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  1. MVVpro

    Jim Jordan: "No masturbation!"

  2. Kevin Skiles

    Gym Jordan

  3. Michael Carter

    People died in Ukraine as the president of the US extorted a bribe from the president of the Ukraine. trump is a criminal. c r i m i n a l. criminal president is criminal. no exoneration.

  4. unknown President

    Republicans, support putins plan to invade Ukraine… , is this what trump n the republicans are playing …

  5. N Gup

    Jim ‘perfect pervert’ Jordan

  6. Crimdor

    All these witnesses read articles and are speaking out against policy decisions.
    That’s not impeachable.
    When Bush sent troops into Afghanistan, it was a bad policy decision, but it wasn’t impeachable.
    Trump didn’t ask for Zelenski to commit a crime or make anything up. He wanted things to be properly looked into.

  7. razor8191

    This is like a really obvious game of Clue, we all know who did it. The Republicans however are throwing the game board off the table and are demanding to play Guess Who? instead.

  8. Kathleen Hammett

    Trump has certainly surrounded himself with people like him. He didn't drain the swamp, he sieved it & out of the scummy sludge, handpicked the very worst of the bottom feeders for his staff.

  9. monkgroupie

    Finally, spell out already the Russia vs. Ukraine vs. US ISSUE.

  10. John Carruthers

    I would have thought that good ole' wrasslin' Jimmy Jordan has his own problems to wrestle with.

  11. Charles T.

    Trump and the republicans think Jim Jordan lying azzz is gonna save them…. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Orest Zarowsky

    So, who owns Trump and the Republicans? And who is acting against Ukraine. Putin,.

  13. A Queen Stands Alone

    Madam Speaker Pelosi & Chairman Representative Schiff are prepared for Republicans to react belligerent on Wednesday. These powers in the House of Representative granted by the Forefathers have not been utilized since 1942. Mulvaney & Giuliani should have asked for plea deals

  14. monkgroupie

    The importance to Ukraine is not only importance to Ukraine! It is important to Europe and to the US. We're not being "nice guys" for helping Ukraine. We are helping protect Europe from Russian invasion, and helping protect the US interests for defense against Russia!!!!!

  15. monkgroupie

    This so-called president is dismantling the US for the benefit of Putin.

  16. Erich Nussbaum

    If America wants to fight corruption, it has to put Donald Trump in jail!

  17. john cooper

    you can't convince the wilfully blind ~ putin OWNS trump ~~ Helsinki

  18. Ron Wilson

    Those that might not be all that familiar with the advanced tank killing capabilities of the Javelin missile might check out these links.




    These missiles provide a significant ability for foot soldiers to knock out tanks. Holding up the delivery of them to Ukraine would definitely put them at risk to Russian tanks.

  19. BigWasabi

    Is Grumpy old Lawrence referring to The Ukrainians from The Ukraine or simply Ukrainians from Ukraine and is it the Ukraine that’s according to MSNBC and I’m Quoting Mr. Rachel : Ukraine IS NOT A MEMBER of the EU a fabrication backed up up by BOARD BOY or is it Ukraine a member of the EU The conclusion is that it’s something about a grumpy angry irrelevant old man who HATES Ukrainians( He hates Europeans ) even if he confuses Ukraine The Ukraine Non existent EU The EU EU Europe because he is simply a silly old man

  20. altitude illume


  21. Joseph Janeth

    Trump 2020

  22. Brother Mine

    The extortion quid pro quo has been clearly esrablished. Less clear is whether Trump knew about it. Trump clearly wanted Ukraine to investigate the Bidens and the 2016 DNC server, but did he know his minions were withholding military aid to pressure Ukraine into delivering the investigations? If he didn't know, he's not guilty of the extortion. The best evidence so far that Trump knew about and approved the extortion is that Pompeo didn't stop Volker and Sondland from participating. Pompeo had direct access to Trump. He surely would have asked Trump if Trump approved of what Giuliani was doing and wanted the ambassadors to help Giuliani. The House Oversight Committee or Foreign Affairs Committee ought to get Pompeo and Pompeo's aides to testify about why Pompeo allowed his subordinates to participate in the extortion scheme.

  23. Mani

    Trump is P$$¥ grabber, yeah that's trump so what?

