Did George RR Martin Confirm a New Ending for Game of Thrones? (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– Did George R.R. Martin confirm Game of Thrones is getting a new ending? 2019 was a year of endings for many of our favorite nerdy properties. The Infinity Saga came to a close over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Skywalker Saga finished after 40 years of Star Wars films, and Game of Thrones aired its final season which
was a thing that happened, the Dark Phoenix of television. What a busy year. While some endings were
good and some were middling, most fans would agree that
the ending to Game of Thrones was the bitterest pill
for people to swallow. And, speaking of endings,
if you somehow missed that Game of Thrones
finale, or just blacked out that period of your life, this episode will get a little spoilery, so take this warning and run. If you’re sticking around though, why not toss us a like and subscribe? Now, complaints about the
final season of Game of Thrones ranged across the board
from, so many questions being left unanswered by
show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, to characters
acting out of character, to so many plots lovingly
set up over seasons, being cast aside and
meaning absolutely nothing, like the Azor Ahai prophecy
and John’s lineage. The show didn’t even explore
some seriously important in-world things like, how
paper cups, coffee chains, and the invention of plastics would affect warfare moving forward. Wait, what? The coffee cup was a mistake? It’s not lore? Oh! Well, suffice it to say, fans were pissed. And, at the time, A Song
of Ice and Fire creator and author, George R.R.
Martin, took to his not a blog, but definitely a LiveJournal, to seemingly defend the show’s ending. Now it appears there’s hope
for fans who felt let down when those credits
rolled for the last time. A dream of things that could be set right. A dream of spring, if you will. In a recent interview with
the German publication Welt, Martin teed up some interesting tidbits that should be enough to bring
any fan back into the fold. Now, it’s important to
note that these quotes have been translated into English, so they might not be exact, but the message remains the same. So, what did Martin say? Well, a big thing to note,
is that he said we saw an ending, not the ending. He then highlighted the
fact that the makers of the show overtook him,
which he did not expect. It’s like what happened with Naruto, why there was so much filler. God, you could skip like 60
episodes of that original arc. Anyway, I’m not salty about
it, like 15 years later. While he’s spoken before about
the nature of storytelling across different mediums
like television and novels, it’s good to have confirmation
that not everything we saw up on the screen is
gonna play out the same whenever those final two
novels eventually come out. That said, we do know some
aspects from the series ending, will coincide with Martin’s
plans for the books. Isaac Hempstead Wright, who
plays Bran in the series, mentioned in an HBO documentary
about Game of Thrones, that David and Dan told
me there were two things George R.R. Martin had planned for Bran, and that was the Hodor revelation, and that he would be king. Now honestly, this isn’t so surprising. It would be weird if the
whole time travel aspect to Hodor’s life wasn’t
planned from the start. But, we expect Bran, being
the three-eyed raven, will actually mean
something more in the books, instead of just you know, him being bait during The Battle of Winterfell, or whatever he was doing that whole time. Now maybe, just maybe,
we’ll actually find out why the white walkers hate him so much. Doctors hate him. What’s his secret? Time travel. Another reveal by Martin is
that Game of Thrones films were a possibility at some point and that, a few years back, there
were serious discussions about the series and
how they could tie it up in a trilogy of movies
after its seventh season. Ultimately though, HBO
moved on from that idea. Although to be fair, with the six episodes comprising the show’s eighth season, it kind of, wound up being
the same as a trilogy of movies with the run times. Now, all in all, it’s
actually great to hear The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring are still being worked
on, and that the endings will address some things
that fans did not enjoy about the show’s final season. We’ll just have to wait and see though, once the books finally
drop, whenever that may be. But what do you folks think? Are you glad we’re gonna
get a different ending to A Song of Ice and Fire? It’s you know, a remix to a song. It makes sense. Was that ending to Game of
Thrones really that bad? And, when do you think The Winds of Winter will finally release? Before or after the heat
death of the universe? Let’s discuss. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed what you
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  1. Trey

    yes. it was really that bad

  2. McSmacks

    The shows ending was awful. But it's the only ending we're going to get. Martin isn't going to finish the series, like a man playing chess against himself, he's written himself into a corner and doesn't have a way out without breaking his own lore.

