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  1. Jaz Hoyt

    It's interesting how everyone's saying 'she's so hot' 'she seems cool' but no one has yet to compliment her driving ability.

  2. CJ Cox

    I like her better in south park than i do in real life.

  3. zgSHADOW

    11:40 ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  4. sparksk8er

    So you definitely gave Ricciardo the clips Danica was supposed to watch and vice versa.

  5. Souk Khanhsila

    I thought she was doing a baking show.

  6. magincap70

    "Its my job to pass the guy in front of me. That took awhile to learn." Wtf?

  7. KingGrio

    Quality of the comments on this video is off to a very bad start…

  8. Tyler Dicostanzo

    Uhhhh drive is most certainly not a racing movie ?

  9. Garret Hall

    Danica Patrick? Jessi Combs must’ve declined

  10. Rooney 41691

    Why isn’t Fast and Furious on this list???

  11. Matthew Williams

    Nic Cage actually did most of his own stunt driving in Gone in 60 Seconds

  12. Javelin3o4

    Didn't she say a while back that she don't know anything about cars as far as working on them? And they are asking her questions about "can you mod any car"?

  13. cixelsyd40

    It's funny she says races start only with a green flag. The F1 races I've seen have a clock and lights in front of the grid. The formation lap starts at specific time and the race doesn't actually start until the lights go out like what was shown in the Le Mans clip.

  14. Martin Berglund

    not much of a breaks down, She just talk about her. And as a racecar driver you should not talk about driving above the law on the street.

  15. Tru Gambit

    Lol she is good at crashing not driving

  16. Thomas Dellarosa

    Scar on his neck , shaved that Adams Apple . Transgender ?

  17. ForGodSakePlease

    Could you crash into the Monaco harbour? Yup! definitely yup, it happened in '65 a year before Grand Prix was released

  18. johnnycatR58

    On how to crash?

  19. empire

    Should have just had Danica react to movie car crashes, then she'd be more knowledgeable about the subject.

  20. nimay13

    She's a race driver, but not really a car person.

  21. MisterDarren

    "There's no point in complaining about what they're doing, even if it is wrong, because it's not going to help me, it's going to distract me. It took a long time for me to learn that."

    I hope you have. There is certainly a lot of footage out there you can look back on if you forget again.

    Good to know you're growing, but aren't you supposed to be commenting on the scenes?

  22. KeithPrickity

    Where's fast and Furious c'mon for paul

  23. Dwayne Diah

    Danica Patrick is so beautiful
    Good racing driver giving advice on racing

  24. Phoenix Samurai

    Really no Days of thunder?

  25. Neil Chronister

    No offense to Danica but why her she maybe won 1 race in her entire career. How bout getting a racecar driver who actually won

  26. Mark Devedeux

    first GQ got Ricciardo, now Danica. Respect

  27. Schumi

    i wanna know what GQ is smoking that made them show Rush to Danica instead of Daniel.

  28. that's me

    I wanna see her react to aaron's best plays

  29. badbirdkc

    The look on her face when Turbo came on was pretty funny. Still wish you'd show one of these drivers the Stallone movie Driven.

  30. cyberjunk

    out of all movies to have not seen she hasn’t seen drive smh

  31. Alexyzzz

    why did Danica, a NASCAR driver, breakdown rush while Ricardo, an F1 driver, breakdown Days of thunder? kinda of backwards

  32. Rum Ham

    Of all the people you could've picked to represent racing. Earnhardt Jr, Jimmie Johnson, Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon, etc. You choose Danica Patrick one of the worst Nascar Drivers of all time. Has she ever even won a race?

  33. ayomaggotz

    No Ricky Bobby

  34. Hell Razor

    She needs to get boned.shes to stiff and sassy

  35. SL Grimp

    My man Aaron Rodgers still with this chick ?

  36. RAZ

    I tuned out the Herbie Rant, she almost ruined Volkswagens for me

  37. LB

    The way she describes her perspective and the true challenge of racing is very interesting and informative!

