game to play through.

    I remember getting sorry comments from my partners for failing certain segments of RE6 and I have to be that nice guy to tell them "it's alright man, it's the game's fault. Not yours. it's way too action heavy. And QTE timing is super strict that it can be annoying."

  82. Harry

    I dont understand the reference in the thumbnail. Help me, here…

  83. Li-Li Mandragon

    The story sucks too
    Chris's amnesia & drunken angst is some soap opera BS and apart from the obvious homoerotic subtext with Piers, the campaign is boring.
    Leon's depression over president whatshisface's death comes out of nowhere and fighting with the villain over Ada is cringe + Helena is lame.
    Jake, Wesker's broken condom emo bastard son shouldn't exist, and he's only relevant because Sherry (a good character) is his partner.
    Ada gets way too much spotlight in the story for a sneaky spy lady, also why no Jill and Claire the actual RE heroines?

  84. Enki

    Why shit on HVS? Conduit 2 was good

  85. WhereThereDude

    Re5 and 6 sucks balls… i can't believe they are in the top 3.

  86. AldentheBlue

    I still think RE4 was the quintessential action RE experience. 5 was close but 4 seemed to pull it off better in my opinion. Better mix of action and horror. Better pacing and level design. The enemies responded to you perfectly, giving your shots or kicks weight. The gunplay and arsenal felt like it was well thought out and researched too. (Except the sniper rifle ammo, I mean, 5.56 for long range? Seriously?) I could feel the difference between the variety of handguns, shotguns, etc.

    This was lacking in RE6. the pacing and level design was "blah"." The horror wasn't particularly scary at any point. Nothing felt like it hit or made much of an impact since the enemies seemingly shrugged it off or died with canned animations. And the firearms didn't feel all that interesting. And I think the RE2 remake shows that you can have bullet sponge enemies with satisfying combat.

  87. thefallout1100

    Damn, good vid and good channel

  88. Project Soul

    as a co op game i like it. played with my friend, brother, and with my wife.. as a RE game. NO

  89. Nacor Carmona Blanco

    Still, mercenaries is hella fun. CAPCOM drop the ball with RE6, but it is not as bad as people say. I have finished it several times, and played a lot of hours in mercs mode. A good run for my money. Next RE games have to follow the RE2:R path though.

  90. Cat and Six Gaming!

    As a game Resident Evil 6 is ok. As a Resident Evil game Resident Evil 6 fails at every level.

  91. A Very Sad Hyena

    1:35-"It's just a sliver away from being number TwWoOo"

  92. Nicholas Conroy

    I have no clue who you are but I like your voice. Shit sounds like a younger Geralt.

  93. EASTFIELD Films

    I really love resident evil 6, and i could play it for hours, but honestly, i agree with everything you said, i can talk so long about what i love about it, but youre right in that there are still so many faults in the game, it doesnt make it unenjoyable, just means its not as high quality as other games

  94. Ben Angel

    Violate parole lol

  95. Jack N. Offdonkeys

    As a Hardcore RE fanboy who owns and played every RE game… RE6 sucked ass… not enough boulders

  96. FreelanceArt101

    It is interesting that the level designers worked on this game also worked on Sengoku Basara.

  97. Valadhiel

    yet…it is still one of the best co-op game that survive in zombie world, I love how 2 people play together…Sometimes people just keep complaining about changing style in games, and if the games never change then those idiots will keep complain again

  98. illusive_nezzy88

    Resident evil 6 was the worst resident evil game I have ever played. Resident evil racoon city is number 2

  99. Zurgo Pussysmasher

    The biggest thing I dislike in RE6 was the story. It's just so goddamn awful. RE4's wasn't that great either: Save the President's daughter from parasite-ridden individuals, uncovering a plot that's not known initially. Standard action movie shit. But it's the way that it did it that made RE4 fun to play over and over again. The funny one-liners, the side story with Ada, converging plotlines that came in real smooth, like buttah. Hell even Krauser, who was shoved in as an "old comrade" of Leon's, was fucking cool, and his background that got expanded in Darkside Chronicles was pretty okay too.

    RE6 did not do this. The most palatable thing was Jake and Sherry's story. That's about it for me. But Jake being shoehorned in as a bastard child of Wesker's……. ehhhhhhhhhh.

  100. Josh Martin

    I freaking loved re6 lol

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