    And, like Jordan, once Martin's watch has ended, Brandon Sanderson will be our only hope.


    Maybe he means it'll get a sequel ending? Like it ends with multiple question marks. Drogon might have taken Dany to the red priest of her Homeland.bran has been hinted at multiple times that he has some other motives for being king.

  4. Dark Blade

    I think i might be THE only person who think thinks the last season was at least half decent.Some small percentage of s8 haters are bandwagoners who want to conform.But arya was my fav character and she killed the night king so I might be biased.

  5. meurtri

    i only watched game of thrones to be able to understand the jokes in gay of thrones. the show already had countless pointless story arcs or plot points they simply didn't know how to address for seasons on end. killing off a beloved character in a gruesome fashion only works so many times. and topping it off with that final season, where they managed to make you stop caring about people you'd been following for years, was just enough to shatter the dream.

  6. Mitch Cowan

    I sure as shit hope so

  7. WexMajor82

    Watch him get an heart attack and leave with a laugh.

  8. Hassan Alamoudi

    The rise of skywalker was worse than the final season

  9. ARN

    You really are running out of video ideas, no surprise your views are sad…

    No new news here

  10. President Togekiss

    Maybe the movies would be better in fact

  11. dante144

    Obviously the ending of the books is going to be different from the ending of the TV series

  12. Rob In

    I felt dead from inside after i saw season 8.
    But now i feel kind of reanimated.

  13. Rodrigo Moretto da Silva

    We might one day get to experience the Winds of Winter, but I don't think we'll ever have the chance to have Dreams of Spring.

  14. lover uyfd



  15. Vincent Quercia

    Wow such click bait. Obviously we all already knew the books’ ending will be different from the show…

  16. Neil Lindgren

    Hopefully. HBO did well when they had Marten’s writing to work from, but once they got beyond it, they really messed things up with the final season, especially with Daenerys’ characterization. I’m sure whatever he comes up with will be much better and not be so amateurish.

  17. JesseArt

    I'll be honest, after that terrible ending, I'm not interested in anything GOT related put out by HBO ever again. I'll read Martin's books and that's it.

  18. Rick Lawton

    Considering the books and tv series diverged at season 1 then dur

  19. Jackpot Da Don

    A new ending for game of thrones I'll believe it when I see it 😒

  20. Adrian Colley

    The real question is: who will finish the Winds of Winter manuscript after Martin's death from old age?

  21. THE AlienHunter

    Let's be honest, hes NEVER releasing those books.

  22. MrMooose2010

    Not Bad, Lazily written and badly executed yes.

  23. Geoffrey Winn

    Cool video!

  24. Sabrina Zanoletti

    A song of ice and fire one of tbe greatest fantasy series ever written …became a badass tv show…in the last 4 seasons it became a bad disney trilogy

  25. John D

    Right, sure… four years from now, GRRM will still be trolling people “still working in the last two books,” then eight years from now it’ll be “hey almost done working on…” and sixteen years from now “got distracted by a plan for a prequel movie,”… GRRM will never finish. He has no plans or desire to finish. But hey, let’s keep pretending. 🙄

  26. sabrinacle ev

    The worst ending to any series ever was the GoT ending

  27. emancoy

    Drogon will drop Danaerys in a platform across the sea and revives her.

  28. Roy

    I remember naively hoping the shows would be vaguely similar to the books in the early seasons. Now i only wish the exact opposite.

  29. aroguejordan

    Season 8 was fine.

  30. John Mills

    I think most people have moved on, all that lore. All the building up certain characters and throwing it all away. I don’t think people will trust there hearts to game of thrones again. Not that they ever had mine. Nice character development though.

  31. 1rickopotamus

    Join me in my alternate reality where season 8 was great and much longer. It's nice

  32. Ja-Mel Vinson

    As a German learner/speaker, can confirm that the translation was right

  33. Spintechfilms

    Ive only ever seen one episode of GoT…. and it was the last episode…. and it was shit….

