Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer

November 9, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer

The dream continues to haunt me,
old friend. It always starts with a journey… …to a distant land. There I find a city in flames… …streets choked with corpses… …unthinkable destruction. I witness senseless slaughter, brother against brother, pure hatred. And then… executions, agony, suffering surrounded me, until my turn comes. They burn my eyes, break my bones. I awaken in terror. There’s no one left to stand against them. You think me mad, old friend, but I know these dreams. They tell of the future. Hell is coming, brother. Hell is coming.

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  1. Jesse Plouvier

    I am so excited!

  2. J Woe

    This game only runs on computers made in china, by children, being paid $1/day by their communist overlords.

  3. osufwiffo

    Why does it need to come out soon, what don't you people have Phones? 😉

  4. Armani Nguon

    0:10 the barbarian speaking to deckard Cain grave

  5. MrWhoisDat

    My 2070 super: well I atleast got you for 3 years before you leave me

  6. Mark Karfonta

    Looks like Diablo 3.5…..

  7. Brandon Sergent

    Three classes? And two of them meat boys. /yawns in poe

  8. Angel Gonzales

    Will there be more classes though?

  9. OneHPClutch

    graphics resemble POE a lot

  10. Sunny Davis

    Well everyone forgets that ps5 and Xbox something is supposed to be dropping next year too. I’m pretty sure diablo 3 did well on both.

  11. Rolo Palavecino

    Im fear because i cant se the demon reaper and it can be 2 things. This is managed by Activision and Actiblizz=DLC or they just remove it because mmmmmm thay can do that … 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. Chadrick Andrews

    Okay, so I live under a rock, can someone please explain this joke about the phones for me?

  13. Joel Sterling

    No offline story mode?!?! F**k you Blizzard, f**k you. I hate you more than anything right now. You ruin everything. I hate you. F**k off. I am not buying this.

  14. Trenton Meyers

    Omfg I need this

  15. Unknown Servant


  16. Brian Cline

    Will the Chinese government be sending over an official to Blizzard during development to help make sure the game is ideologically pure?

  17. 3/502 INF WIDOWMAKER

    Take my money please.

  18. PapaStwish

    You will never actually see this moment or anything like it in game is my guess. They showed something similar in the first game play video of Diablo 3 and we all know how that turned out.

  19. barbara gill

    Will there be a Democrat class that does nothing and tries to reap more rewards than everyone else. Maybe he poops where he walks randomly?

  20. Jayson Iorg

    2:43 Five minutes into demon-summoning and chill, and she gives you that look.

  21. Carl 777'

    2:10 song name please ????

  22. MrYodaman90

    Nearly 2 decades later and my boy Duriel is still one-shoting anyone dumb enough to enter his lair!!!

  23. sf predator

    Yesterday I had a really bad nightmare, the kind of which you can't sleep afterwards (demons sodomizing people). My first reaction was to put this video. IS NOONE LEFT TO STAND AGAINST THEM?

  24. Lucifer Morningstar

    was that durial

  25. jcjs95


  26. mx z

    Blizzard's plan: When this game finally releases, smartphones will have the capacity to run it smoothly. Great!

  27. sword singer

    but wait there's more. You can play and enjoy this game using your phone….boyaaaa!!

  28. ashen gale81

    The graphic looks like it comes from a 2005 pc game lol

  29. Braden Z

    Nah, I still prefer diablo mobile… with no micro…

  30. louis pierre Gg

    Look like a rpg.. Wtf did they do the cinematic trailer like it's gonna be a real game

  31. Jakery The Only

    This game has microtransactions written all over it…😑

  32. Franklin Moore

    Diablo Srolls 5

  33. PlushPhoenix

    wow remake diablo 2!

  34. sixledg3r

    Just make skill tree like in Diablo II, so I can bind my spells to any key on my keyboard. I don't want to be limited to only 6 skills at a time, Diablo II was really the best thing you ever did, make everything as the old game was with some minor improvements!

  35. Harry Hordes


  36. Saint Hunter

    The druid is back in action

  37. Cyanide

    Game looks boring like 3 was

  38. Matt Burton

    Hope it's not full of microtransactions with a season 1 pass when it's finally released.

  39. Johnny Watson

    Still doesn’t look like Diablo. Maybe POV is the only way to save the game.

  40. plkmkmc3e40

    those effect look so good ! i expect that!!

    # hope the melee weapons have Katana !!!please ><

  41. Malo Mello

    D2:LoD was hands down the best. Prove me wrong

  42. Matthew Smith

    Will my wife and I be able to play at the same time or is it just single player with online cooperative?

  43. Robert *

    This game is designed and made for consoles, Just like Diablo 3. Again. This is #NotMyDiablo.
    Its really sad to see Blizzard fall so far away from their roots and making more garbage. Diablo 4 won't Last.
    Oh and if you ask for proof? Diablo 2 is more expensive then Diablo 3 + Expansion and yet they are going to implement the game mechanics from D3 into D4.
    19 years old Still beats every Arpg ever created, Storywise, Gameplay, itemisation, lootsystem, and even the fact that you only have 2 activation button you can use all your skills that you learn and hotswap them on the go during combat with hotkeys.
    Shame on you blizzard, i won't be buying this garbage.

  44. Renato Silva

    I think enemies shouldn't shine when receiving damage, cause this pollutes the screen too much and take away the darkness feel. It would be better if they simply bled and reacted as in Diablo I and II. For this it would be interesting and necessary to increase the contrast and texture of the characters with the scenery but without increase colors.

