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  1. ScooterMagruder


  2. Rishi Krishnan

    Scooter: The Cowboys will win the Super Bowl

    Snoop Dog: 420 whatcha smokin’?

  3. Ultra Venia

    I tried to explain what the perimeter was to the defense. "All the way over THERE?" they whined. Yes, you useless bunch of millionaires. All. The Way. Over. There.

  4. Basim TheBearsFan

    Nobody: literally nobody: scooter:knows everyone's full name

  5. Brian Fox

    Ha, fuck you dallas

  6. Chase Holcomb

    at 2:33 he said that Micheal Bennett was signed yet he was traded smh anyone else notice

  7. Digital Dino

    As a Vikings fan, I am choosing to take this W and keep walking.

  8. MTToomer

    Had to wait 4:40 for the obvious.

  9. Rae’Quan Morgan

    “Milk the clock, score a touchdown and let’s get out of here!!!”


  10. Gaonha

    As A VIKINGS FAN WHEN HE SAID “is that Cook or Mattison?” I felt that I can never tell until I see the number 🤣🤣

  11. Dmyrian Allen

    1:32 Hip action😂😂

  12. RoB T21

    Save the season #FireJasonGarrett

  13. ELR46

    When a giants fan watches a cowboys fan post game after game u know ur funny

  14. pjm8047

    I didn’t sleep well either

  15. indkut

    Fire Jason Garret !! #coachclapper

  16. Armourshipping isEternal

    I'm an Eagles fan and Scooter's videos make me feel for your fambase when you lose😂

  17. Sacred Sxlz

    Fire Jason Garrett and sign Urban Meyer

  18. The Wasted Worm


  19. Don Leonard

    Bring back the college football skits plz

  20. The Wasted Worm

    “That is not offense of pass interference”
    *cooper fully 2 hand shoves

  21. Ellison Lowrimore

    Coop was the highlight! Cobb too! Can’t blame Dak but I blame the blue jerseys at home! Those of us old enough remember that the blue jerseys are BAD LUCK!

  22. Bigmac _7406

    Im a big Vikings fan and I fully enjoyed this 😂 I feel you when you said “Is that Cook or Mattison” 😂😂😂 that’s how I feel every week just wait until Mike Boone comes in then all three look the same 😂😂😂 #Skol 🙆🏻‍♂️

  23. Joseph Flanigan

    Sean Lee playing?

  24. Joshua Perez

    “ I could have been sleeping !”


    Zeke i do not see the greatness of him, he just look like a not very smart person…just look at the bench…

  26. JT Rebel


    …I thought The Cowboys were gonna win The Super Bowl????

  27. Mike Panick

    Elliot, the greatest running back of all t……… wait!!!!

  28. Alfonso Garcia

    Even though we lost this makes me laugh😂😂😂

  29. edward shorty 13

    U got them hips movements u should be our back up quarter back..love the cowboys videos..keep up the good work

  30. Erfan Hamza


  31. Chelsea Stewart

    It really was on the coaches. They were there and could have had it. That's what makes it so much more frustrating. They didnt play bad just horrible play calling

  32. 1BAD2SS Blackhawk

    same shiteven with different assistant coaches.
    Fire Garrett now , promote the OC to HC/OC if it works hire him next year

  33. Justin

    lets not forget that Zeke hasn't delivered anything since he got paid 90 million. https://www.gofundme.com/f/get-rid-of-zeke?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1

  34. Red Leader

    Worry about scoring and then worry about the clock. JG needs to go.

  35. David W

    Jarrett mr . 8 and 8 another painful cowboys season

  36. the man

    "Fire Jason Garrett"-Now you know that won't happen if you win the NFC East

  37. Thomas Latimer

    Oh no Cowboys played a winning Team! Lol

  38. frank bennett

    Lol everytime I watch the cowboys introductions I say " is Sean Lee playing?" " Sean Lee's playing " and laugh

  39. Beep_Right_Hand

    Can u do something with NHL?

  40. John Moore

    And they lost to the Jets that was killer

  41. dmcgeee18

    Please never stop making these videos haha, spot on every time.

  42. Dan Ceballos

    The Dak warm up hip wiggle is killing me.
    hilarious 😂

  43. Paul DiGiacomo

    Cowboys wear white at home

  44. Alex Shayegani

    u r hundred percent a god

  45. The Luke Show

    We’re still winning the NFC east

  46. Jonathan Crutcher

    I seen here in Orlando

  47. Syngen Kanassatega

    "Is that Cook or Mattison?" I get confused sometimes too!

  48. Mark Cobbs

    Bro your a preset gif on Twitter now.