  34. RanOut

    Imagine George R. R. Martin saying; If you still waiting on the ending of my Game of Thrones books "Spoiler Alert" don't watch season 8 of the show.

  35. Oscar Alan Torres Grimaldo

    Oh, God. I hope so. I didn't like that ending very much. I hope George RR Martin has a different take. Them HBO content creators did not handle the last season right. Old RR Martin seems to be better at crafting stories. Adapting is one thing, but writing original content quite another as them HBO show writers clearly demonstrated. Very nicely adapted earlier seasons, but goodness gracious, that ending. Best of luck to old RR Martin, I do have faith in him.

  36. Empurress

    Worst. Ending. Ever.

  37. Phearal Stormrage

    Martin said in his 60 minutes interview during S8 that the ending for the main characters would be virtually the same in the book, though some details for the minor characters would be different. In this interview he's not saying he's changed his mind how he wants the story to change. He's still saying what he did in the 60 minutes interview, just in different terms.

  38. Drew Murtha

    He didn't expect them to over take him? did he expect them to pause production while he finishes the rest of the series? Book 5 came out in July 2011, people are still waiting on book 6 and book 7, 8 1/2 years later

  39. Pannibal Lecter

    “It’s Not lore?…… Oh.”

  40. Hawkeye83627

    To be honest I was kind of hoping Daenerys would stay alive, and no go mad crazy lunatic Queen. I mean, think of the piles; and there are PILES; of bodies behind her path to the throne. Am I really the only one who was hoping for her to get something out of watching so many people push her forward, following her and believing in her cause, only to die? Idk it just seemed the way to go, to me.

  41. Wangtorio Jackson

    What the fuck is this ridiculous clickbait bullshit title? There is not ever going to be a "new ending for Game of Thrones" and that doesn't even remotely resemble what GRRM said. Game of Thrones =/= A Song of Ice and Fire. The ending of Game of Thrones is the ending of Game of Thrones, and the ending of A Song of Ice and Fire will be the ending of A Song of Ice and Fire. This is the way it was always going to be. This is not something "new".

  42. DLAROC

    I liked the ending and The Bells episode. I hated the winterfell battle and how the night king ended. They left too much unanswered. Also what did Varys hear in the flames when he was mutilated? They brought it up all throught the seasons and then never mentioned it in the end. I thought for sure wed know that in the final season. If only they didnt cut down the last couple seasons and they all had 10 episodes each. Wouldve probably turned out a lot better.

  43. Atori Silver

    The end will make sense because it's Martin's ending, not David and Ben ending . So absolutely

  44. Soylent Green

    The writers of GoT phoned in seasons 7 & 8 because they wanted to produce a cringey Confederate show. It was all shockingly bad and they should never work again.

  45. nathan steiner

    It has been almost a year since game of thornes ended and every other week I still go on rants on how bad the third season was. So yeah it was that bad.

  46. DerOldHerr

    Hypothesis: in 3-4 years RR Martin has finished the books. Until then CGI has improved that much that they can redo the 8th season with a "animation movie/series" which can not be distinguished from a "real movie" or series.

  47. stanklepoot

    No, he didn't. He's said that there will be a more complete ending, which shouldn't surprise anyone. He also said that the show was faithful to the main points that he gave them.

  48. The Super Viewer

    Someone, NOT Bran HODOR me to my brain this time last year when I was looking forward to GOT…also F my little poster where do I get that Stark stain glass window GRR had!

  49. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Winds of winter 2025

  50. Marco Vaxquez

    The show killed it for me plus Georg will take forever so I'm out lol

  51. Ashish Dhingra

    Don't give me hope.

  52. John Russell

    It's not a soap opera. GOT had to end, and have an ending which implied that's it…find something new to watch.
    Martin thinks he is going to live forever…and right books continuing the story for ever.