  45. Retradado confuso


  46. teken020

    hmm this game look like 2016 already

  47. Will Not

    Please in the name of God give me my holy and fanatical crusader <3

  48. Brad Jackson

    This only for pc?

  49. rebellos00

    i'm watching this on my phone

  50. koolbiga

    Thank you Blizzard's ♥️

  51. Furlow Torent

    Glad they are bringing Druid in, but it's looking more like a barbarian. The game itself looks more like it's just a expansion on D3.

  52. pekinami

    "do you guys NOT have consoles?"

  53. Roberto Maldonado Böhm

    Bring back the real money auction house

  54. bssni touir

    Oh, c'mon! I've just got a new phone! You telling me I no longer need it?

  55. Ghowst Inthemachine

    Does Diablo 4 have zoom in so we can admire our characters up close?

  56. X Punishment

    So We won't have Demon hunter and witch doctor? I mean the Guy who can turn into Beast Is pretty cool not gonna lie I'd probably play that class

  57. klaus getreuer Vilhelmsen


  58. 1upwhatupTV

    I want the d2 quest log to come back

  59. To the Horror

    Barbarian, Sorceress and Druid. Ok, Prime Evils.

  60. Jordan Talotta

    The phone jokes stopped being funny the second day.

    The game looks phenomenal, I love the ability to leap down from the terrain from such a high point too, the level interaction is awesome. Not only that the combos built up with the mage at the end there. The game looks beautiful and I'm stoked for it, I'm preordering asap. Love the diablo series and it looks like this ones gonna be just as good.

  61. Carlo Mappini

    Why isn't there any CC?

  62. Andri

    Will it be single player?
    Will it have offline mode?

    I watched this and I felt… like…. this is Diablo 3? Where is the progress, the scary parts.. I don't… this felt empty. Or maybe I'm just old (mid 30's lol)

  63. behind you

    that's Ralph Ineson speaking, man took me a while to figure it out but the guys voice is so unique….

  64. Zane4one6

    Can I play this on my phone.

  65. MarelWhite

    Looks amazing! I think the second female Barb char should be more black tho

  66. Michał Dmochowski

    again you can see glowing doors/rooms a lot of lights, some candy pictures that are completely unnecessary. should be a harsh climate Diablo as it used to be that it was scary and cold not like a fairy tale for children.

  67. FreelosoFur

    Why does it look like it's striving further away from Diablo 2 and instead developing on everything that Diablo 3 did wrong lol

  68. Ala87 L.A

    Graphics still look cartoony not grim like diablo 2

  69. ManbearpigJG

    Diablo: Damage Control Edition

  70. Firebour

    Horses know 😮😮😮

  71. cryptic chaos

    Looks like d3 but just a whole new story line that does not have anything to do with the other diablo games

  72. Rob Rollheiser

    I hope this has lots of paid loot boxes.

  73. ArcaneShadowEssence

    this time we'll see if Blizzard learned their lesson from Diablo 3 epic fail

  74. SK

    This is from 2019? laughs

  75. Gabe Hall

    Lol why are you digging on them for the mobile Diablo, you guys all know you’re going to get it anyways, lol it’s freaking Diablo on the go, who wouldn’t think that’s cool? Plus they’ve announced this, and a new WoW expansion, they’ve done quite a lot for you all and all you do is keep shitting on them. I wish the internet could grow up and not be sucked into its own meme culture

  76. Kyle Petkov

    Please release the ost for the trailer separately <3

  77. Bryce Navarrette

    “Stay a while and listen”

  78. Triều Dương

    The Lilith staring scene at the end is so spine-chilling. I'm like "Here's my soul for you to take, mother"

  79. ZezanjeUToku

    Okaaayy, this now looks like a mobile game

  80. Tristan Dawe

    @ 2:07 was that Duriel? Please, anything but Duriel.

  81. HardwiredX Luna

    sigh… Same old garbage with newer graphics, riddled with microtransactions and I can bet there will be no new mechanics here, im done with blizzard, to the rest of you have fun!

  82. Lorenzo Rivas

    That soundtrack is totally amazing

  83. George PPS

    My $199 for the Collector’s Edition is ready. Release the game this Christmas!

  84. 19HajimeSaitou91

    This gets 4.5 mln views?
    What's wrong with you, people?

  85. Brawlerbabe

    PhOnE HaRhARhAr so funny, you guys are repeating the same joke for a solid year now. Not getting old?

  86. dueeh nyyu

    0:30 – looked like an over the shoulder perspective for a moment – the most hype moment of this trailer where it could have been World of Diablo…

  87. fs y

    Nice but it is never ok to put micro transaction in a AAA game that is like > $60, its rubbish,

  88. Explore Everything

    Diablo series, killing mouse since 1996.


    very nice!!! I see and feel the TRUE origin diablo world and smell! Hope the Warrior will be included!

  90. Akashi Melendres

    Just Only 3 of them?? How boring

  91. Chara

    I'm about to find out if Blizzard can reach the spook levels of the original Diablo again.

  92. Dan Dan

    It’s gone be just as bad as Diablo 3 was

  93. Dirt Worth

    I need to change my pants.

  94. Karthadasht

    Nice to see they brought The Marauder from Path of Exile

  95. Ощщ Ллл

    Where is necro?

  96. LB BEATS

    Que verga, se veia increíble la cinemática. Pero siguen con el mismo modo de juego, aprendan de como hicieron con god of war. Siglo 21.

  97. Szechuan Mc Nugget Sauce

    Heve you hear of the tale of the dead horse…?

    Just kidding, it looks super great!

  98. Jeremy Atkinson

    I can't wait to tear everything to peices as a barb again 😀😀

  99. konked

    Was that pvp I saw?

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