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  1. Linda Reavis

    The adults say the same thing Exercycle death.. ACTION NEEDED NOT WORDS!!!!


    poverty that don't fly, my husband was born in a holler he had an outdoor bathroom he was working since he was 14 on the books Social Security I looked at his Social Security he was 14 has nothing to do with poverty has everything to do with yourself and your own behavior / and those men always seeking Revenge my husband says a man who seeks revenge better dig two graves

  3. Nicole W

    Fathers anyone?

  4. S. Williams

    It's more than Poverty. It's a mind set and culture of accepted violence that has developed through the years that hasn't been THOROUGHLY addressed. Violence isn't the answer to poverty.

  5. Matthew Cherry

    Dallas police chief has gotta go.

  6. William Love

    Let me guess… The school forgot to install metal detectors.

  7. William Love

    I have an answer. Don't have any kids at all. Especially if you can't afford them.

  8. Lógico

    It's more than poverty…

  9. Raymond Ivy


  10. Raymond Ivy


  11. armand tamzarian

    you are dealing with a highly emotional, overly impulsive species, this happens in every major city in america every night and it's all BLACK, it's been going on with them for 60 years+ and it's not going to stop because some pongo mammy starts screaming at a town hall meeting, it's just the nature of the species in question.

  12. Barry Ford

    Poverty, bs…Black Americans have survived slavery, Jim Crow and injustice, yet we weren't killing one another…There is a moral decay in our communities and people have to stand together, call out and report on the ones who are committing crimes. Someone knows something about every crime.

  13. Half-Pint Paris

    I’m confused on how the news channel captured so much live footage of the shooting? Was this staged 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  14. Ms. Price

    Don't have kids if you can't afford them.SIMPLE. I'd rather have an abortion then let a kid watch me struggle for 18 years. How do you exit a black community, I don't want to be affiliated with them any longer.😏

  15. sheltomlee

    No it's not poverty. It's your awful culture.

  16. Goose Step

    90% of the shooters come from single mother homes! This is because they are not taught how to control their emotions. WHY ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS!?

  17. TexasHardhitter

    I'm tired of people using the excuse that there is a lack of opportunities for these young black males. There are plenty of opportunities but dudes do not want to take advantage of them. Join the military or go to trade school. Smartest decision I ever made was joining the military.

  18. Kikita Berrios

    No excuse. Been poor doesn’t make violence. It is their upbringing, bad parenting..

  19. Kikita Berrios


  20. MrAmbassador11

    If a 15 year old shoots someone, how many opportunities does he think he will get in life? It goes beyond poverty but I respect the teacher's opinion.

  21. Shadow Man

    Maybe if 13% didn't commit more than 70%, this wouldn't be a problem.

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