  38. Nguyen Tran

    why couldn't you let ricciardo react to rush and grand prix? he's a f1 driver

  39. SomeReallyUniqueName

    Get a ralley driver.. they would consider this driving lame. 'Never go sideways' … daily business for them.

  40. Rage Quit

    "if you were inside my body"….if only danica. if only

  41. Alex Sosa

    Not particularly insightful imo

  42. I Love You

    because of downforce pigs can fly and hippos can dance at the Bolshoi,

  43. Jigs Arquiza

    A lot of movies and "racers" get NOS wrong. NOS doesn't make a car go faster or give it a higher top speed. It makes the car go quicker by making the engine rev faster and higher, taking the car to its top speed earlier.

  44. chris gast

    So, NASCAR is/has always been all about breaking the law and avoiding police? Surprised that people aren't up in arms against NASCAR, but they are against the NRA. Vehicles can be (and are) just as dangerous as guns, and there are much more of them than guns.

  45. Reddy Salted

    What does a woman know about driving, this is ridiculous.

  46. YoungGreenCard

    Just heard Danica on Wait wait Don't Tell Me. Great to hear they're still tearing it up on the street! ????

  47. daneg007

    did she just invite everyone to get inside her while she races?

  48. Steve Bramwell

    SOOOOO BORING!!!!!!!!!!! every clip was her saying how she "remembers this" or "remembers that" anout her life WTF LAME!!!! But i guess thats what u get when you never win or EVEN FINISH A RACE cuz you crash every every car you drive

  49. Charles Bets

    Danica Patrick is wrong. Michael Schumacher did prove that you can drive upside down in a F-1 car back in the early 2000s. It's been done with several other cars by other people since.


    I get that you guys are trying to copy the very popular WIRED series where they have experts watch movies/tv shows and react to them, but you literally showed Danica a cartoon

  51. Noe Hernandez

    Danica: “That view of turn Two”……
    Me: Uhhhh that’s turn 4 mate,
    And she wonders why she’s outta racing, oh that’s right it’s cause they dint want her racing ?

  52. jewelfewel

    John Mayer Breaks Down Guitar Movie Scenes

  53. pitchblack

    How could you not react to Days of thunder on this list!?!?

  54. PranksterVin

    Shes actually so educated within her craft, she really knows what shes talking about, AND shes a stunner. Whatta woman. ??

  55. Matt Fairfield

    Danica Patrick is literally the most amazing lol

  56. Matthew Scott

    The movie Drive is awesome! Such an underrated movie and it’s great.

  57. As Your DM

    I wish she'd talk more about what she's watching.

  58. Joseph


  59. Esa Edvik

    Hasn't seen DRIVE?! Pls Danica, you were the chosen one!

  60. Artem Maksimov

    Danica might want to start a beauty and skincare channel or something. She's 37 in this video, just saying

  61. Joseph

    Aaron Rodgers you lucky dog!

  62. Dennis T. Nedry

    In the movie Drive they have the car shifting gears in reverse at 10:55. Surprised no one said anything in the editing room.

  63. Colin Poole

    Is it true that she only won 1 race in her 20 year career? Why is she here?

  64. The1inDaShadow

    @11:25 mark when she stated "it doesn't always look fancy", true but sometimes it does, I remember seeing Mario Andretti get clipped when beginning to leave his pit, he got spun out, ended up facing the wrong way.. he accelerated forward, popped the clutch and spun 180 degrees, and was heading back out the pit, it was beautiful.

  65. rivernorthhomes

    How many races did she win again???? Zero

  66. CJ Smith

    Drive is not a racing movie.

  67. sfar1

    I find her so inspiring. F the haters…she’s a pioneer that broadened interest into racing for folks who didn’t give it the rightful love it deserved.

    She’s attractive, talented, brave, yet doesn’t take herself too seriously. God bless her efforts and I’m glad she’s enjoying the good life.

  68. Rachel Greenwood

    The reason why they sped the footage up in that scene in Gone In 60 Seconds is cause it did rain in L.A. & they couldn't drive quickly because the drain was flooded!!