  49. SunnyD Time

    Vikings were so predictable that they were going to run the ball but the cowboys could not stop them on the run

  50. RevanJJ

    Lol I was the same man

  51. Ron Nickels


  52. PiffSquad125

    I really hate you lol

  53. flubb831

    I dont think this is even scripted just him live commenting every game lmao

  54. TheCreator00100

    "We needed the black cat again" 😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Sizzlemann

    Hahaha! I can totally relate to this! Only I do it in purple! SKOL!

  56. Antonio Alcocer

    Is ur girlfriend in the house when u make these 😄

  57. Terrence Ward

    Not liking blue jerseys at home!!

  58. Doc Trower

    Now that was just SKOL-blooded!

  59. SaveMeA.PieceOfThatCorn!

    Why the hell do you run the ball on the most crucial 3rd down of the game?!!., Knowing damn well Zeke been stuffed all game…………..
    Whoever called those last plays is an ASSHOLE!

  60. FakeUser NameTwo

    The only Cowboy fan I like

  61. Josh Smith

    It's all good, we may have lost a battle; but we will WIN THE WAR!

  62. Zach Hatfield

    Is Sean Lee playing? Yeah…he is and let Rudolph score twice.

  63. iz thefaithful

    Those hips at the end
    I’m dead💀

  64. Hello There

    But really though, why did we get rid of Bailey?

  65. Luke Richardson

    I went to this game… first game I’ve been too since opening season of Jerry world. I had a great time but damn I wish we would of won.

  66. Joe Stacks


  67. John Keable

    Tom Brady is a system quarterback

  68. Frosty

    Tavon Austin would've ran it all the way home on that punt

  69. Ptah Asar

    .. Dog .. I got to throw the flag on you for illegal procedure "clipping".. No ya didn't say "I like Kirk Cousins better we he was on the Redskins!"

  70. byk_ Chainsaw

    now that was a good vid. the hip action at the end had me done.

  71. Inaren Commander

    The Cowboys are winning the Superbowl! Lol

    I said before the game the Cowboys aren't even top 5 in the NFC. I think I was right. Vikings, Saints, Packers, Seahawks, and 49ers are all better.

  72. Gary Gagnon

    If Dak just keeps doing what he`s doing, play out his contract and sign with another team that will pay him.

  73. Rob Chuk

    Lol I really wanna have a beer and watch a game with this guy!

  74. Wolfblaze

    I think I figured out why our defense can never stop a screen play. Our offense never seems to runs them so they don't know how to recognize it in game until it's 30 yards past them

  75. mzsexyblacc smith



  76. Steven Edwards

    The end wit Dak pregame 🏋️‍♀️ workout 🏋️‍♀️ lol

  77. dave valensky

    Can you do college football again that was always good. SKOL Vikes

  78. WHO DAT 504 BOI


  79. Synyster Gaming

    Y’all can’t beat a good team not a surprise y’all lost

  80. Lizard Man

    Jason Garrett needs to go

  81. SirG

    Cowboys Fantasy Football fans: DALVIN COOK IS SO BA- 25 points?… Beats father in law "Yeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh

  82. Melvin Martinez

    How I hate the Cowbabies I love to see your videos when they lose 😄😅😂
    I just love it😂😅😄

  83. aaron robles

    I wanna cry

  84. JAR DZNS

    "I'm depressed man" LMAO

  85. Troy F.

    Scooter YOU ARE MY FAVORITE!! I wait for your uploads! 😂
    I luv the Dak pre-game hip dance at the end!!
    Oh…my Jets beat the Giants! Please destroy the Pats and their refs for us!!


    U gotta do the Seahawks vs 49ers game

  87. Chatmoon

    is sean lee playing
    sean lee's playing

  88. Brent Hughes

    NFL = WWE

  89. John Seifert

    And here comes the Hail Mary…it’s intercepted 😒

  90. Vazz Vegas

    Now watch the entire game again from the Vikings fans' point of view.

  91. Jon Gordon

    The Cowboys need a real QB…..

  92. Shakarus Sanders

    I could have been sleeping!😄 Man that's the way I felt! I was super sleepy at work!

  93. YeazyNation

    The ending hilarious that hip thing 😂

  94. DH31

    As a Vikings this video is even funnier after the win

  95. SoExMahatma

    These videos are so much better when Cowboys lose hahaha

  96. Nathan Henderson

    Awwww looks like Cowboys are tied with Eagles with wins and losses. They can sure dish it out to the team they beat but when they lose they get so emotional man at work probably cried in the bathroom over this loss. Just saying…….

  97. BLACKcat #NEWJOKEgiants YT

    Stop giving zeke the ball let me Run it!!! I ran over 102 yards against the giants!!! Peep my footage i mean Meow meow meow Meowwww!!!!

  98. Scott Smith

    I couldn't understand why Zeke was not used. I just don't get it! Homey got me 6 damn points….. what the hell was they thinking?

  99. VeautifulV

    I need more sad music…=(

  100. John Lovett

    Brah, try being a Giants fan, it's rough

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