  24. Crew TheAftermath

    this is going to hurt a lot of feelings. I do believe in humans and I think when the real facts, point to point being answered even die hard trump supporters will stand with country over man. I really doubt trump supporters support Russia. I do believe staying America will be more important than staying trump.

  25. Mitchell Manor

    The congressman has such a flat affect that his message suffers from his monotone delivery. In short they should do a better job at picking congressman to go in front of the camera

  26. ruth depew

    The important thing for everyday American to see in these open testimonies is the dirty underhanded tactics of the Republican. Gym Jordon is the best one to do this.

  27. Richard Thomas

    That is like a bank robber saying ,,, " But I am not guilty of robbing the bank because I first handed them a note saying to put all of the money into this big bag. So how can I be guilty of robbery , they knew from the note that I was going to rob them" ………………….. So that folks is Republican "logic" …..

  28. President Prime Minister Admiral General Aladeen

    do we have enough prison cells to house the entire republican party?

    or do we have to lock them up in cages along the border?

  29. Raphaela Botticelli

    And now we have more of these people waiting in line to continue this lineage of insanity; DTJ and Nikki Haley for example.

  30. Robert Lee

    Ridiculous why are we giving Ukraine $400 million!

  31. john hopkins

    Regardless of Mulvaney claims of "strings attached" as "SOP" for American Foreign Policy, the recent Orangeutan/Ukraine extortion stunt mutated into extortion when threats of withdrawal of promised, decades-long American support for personal political gain were made (Giuliani financial "adventures" notwithstanding). For over 2 decades ago, in exchange for Ukraine surrendering their nuclear weapons arsenal and signing the "NPT" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_on_the_Non-Proliferation_of_Nuclear_Weapons) – at that time, the 3rd-largest nuclear arsenal in the world -, The United States of America assured/guaranteed Ukrainian sovereign security (vis-a-vis the Russians) (much of this was a precursor to advancing Ukrainian entry into both NATO and the EU… Something that Vlad the Putin – and his stooge in he White House – are vehemently opposed to… not entirely dissimilar to the Cold-War U.S "umbrella" over West Germany). Furthermore, the Russians also signed agreements guaranteeing respect of Ukrainian territorial sovereignty, upon promised Ukrainian destruction said nuclear arsenal. (https://www.rferl.org/a/the-destruction-of-ukraines-nuclear-arsenal/29699706.html) Evidently, signed Russian agreements have the same value as their Ruble… that is, toilet paper.

  32. Jimminy Christmas

    That dude in studio with Lawrence is rocking a WU-TANG sticker on his tablet, tight!!

  33. Mani

    Democrats (even commentator, host media, Senators etc.) they have to change the tonality of their voice in order to really connect with the audience. Look at Lindsay Graham or other republicans how they are literally barking confidently. And democrats speaking softly. That's not correct when you as a democrat face the ferocious aggressive republicans. Tonality is all about how you sound when you speak. Your tonality controls up to 40% of whether or not a person who is listening to you will believe what you are saying. Please consider this in impeachment seasons. In past hearings I can just recall Lindsay's agressive tonality and his use of some extreme adjectives and adverbs, in order to influence witnesses and to manipulate the audience

  34. Grey Mouser

    If Jordan is 'their great white hope'….they are truly f*d

  35. David Armillie

    My mom lives in Ohio and she can't stand Jim Jordan! Of course his website has no contact information for a real person in his office. Do we have any contact info for him or will I have to drive over to his office?

  36. pr0xZen

    If republicans in the House intend to put up any kind of believable case for the president, or at least shedding legitimate doubt on the merits of Democrats case, during these upcoming public hearings – they better do that through professional staffers. Because Jim Jordan … well, lets just say they brought an assclown to the rodeo.

  37. Private Private

    Attempt bribery is a crime just like attempt murder, robbery, kidnapping, burglary etc…..

  38. Walt Schmidt

    The Ukrainian President said nothing was wrong. GAME OVER…

  39. liberty Ann

    Pedophile enabler Jim Jordan coming to the Intelligence Comittee to question upstanding public service professionals.

  40. The Art Z Scientist

    The Republicans are seeing this and doing NOTHING!!! I’m not Democrat and think this is sick……

  41. Yvonne McLay

    Is it my hearing or does Lawrence not know how to pronounce knew properly?

  42. sharon shaw

    How has chump and his clown posse been able to get away with all his corruption of the government without any legal consequence despite the checks and balance in place?

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