  53. Tayna Abreu

    George saw the bitter fans yelling and though oh better change the end. GoT was great, anyway

  54. klausweasley

    I don't know why people are still wondering why the Night King and the White Walkers were after Bran. It was already explained on the show why they were after him. Are people dumb or are they just looking for a more complicated explanation?

  55. Sean N

    It better be different because S8 was a disaster.

  56. alfred morganroth

    I don't know what you are all having a stroke about? The story is still wide open at the end, Drogon flies off with Dany , there have been other resurrections,why not hers? Jon Snow goes north ,Arry goes west ..Sansa is queen of the north …wormy goes to a island..the iron island has their queen…Bran is stuck in a wheelchair and the Imp is fixing the kingdom..they are all separated… sounds like a open book for stories to originate. HBO has made a fortune off this story ,its not over.

  57. Paxpaul

    We've known for quite some time that the books will end differently, so this is NOT news, just clickbait.
    Also, it's "an ending" not "un ending." Pronouncing words matters. "An" doesn't have any "uh" sound in it. We've seen AN ending, not UN ending.

  58. Drinnor

    Just When will The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring comes out?

  59. A.I

    Lets be real here, we are all still pissed off with the ending they gave us.

  60. Christopher Brown

    Dude I love that Greedo shirt!

  61. roblinssen88

    I went on a bus vacation to Spain once. It was an awful bus trip with very little leg room and several people getting sick around me. When I arrived in Spain the vacation was already ruined by that awful experience of getting there and the idea of having to suffer a similar trip back home.
    Years later I went to Spain again, only this time I took a plane and that nasty experience of the first time was erased. I had a pleasant time and I could really enjoy my vacation and now it's a fond memory of mine.

    I went to Spain twice, I visited some of the same sightings but I have two very different feelings about both times seeing the Ramblas and Sagrada Família.
    Both the books and the show will probably visit the Ramblas and the Sagrada Família in this metaphor, but the trip there will make a huge difference in the way we enjoy the overall vacation.

  62. Trobinson97

    Man seriously, fuck those Naruto fillers. Never did make it back to the show after that.

  63. Doc Eon

    No, he didn't confirm a new ending for Game of Thrones, he confirmed that the ending of A Song of Ice and Fire will be different.

    But clickbait titles gonna clickbait, I guess…

  64. Itz_LittleBun PlayzUwU

    Problem is not we will get a different ending from the show but how many decades would we wait for it's 70yr old author to finish it

  65. Chip Chipperson

    For anyone wondering what those middle initials are for, his full name is… George Rarely Rites Martin !
    I’ll believe this when I see it!

  66. Nick H

    Just completely awful.

  67. Logan Plourde

    Dude better get back to writing that last fucking book god damn

  68. bob ryan

    I am over game of thrones

  69. Hallowfication

    bran was going to be the king in R.R. Martins words…. but The Night King not the king from westeros!

  70. Dularr

    My guess is: Jon Snow will be king of north, including the lands beyond the wall. That alone will generate many, many new novels.
    Bran will actually fly and do his own heavy lifting. Becoming king in the south by his own right.
    Arya will make death very proud.
    Sansa will rule over Winterfell.
    Daenerys will lose another army, but we will get a final dance of dragons. With Daenerys vs. Bran.

  71. youkohieifan


  72. youkohieifan

    The main points will be the same, but Cersei will most likely burn Kings Landing trying to fight off Aegon.

    The WW will make it at least to the river lands

  73. David Anderson

    Season 8 could have been handled a lot better, even if it ended up the same way. However…many unanswered questions plus many main characters still active equals whole chapters beyond the end of the series, IMO. If I was GRRM I would have planned that from the beginning. I'll also mention that this is a world where some people are magically brought back from the dead. So, there's that. Loads of potential still, IMO.

  74. William Lamme

    After the heat death of the universe, and yes, the ending was that bad. Dany isnt even the one who burns Kings Landing down in the books.

  75. illmade2

    The real surprise ending will be if the books are ever finished.

  76. mw3051

    the thing is he has not even been writing at all on those books in over 3 years, so do not hold your breath to see finished books from him.

