Cowboys Fans During the Bills Game

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Cowboys Fans During the Bills Game

– It’s not a good Thanksgiving
unless the Cowboys win. How do the Bills have a
better record than us? Bills haven’t played anyone good til now. If we lose, we gotta fire Garrett. I’m thankful Troy Aikman
isn’t commentating this game. Romo’s announcing. Here we go baby, we
getting the ball to start? Is Sean Lee playing? Vander Esch is still out? Sean Lee’s playing. Dak has the most passing
yards in the league? Coop already got more
catches than last week. Coop. Screen to Zeke, run that! First down to Coop. Jordan Phillips hit Coop late.
Personal foul, thank you. Play action, Jason Witten’s wide open. Touchdown! Finally, a game without a slow start. Let’s go.
(hands clapping) Darian Thompson with the sack! That’s how you start the game, defense. Zeke on the toss. Broke a tackle, oh he broke another one. Go Zeke, oh, 30 yard gain! Jason Garrett, one of the longest tenures and still hasn’t made it to the Superbowl. I’d be happy with a NFC Championship. We couldn’t convert on 3rd down? Go for it, what a punt by Chris Jones. The Puntisher! How do we let Cole Beasley
catch the ball on 3rd down? I didn’t want Beasley to catch a pass. Pass interference on Byron Jones? The defender just slipped down. That screen ain’t working. Sean Lee sniffed that one out. Stopped them on this third down. How is that not pass
interference on Gallup? What type of spot was that? Dak got that first down. That was a grown man run. Are we going for it on fourth down? We’re inside our own 20? Why didn’t we go for it
on fourth down last week? Okay, Jason Garrett, okay! Someone wants to keep his job. Jason Garrett is so reactionary. Go for it again, shoot. That’s too many yards for Singletary. This drive is going on too long. Did Cole Beasley really score? Emmitt Smith in the building. Dak threw an interception. Oh no, say it isn’t so. Should’ve thrown it in the dirt. Screen wasn’t there. Covington with the sack. We needed that. Xavier Woods, you gotta intercept that. Emmitt Smith is hilarious. Their kicker missed it. Their kicker pulled a Maher. They need to get Emmitt
Smith broadcasting again. Well, maybe not, I remember last time. Is Connor Williams injured? Dak got stripped. The Bills recovered. Wow, man! Su’a-Filo got manhandled. Beasley is killing us. We shoulda re-signed Beasley. Can we blitz or do something? We can’t get any pressure
on the quarterback. They didn’t get that third down. They’re going for it on fourth down. Fumble, how did Josh Allen convert that? How did we not get the fumble? He wasn’t down? They/ ran a reverse pass. Singletary is wide open. Am I about to be upset on Thanksgiving? Why can’t we do plays like that? They missed the extra point, though. Here we go, 2 minute offense. Did Dak throw an interception? Defensive hands to the face. Whew, bailed us out. Glad Zeke hit that pass out of bounds. That could’ve been bad. 25 seconds left. Are we really playing for the field goal? Playing for the field goal sums up Jason Garrett’s whole career. And of course Barely
Brett Maher misses it. I didn’t see any tipped
ball, he just missed it. I’m really about to be
upset on Thanksgiving. Ellie Goulding, I don’t care about… Man, start the third quarter. We’re a third quarter team. Demarcus Lawrence nice tackle for a loss. We really can’t cover Cole Beasley. And a 15 yard penalty for
ripping his helmet off? This is ridiculous. Nice sack Jourdan Lewis. 41 yard field goal attempt. Hauschka, miss this one, please. He hit the goal post and it still went in. When Brett Maher hits the
goalpost it doesn’t go in. There we go Zeke. I don’t know why we stopped
giving him the ball. Gallup, nice catch! Flag on the play. It’s on Buffalo, illegal contact. Connor Williams is back. Good, Su’a-Filo was getting destroyed. And Dak gets sacked again. Connor Williams false started. If he can’t go, get him outta there. Brett missed it. Of course, Brett missed it! I would make another Brett Maher joke, but it’s not funny anymore. Another third down, another
conversion for the Bills. Josh Allen really ran the
ball in for a touchdown. This is Jason Garrett’s last game! If we don’t anything this
drive, the game’s over. Nice catch Cobb. Let’s go Dak, run that. That is a grown man run. Dak wants to win. Nice catch, Cobb wants to win. Third and goal. Michael Gallup what a catch! How did he catch that? He didn’t get his second foot down. That should’ve been pass interference. Fourth down and goal. Bad throw by Dak. That’s the play we came up
with after all that time? That’s the play we come up with? Zeke wouldn’t have made it
to the end zone anyways. Fourth Quarter. We gotta score twice and get
two two-point conversions. It’s possible. We can’t stop the Bills on third down. They keep playing the Purge horn. We about to purge some
personnel after this. ‘Bout to purge some head coach. Another third down. This time we get pass
interference, Darian Thompson. Finally we stopped ’em on third down, but it doesn’t even matter. They’re up three scores now. Right down the middle. And they took over seven
minutes off the clock. This game’s over. Cooper got hurt? This is worst case scenario. Helmet to the knee. This day just keeps getting worse. Cooper walked off on his own. Honestly just knee the ball. This is a disgraceful display. Fourth down and four. Dak got stripped again. That’s game, I don’t even care anymore. Just knee the ball. Let me enjoy the rest of
my Thanksgiving in misery. Bryant scored? We resigned Dez Bryant? Who is Bryant? Ventell Bryant, who’s Ventell Bryant? Two point conversion is good. Two little, too late. I can’t wait for the post-game interview. The only bright side of this game is that Jason Garrett’s gonna get fired. This is the worst Thanksgiving ever. The Bills players are
really doing the Dak dance. Wow. This is on the coaching. Why did Zeke have only 12 carries? Every year, Jason Garrett
makes us mediocre. I’m tired of this. Someone get Lincoln Riley on the phone. Jason Garrett better be fired! Everyone wants to text
me all the memes now. I am done. How can we be this good, but this bad? Dak was holding onto
the ball for too long. We deserve better than this! Somebody better get fired. You know how hard it
is being a Cowboy fan? I’m not even hungry anymore. I lost my appetite. As long as we have the Clapper, we ain’t gonna win nothing. (melancholy music) I’m a grown man. How is Jason Garrett still the coach? I don’t care about Black Friday. I wanted to win, that’s what I want. Can I buy that? Can we buy a new head coach?

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