Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled ♥ EASIEST GAME EVER?

if you are not familiar with this
channel my name is Mary Gaillard and today we are going to play CTR online mode baby Adventure is for pussies and fat dudes I am NOT one of them alright! 20 000 SUBS! best CTR player on Youtube and that’s me I’ve never lost
a single time in any race ever and everyone knows me by that hello everyone! the Queen has came crash cove I’m ready for the fast driving so you ready dudes yes fuckin speedrun this shit boom-shaka-laka !!! a lot of dudes don’t
know this but I was actually born in this game that’s why I’m so good at it kids have never played an original crash team racing before? Mary but i played Crash Over Mutants shame shameful oh dude i’m loving play minecraft I love build the house EZ let’s DAB THIS S===T ok lets play this new track with my dudscribers I haven’t played on it yet what the F is that s===t?! WTF is that?!! does this f**** lap ever end?! JESUS CHRIST! My God Thank you… f*** cancer piece of s**t
game what the f**k!? l how do I jump let me get over there JUMP! WTF is wrong with this f*** shortcut!! WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT! 🙁 let’s add this an impossible jump in the game it’s a good idea! we are Peenox we are high all the time it’s make no f***g sense I don’t get
it it’s make no f***g sense YES! 🙂 it is possible! it is possible to do the jump! *bad Russian words* this isn’t funny anymore my gosh ok, this defeat doesn’t count the game glitched i could not jump over there without f***g broken short it will be EEEZZZZ WIN dudes.. 0 defeats dude! if you don’t have 0 defeats in CTR ever then don’t even talk to me alright? just go… f**k… what the f**k were you doing not today dude not today Ok, give me my f***n missile back piece of s*** game f*** beakers ! I hate them! no one likes beakers if you are a baker f*** unsubscribe on this video I am not
kidding practice for years son! EZZZZ – easy oh look at that ! I’m overlaping these very competetive players look at this duuude he plays like Jordy He is probably Jordy Playing from the fake account leave the LIKE if you think that I’m
unbeatable live the LIKE if you think that Papu Papu is FAT! my name is Mary
Gaillard Stay awesome dudes!

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    Hey a dude

  3. Гриша Иванов

    You're soo beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Peppins32

    The second shortcut on megamix mania it's little hard if you don't have blu fire, you just need to stay close to the left side and jump at right moment and you will do it. If you go a little on the right you can't take it without speed.

  5. Kieran Thomas

    0:20: Are you sure about that!

    Great video Mary, excellent job as always. Also them Matrix moves on poler pass.

  6. Virgo Ernits

    Haha awesome gameplay Mary, pls make MOAR 😂
    Your sense of humor is priceless 😁👍❤️


    Great video, do it regularly, you do very well ma Queen 😃

  8. Andres Flores Mendez

    So fckng ez

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    2 beakers dudes dislike this video!


    Hi 💋💓❤



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    Mary really like pewdiepie XD
    Also, greetings grom Poland, luv your vids

  13. KAT

    But .. bakers are good. They bake bread.

  14. Ratchet _061

    hehe even if kids raging in this game im fine with it i beat them all anytime unless they team with each other and only target 1 player only that is wich isent fair but its easy, if you have checked there is hackers in time trial just look at it

  15. Marvin Black

    5:20 He is probably Jordy 😂😂

  16. ALEXX Player One

    Hahahah good vid Mary!
    And congrats for the 20k!!
    Keep it up and lets go to 30 👀🍀
    P.D. See ya in the Finish Line

  17. Дон Корлеоне

    0:33 Толян (linkin_simps)

  18. silVer silVa

    SUKA BLAĆ!!! 😂😂😂 Greetings from fat dude in Poland Beauty Mary ❤❤

  19. Hood Scarlet

    I think You can get the jumb with blue fire only 😂😂😂 keep the good work Mary 😍

  20. laura Kirs

    I want you to stream yo are awesome 👍😎

  21. xthemusic1

    Ahhhh please do more of these videos pleaseeeee love your reactions ❤️

  22. CTR / Needpit

    Only took 6 laps to do the shortcut… Suka blyat indeed haha

  23. EmiThePro_ 16

    And!!!!! The subtitules in spanish :"v Mas o menos no le entiendo el ingles y ruso

  24. Nikolay Kulemin

    Shortcut and 3 beakers dislike this video 😂📹

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    Woow finally we can see your gameplay Mary Queen Dudette 😁❤️👑

  26. VojtěchCTR

    Peenox 😂

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    One hour videos like this please

  28. Felipe Granados

    Omg 😮 she's always angry 🤭😂

    Mary, you're doing an EXCELLENT JOB. :v

  29. SmileyBeatOfficial

    I guess for the shorcut, you need to get the blue fire because I never success too 😂

  30. ShootAndScore

    Nice playing and funny 😁

  31. N Jose Gamer

    Mary Guillard you are so beautiful, i invite you to visit my channel, there is also nitro fueled content that you will love, thanks i nadvance, i love your channel

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    Mary is very cute :3

  33. K_Griboedov

    Ух ты класс)) надеюсь что ты сделаешь это постоянной рубрикой))))

  34. Nikki Roessler

    Wow, that's a fancy way to say your name. Will keep that in mind next time Mary! 😉

    Nice playing dudette ^^

    EDIT: I hate Megamix Mania in online too XP

  35. Steve Diesel

    I leave like because you are salty as blyat😂

  36. 960327messi

    Идеальный английский )

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    Mary she Queen 😊
    You face so good😊❤️

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    You are not English, are you?

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    Ur voice ahhhh😂🔥

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    Unbeatable dudette

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    Your accent made my day and cheered me up😂😂😂

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    Es bellísima :3 😍😍

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    wow, you are a goddess of this game like flawless XD

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    Great video Mary, it was fun, it would be great release more such videos!!!!!

  47. Jean Carlos

    Are you from Mother Russia, Красивая женщина ?

  48. 4k200elbow

    2:21"How do i jump?"
    Simple, press the jump button. Works almost everytime : )

  49. Ever Gonzalez

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    The queen of the race in crash team racing
    Greetings from mexico

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    GG Mary gaillard 😁❤️🏆.
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  75. XpertGreek Gamer

    Megamix mania shortcut can also be reached with sacred fire, it's extremely difficult though. Eh, whatever it doesn't even matter, just maintain USF it's easier. Btw, when i gain so much air in sewer speedway before the shortcut i just give up and go the normal route, the jump will always be a failure.

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    In the end I think Mary did an excellent job on this video

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