  69. Jacob G

    Have her react to her top 1 wins

  70. john John

    So who is she? I mean seriously I know who she is…cause they crammed her down our throats, but shouldn't you have someone who actually won some races to explain.

  71. kazoosc

    kind of surprised you didn't include Days of Thunder

  72. BoppoB

    Shes a great orator for commentating, she's should do it more often

  73. Wildgrizz

    should have done the original vanishing point, baby driver, days of thunder

  74. Riki Coleman

    Jeremy Clarkson rolled a car in a tunnel

  75. James Fackenthal

    The word NOS is such a crock. NOS is a commercial company. And the word is just an abbreviation of the company name Nitrous Oxide System. It is not its own entity for adding reliable power. You need more than just nitrous with out which will result in pretty much a guarantee in terminal engine failure.

  76. Blame

    Really, a woman breaking down racing movies?

  77. evilken00

    This is the crash she was talking about where Dario flips over her. She was not exaggerating

  78. Jon B

    Easy on the eyes but when she talks it's all ZzzZzzzz

  79. Tony Boling

    That remote needs to get back to the pantry as soon as she's done.

  80. Nathan Dust

    A True Woman. She Drives My Heart Crazy. ♥️

  81. vanity rose

    Tina Fey ?

  82. DominicanOps

    Someone put time stamps please

  83. Johnny korpela

    Should've had, Art of Racing in the Rain on here

  84. Jaqen H'Ghar

    Love how butthurt people get whenever Danica shows up.

  85. Anil Achar

    "I haven't watched too many cartoons in my life…I think there was a missing part of my childhood…"
    Thus spake the adult in the room.

  86. Chuck Farley

    Asking Danica Patrick how to win a race is like asking Hillary Clinton how to win an election.

  87. zjkingsley7

    "Could you drive off into the water… maybe!"… How about definitely. Paul Hawkins drove into Monaco Harbour in the 1965 Grand Prix and Alberto Ascari also drove into Monaco Harbour four days before his tragic death at Monza whilst testing.

  88. Joe Slater

    Nascar/Indy driver = F1 movies
    F1 driver = Nascar and Indy movies
    I love Danica Patrick but Daniel Ricciardo literally WON THE MONACO GRAND PRIX, he could have provided an amazing insight to the 1968 GP film. I can't believe you've done this.

  89. Tim Noneyabusiness

    Lmao her give advice

  90. Future Senator Karl Pilkington

    Danica i will never forget the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards and how awkward you made things…

  91. NoMas Chalupas

    Why is she explaining things? i dont see any driving scenes that the driver crashed as soon as the car moved.

  92. sabrinaEvo

    Stopped watching after Grand Prix. I didn't understand why she talked about pitstops in general in the Rush clip where Lauda was going to retire the car. They even showed Lauda removing his steering wheel… Obviously, this isn't a normal pit stop. There were many other regular pit stops in the movie, why not just use one of those?

  93. eden harkness

    This girl is lame

  94. Mark Five

    There's only one video in the sidebar of her professional driving and it's a race where she caused a 7 car pile up. Too funny.

  95. G. S.

    No Days of Thunder, one of the biggest racing movies ever and the one that relates most closely to Danica's career. Absolute fail of a video.

  96. InvisibleTeeth

    After Ricciardo this is a huge downgrade. They couldn't find a super yappy IndyCar driver like Josef Newgarden or James Hinchcliffe?

    Yup. She would know about driving in the rain…she managed to spin going in a straight line causing one of the most controversial finishes in indycar history.

    Also, no Armco anymore? She's driven at Watkins Glen. She should know better.

  97. Rostov Ripper

    Really ? You couldn’t just show her the newest and one of the best racing movies Ford vs Ferrari ? Damn…i was waiting for that, she even talked about LeMans…

  98. Aa Bb

    I wish they would use the french movie Taxi for these breakdowns…

  99. Antwon Perry

    Aren't professionals supposed to do episodes like these….. all I see is a advertisement

  100. Jason McAdams

    She has the personality of a wet cardboard box.

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