  77. Tammy Martinez

    Sorry Daenerys fans no happy ending in books either!!! (I’m not a sansa fan either)

  78. Aidan Or

    A Song of Ice and Fire is definitely getting a new ending.

  79. MrEvilDucky

    No way in this lifetime could he do it the same

    in his lifetime

  80. nezb01

    Fuck Martin and the dragon he rode in on.

  81. Hans Garrido

    Y’all need a better host

  82. t3hFluff

    Thank god the witcher finished so that series wont suck ass

  83. M R

    I don't see the problem to be honest, the ending was fine to me.

  84. Yautja Prime

    Considering the reception of the final season of game of thrones it would be silly for him to keep the ending…

  85. B BTB

    Nobody cares.

  86. Jon Baker

    I recommend finasteride

  87. ö. . ,

    Imagine you are woking for movie and television. And because doing so sucks, you write a story without their influence.
    Then movie and television wants to adapt this story, and in the end you agree to doing it.
    And then they do what they always do, and fuck up your story.

  88. Darwin O'Driscoll

    As long as bran doesn't become king I'm happy god I hate bran

  89. Kevin Twine

    Game of thrones is shit

  90. silversurfergw

    The last season ruined GoT.

  91. Jeremy Loggins

    That Naruto comment tht dan made is so fuckin spot on. Love ya nerdist news cast.

  92. Tof.Fefee

    What is the heat death of the Universe?

  93. D3V!L HUNT3R

    I think that book Bran will refuse to become the new 3EC and flee the cave and try to find a purpose in his life while trying to use his abillities to protect his friends and family from harm and in some unplanned misshaps he'll end up being King of the South as either Daenerys's or Jon's heir

  94. Stothehighest

    He'd best change up who gets the throne, because to be 100% honest with you, I was so disappointed with how the GOT series ended that It literally killed my interest in finishing the books. I legitimately wrote off the final two books and had absolutely no intention of buying or reading them. That being said, I'm still not going to run out and buy the next book when it ever comes out, I'm totes going to wait for Good Reads reviewers to post their takes (and their spoilers) and see if I even want to consider picking them up.

    Here's hoping that the books do come out sometime this decade. Or GRRM's going on the list with Rothfuss, Lynch, and Bertin for being let-downs regarding promising book series.

  95. letha1 weap0n

    Nerdist is dead ,so sad that this used to be my go to. Rip

  96. Joy Phillips

    I know I'm late to the series but did the Game of thrones take its inspiration from the book of Revelation and Daniel's prophesies?

    These are the IDs of Satan (the DRAGON), THE WOMAN (lost humanity), THE GREAT CITY, the beast, the little horn (KING OF THE NORTH), the 10 horns (10 kings), and the beast’s SEVEN dominions. The Lord is going to judge the woman (all of lost humanity) during his hour of trial including the great city first, then Israel and then all of the other cities, destroy the beast and those parts of unbelieving humanity who will follow him, eliminate human rule, and bar Satan from interaction for 1,000 years. He will then restore the kingdom to national Israel and rule the earth from Jerusalem for the same time frame of 1,000 years. [Revelation 17,18,19,20]

    Daniel’s visions give us the symbolic links of the beast’s past rule in the Middle East (five fallen) and also two in the future, the 6th and the 7th that will exist in succession during the time of the end. The leopard, bear, and LION symbols represent three of his past dominions. The little horn, king of the north, will begin with a smaller dominion at first and then expand it into the next which will include most of the Middle East at the time of the end. The beast, who is Satan’s agent controlling the little horn, is described with the symbols of his past ancient Middle Eastern rule. [Daniel 7:3-7, 8:9, 8:23-25, 11:36-45, 12:7] [Revelation 13:2

  97. Frank Allen

    Dude wtf are u talking about? The show had passed the books already, of course the ending will be different you jackass

  98. whakabuti

    This is great! I've been reading the books to try and make up for the disaster and I've always been a little worried it would end the same way. Phewey.

  99. Andrew Lynn

    Here is hoping. The end of the show was so bad that I don't currently plan to read new Asoiaf books if they come out.

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